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It's easy enough to get started, but fairly hard to stop. Once you begin mastering this skill you will find new opportunities become open to you. Locked doors become nothing more than a minor inconvenience, chests spring open welcomingly at your touch, while you will also discover an uncanny gift for "acquiring" those things around you that your heart desires but your purse cannot afford.


The basic form of Thieving in RuneScape is pickpocketing. All you have to do with this method is right-click a NPC (Non-Player Character) and click pickpocket. This option is not available on all NPCs, but it is available on quite a few. Each NPC will require a certain Thieving level to steal from. Your first NPC available for pickpocketing is a Man (or Woman). See the image below for an example of the pickpocket option.

You will not always be successful with your theft. When you are caught in the act, you'll be stunned and take a certain amount of damage. While you are stunned, you cannot pickpocket or move. A sound effect will play when you are stunned, and little birds will fly around your head as well.

A successful pickpocket will reward you with gp. The higher the Thieving level required, the more gp you will be rewarded per pickpocket.
Note: You do not have to be behind the target in order to successfully pickpocket.

Pickpocket Table

The following is a list of NPCs that you can pickpocket from, their level required, the XP rewarded, and the gp rewarded for doing so.
Level Image Name XP Reward
1 Man/Woman 8 3 gp (9 gp after Lost Her Marbles miniquest, see Buyers and Cellars)
10 Farmer 14.5 9 gp, Potato Seed
15 Female H.A.M. 18.5 Various gp, H.A.M. Clothing, Easy Clue Scroll, ect.
20 Male H.A.M. 22.2 Various gp, H.A.M. Clothing, Easy Clue Scroll, ect.
25 Warrior 26 18 gp, Court Summons
32 Rogue 36.5 25 or 40 gp, Lockpick, Jug of Wine, Iron Dagger (P), 8 Air Runes
36 Cave Goblin 40 Various gp, Cave Goblin Wire, Bullseye Lantern, ect.
38 Master Farmer 43 All vegetable, hop, herb, bush, and flower seeds, Cactus Seed, Belladona Seed, Mushroom Spore
40 Guard 46.8 30 gp
45 Fremennik 65 40 gp
45 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit 65 40 gp, Antipoison (3), Lockpick
53 Desert Bandit 79.4 30 gp, Antipoison (3), Lockpick
55 Knight 84.3 50 gp, Court Summons
55 Pollnivnian Bandit 84.3 50 gp
65 Watchman 137.5 60 gp, Bread
65 Menaphite Thug 137.5 60 gp
70 Paladin 151.8 80 gp, 2 Chaos Runes, Court Summons
75 Gnome 198.3 300 gp, Earth Rune, Swamp Toad, Gold Ore, Fire Orb, King Worm, Court Summons.png
80 Hero 273.3 200 or 300 gp, Blood Rune, Diamond, Jug of Wine, 2 Death Runes, Fire Orb, Gold Ore, Court Summons
85 Elf 353.3 280 or 350 gp, 3 Nature Runes, Diamond, Jug of Wine, 2 Death Runes, Fire Orb, Gold Ore
90 Dwarf Trader 556.5 100 or 400 gp, Noted Ore (Copper/Tin-Rune and Coal), Hard Clue Scroll, Court Summons

Multiple Pickpockets

As your Thieving level increases, you will have a chance at doing multiple pickpockets at one time. You can steal double, triple, or even quadruple the loot at once if your level is high enough. If you do multiple pickpockets, it'll show a sparkle emote and your hands will move faster to do the multiple grabs. Keep in mind, multiple pickpocketing requires a certain Agility level for each one. You do not gain extra experience for the extra pickpockets.

Multiple Pickpockets Table

Thieving Level Image Name Multiple Chance Agility Level
11 Man Double 1
20 Farmer Double 10
21 Man Triple 11
25 Female H.A.M. Double 15
30 Farmer Triple 20
30 Male H.A.M. Double 20
31 Man Quadruple 21
35 Female H.A.M. Triple 25
35 Warrior Double 25
40 Farmer Quadruple 30
40 Male H.A.M. Triple 30
42 Rogue Double 32
45 Female H.A.M. Quadruple 35
45 Warrior Triple 35
46 Cave Goblin Double 36
48 Master Farmer Double 38
50 Male H.A.M. Quadruple 40
50 Guard Double 40
52 Rogue Triple 42
55 Warrior Quadruple 45
55 Fremennik Double 45
55 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit Double 45
56 Cave Goblin Triple 46
58 Master Farmer Triple 48
60 Guard Triple 50
62 Rogue Quadruple 52
63 Desert Bandit Double 53
65 Fremennik Triple 55
65 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit Triple 55
65 Knight Double 55
65 Pollnivnian Bandit Double 55
66 Cave Goblin Quadruple 56
68 Master Farmer Quadruple 58
70 Guard Quadruple 60
73 Desert Bandit Triple 63
75 Fremennik Quadruple 65
75 Bearded Pollnivnian Bandit Quadruple 65
75 Knight Triple 65
75 Pollnivnian Bandit Triple 65
75 Watchman Double 65
75 Menaphite Thug Double 65
80 Paladin Double 70
83 Desert Bandit Quadruple 73
85 Knight Quadruple 75
85 Pollnivnian Bandit Quadruple 75
85 Watchman Triple 75
85 Menaphite Thug Triple 75
85 Gnome Double 75
90 Paladin Triple 80
90 Hero Double 80
95 Watchman Quadruple 85
95 Menaphite Thug Quadruple 85
95 Gnome Triple 85
95 Elf Double 85

Skill Cape

Once you reach Level 99 Thieving, you may go and purchase a special skill cape and hood from a man named Martin Thwait who is in the Rogues' Den in Burthorpe (underneath the inn/bar) . The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Thieving Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Thieving that will put it at Level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!
There are two forms of the Thieving Cape, one that is non-trimmed (You only have one level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (You have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.
(Picture Needed) (Picture Needed)
Thieving Cape and Hood Being Worn (Untrimmed Cape left, Trimmed Cape right)

(Picture Needed) (Picture Needed) (Picture Needed)
Inventory Pictures (From left to right: Thieving Hood, Thieving Cape, Trimmed Thieving Cape)