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Ranged is a very flexible and useful skill to develop as part of your arsenal. It allows you to attack opponents from great distances, using a variety of projectile weapons. The bow and arrow is the most common weapon used by rangers. However, you can also train your Ranged skill using other weapons, such as throwing knives, darts and javelins.


Bow are the most common Ranged weapon in Runescape. As such, there are various types, ranging from ones for beginners, all the way to ones for the elite.
In order to use a bow, you must equip it and the ammo that you wish to use (unless you are using a bow that doesn't require ammo). You can equip an item in your shield slot while you are using a shortbow, but you can't when you are using a longbow.
The different attack styles, which can be chosen by clicking on the Combat Styles icon (the one with two swords), controls how you will attack. Accurate will hit more often, but it is slower. Rapid will allow you to shoot arrows faster, but they won't hit as often. Longranged is for when you are shooting an opponent from a distance, this is going to take as long as Accurate to fire an arrow, but it will be more succesful at a distance than the other styles.
The following table shows the types of bows that you can obtain in Gielinor and some information about them. Any highlighted bows are Members Only.
Image Bow Level Ranged Attack Bonus Ranged Strength Highest Arrow
Shortbow 1 +8 0 Iron
Longbow 1 +8 0 Iron
Oak Shortbow 5 +14 0 Steel
Oak Longbow 5 +14 0 Steel
Willow Shortbow 20 +20 0 Mithril
Willow Longbow 20 +20 0 Mithril
Willow Comp Bow 20 +22 0 Mithril
Maple Shortbow 30 +29 0 Adamant
Maple Longbow 30 +29 0 Adamant
Ogre Bow 30 +38 0 Rune
Composite Ogre Bow 30 +38 0 Rune
Yew Shortbow 40 +47 0 Rune
Yew Longbow 40 +47 0 Rune
Yew Composite Bow 40 +49 0 Rune
Maple Longbow Sighted 45 + 45 Dungeoneering +110 0 Rune
Gravite Shortbow 45 + 45 Dungeoneering +47 0 Rune
Magic Shortbow 50 +69 0 Rune
Magic Longbow 50 +69 0 Rune
Magic Composite Bow 50 +71 0 Rune
Dark Bow 60 +95 0 Dragon
Crystal Bow 70 +100 +70 None
Zaryte Bow 80 +120 +115 None


Arrows are the ammunition for bows. They go in the ammo slot (the one that has an image of arrows). Without these, your bow would be useless (unless, of course, you're using a bow like the Crystal Bow, which doesn't require any).
There are many types of arrows. The better the quality, the more damage it will do. You may also poison your arrow if you wanted to by using Weapon Poison.
Arrows are sometimes used up when you attack an enemy with Ranged, but not always. If your arrow was not used up, you can reclaim it from the spot that your target was located at when you fired off the shot.
Note: Previously used arrows aren't damaged in any way, they still work as good as when you first had them.
Below is a table that shows the different types of arrows that you can use in Gielinor. Any highlighted arrows are Members Only.
Image Name Ranged Strength Bow Required
Bronze Arrow +7 Any
Iron Arrow +10 Any
Bronze Brutal Arrow +11 Ogre
Iron Brutal Arrow +13 Ogre
Steel Arrow +16 Oak or Above
Steel Brutal Arrow +19 Ogre
Black Brutal Arrow +22 Ogre
Abyssalbane Arrow +22 Magic or Dark
Basiliskbane Arrow +22 Magic or Dark
Dragonbane Arrow +22 Magic or Dark
Wallasalkibane Arrow +22 Magic or Dark
Mithril Arrow +22 Willow or Above
Ogre Arrow +22 Ogre
Adamant Arrow +31 Maple or Above
Mithril Brutal Arrow +34 Ogre
Adamant Brutal Arrow +45 Ogre
Rune Arrow +49 Yew or Above
Rune Brutal Arrow +60 Ogre
Dragon Arrow +60 Dark
Guthix Arrow Varies Any
Saradomin Arrow Varies Any
Zamorak Arrow Varies Any

Skill Cape

Once you reach Level 99 Ranged, you may go and purchase a special skill cape and hood from a man named Armour Salesman who is in the Ranging Guild (near Seers' Village). The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Ranging Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Ranged that will put it at Level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!

There are two forms of the Ranging Cape, one that is non-trimmed (You only have one level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (You have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.

Ranging Cape and Hood Being Worn (Untrimmed Cape left, Trimmed Cape right)

Inventory Pictures (From left to right: Ranging Hood, Ranging Cape, Trimmed Ranging Cape)