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One of the simplest ways in which people make a living in RuneScape, is by cutting down trees. The Woodcutting skill can benefit you in many ways, many of which involves using your logs for Firemaking, or members can use them to fletch items.

To chop down a tree, just click on one and select 'Chop down tree'. If you have a hatchet in your inventory and a sufficient Woodcutting level, you will attempt to chop down the tree. Although Woodcutting is not a members' skill, some items that can be cut using this skill require member status.

This symbol indicates the location of the rarer trees on your maps.


Hatchets are used for cutting the various kinds of vegetation in RuneScape. Below is a table that lists the axes available and what the requirements are to use them.

ImageItemLevel RequiredMembers
Bronze Hatchet1No
Iron Hatchet1No
Steel Hatchet6No
Black Hatchet6No
Mithril Hatchet21No
Adamant Hatchet31No
Rune Hatchet41No
Dragon Hatchet61Yes
Inferno Adze61Yes


Below are the trees from the vegetation which is available to cut. You can see all the requirements and their locations in the table.

Image Tree Item Level XP Locations
Normal Tree 1 25You can find these pretty much anywhere.
Dead Tree 1 25 You can find these in Lumbridge Swamp, Wilderness, and many other places across RuneScape.
Evergreen Tree 1 25 You can find these outside of Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village) on its west side, and in many other places across RuneScape.
Achey Tree 1 25 You can find these in the Feldip Hills and just outside of Oo'glog.
Oak Tree 1537.5 You can find these in many places, there are some between Draynor Village and Lumbridge, and some east of Catherby.
Willow Tree 30 67.5 You can find these outside of the Draynor Village bank, and near most bodies of water. They only are found near water.
Maple Tree 45 100 You can find these on the North side of the Seers' Village bank, and farther North on the road to Relleka.
Eucalyptus Tree 58 165 You can find these just outside of Oo'glog.
Yew Tree 60 175 You can find these in Edgeville, west of Catherby, and in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Magic Tree 75 250 You can find these near the Ranging Guild, and there are three in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
Cursed Magic Tree 82 275 You can only find this in one place. Use Jennica's Ring while standing on the portal near the Magic Tree in the Ruins in Wilderness.


Machetes don't require any specific level to just wield, but you must have a minimum of 10 woodcutting to start chopping light jungle with it.

Gabooty's Store (Contains the three other Machetes for special prices using Karamja's currency, Trading Sticks)

Opal MacheteNone
Jade MacheteNone
Red Topaz MacheteNone

Tai Bwo Wannai Jungle and Thatch Spar XP Rates

Chopping the jungle is a part of the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up mini-game and is considered dangerous.

ToolVegetationRequirementsXP When CutXp When RepairLocation

Light Jungle
Thatch Spar Light
10 woodcutting and Jungle Potion quest3228.5You can only find these around Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Medium Jungle
Thatch Spar Med
20 woodcutting and Jungle Potion quest5542You can only find these around Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Dense Jungle
Thatch Spar Dense
35 woodcutting and Jungle Potion quest8065You can only find these around Tai Bwo Wannai Village

Skill Cape

Once you reach Level 99 Woodcutting, you may go and purchase a special skill cape and hood from a man named Wilfred who is North of Falador (near the musician). The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Woodcutting Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Woodcutting that will put it at Level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!

There are two forms of the Woodcutting Cape, one that is non-trimmed (You only have one level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (You have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.

Woodcutting Cape and Hood Being Worn (Untrimmed Cape left, Trimmed Cape right)

Inventory Pictures (From left to right: Woodcutting Hood, Woodcutting Cape, Trimmed Woodcutting Cape)