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Prayer is a skill which works best alongside your primary combat style (be it Magic, Ranged, or Melee). Through the use of prayers you can temporarily increase stats, reduce damage, and protect against various attacks.
To view what prayers are available to you in game, simply click on the Prayer icon. This can be found either at the top-right corner of the in-game menu (windowed mode) or at the bottom-right of the screen (resizable or full-screen mode). You should now have a list of all the prayers, with those currently available to you being lit up.

Training Prayer

There are a few ways to train the Prayer skill, but the main way is to bury Bones. Each different type of bone will give a certain amount of experience. While normal Bones may give very little experience, Big Bones will give a lot more. The better experience bones are also harder to obtain, though. To bury any type of bones, you need to either left-click the item, or right-click and choose the "bury" option. That's all that there is to training Prayer the normal way.

Prayer's Uses

Prayer is used to help make fighting easier for you in RuneScape. Some fights can only be won through the use of Prayer. There is a Prayer book that contains all the different Prayers that can be used in RuneScape. It is similar to the Magic book. The Prayer icon is a white star. Clicking it will allow you to see the list of Prayers.

List of Prayers

Below is a table showing you all Prayers, their required level to use, and their effects.
Image Prayer Level Effect
Thick Skin 1 Increases your Defence by 5%.
Burst of Strength 4 Increases your Strength by 5%.
Clarity of Thought 7 Increases your Attack by 5%.
Sharp Eye 8 Increases your Ranged by 5%.
Mystic Will 9 Increases your Magic by 5%.
Rock Skin 10 Increases your Defence by 10%.
Superhuman Strength 13 Increases your Strength by 10%.
Improved Reflexes 16 Increases your Attack by 10%.
Rapid Restore 19 2x restore rate for all stats except Summoning and Prayer.
Rapid Heal 22 2x restore rate for your health.
Protect Item 25 Keep 1 extra item if you die.
Hawk Eye 26 Increases your Ranged by 10%.
Mystic Lore 27 Increases your Magic by 10%.
Steel Skin 28 Increases your Defence by 15%.
Ultimate Strength 31 Increases your Strength by 15%.
Incredible Reflexes 34 Increases your Attack by 15%.
Protect From Summoning 35 Reduces the damage dealt through Summoning scrolls and prevents the use of a familiar's special attack.
Protect from Magic 37 Protection from magical attacks.
Protect from Missiles 40 Protection from ranged attacks.
Protect from Melee 43 Protection from melee attacks.
Eagle Eye 44 Increases your Ranged by 15%.
Mystic Might 45 Increases your Magic by 15%.
Retribution 46 Inflicts damage to nearby targets if you die.
Redemption 49 Heals you when damaged and health falls below 10%.
Smite 52 Opponent's Prayer stat is drained according to how much damage is done.
Chivalry 60 Increases your Defence by 20%, Strength by 18%, and Attack by 15%.
Rapid Renewal 65 Restores life points at 5x the normal rate.
Piety 70 Increases your Defence by 25%, Strength by 23%, and Attack by 20%.
Rigour 74 Increases your Ranged by 20% and Defence by 25%.
Augury 77 Increases your magical accuracy by 20% and Defence by 25%.

Prayer Points

If you use any Prayer from the list above, it'll drain your total Prayer Points pool over time. When your Prayer Points reach zero; you need to go to an altar and pray at it to recharge them. All altars will at least give you all your Prayer Points back, but some will give you extra Prayer Points beyond your regular number.
With each level in Prayer, you will get another Prayer Point. So, someone with level 10 Prayer will have 10 Prayer Points. As you can see, the most you could have, without the help of a special altar, would be 99 Prayer Points.
If you use more than one Prayer at a time, you will drain your points more quickly. However, you should note that you can only use one Protection Prayer at a time. These prayers are: Protect from Summoning, Magic, Missiles, and Melee.

Skill Cape

Once you reach Level 99 Prayer, you may go and purchase a skill cape and hood from a man named Jered who is northeast of Falador at the Monastery (near Edgeville). The Monastery is also just northwest of Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village). The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Prayer Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Prayer that will put it at Level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!
There are two forms of the Prayer Cape, one that is non-trimmed (You only have one level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (You have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.
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Prayer Cape and Hood Being Worn

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Inventory Pictures of the Prayer Cape and Hood