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Mining is a skill that allows you to extract ores from rocks using a pickaxe. The higher your Mining level, the better the rock you can mine and pickaxe you can use. Initially, you will only be able to use a bronze pickaxe, available for purchase at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge and in some general stores across RuneScape. As your skill increases you will find yourself able to wield better pickaxes, making it easier for you to mine.
Rock Right Click OptionsTo begin mining a rock, have your pickaxe in your inventory or wield it, and then click on the rock you wish to mine. Once you click on a rock, your character will keep swinging until you either obtain the ore or another person obtains the ore, in both instances the rock will go gray and you should move on to the next rock. Rocks may have different colored veins depending on the type of ore it gives. You can find out what type of ore is in a rock before mining it by right clicking on the rock and clicking 'prospect'.
Rocks for Mining are generally found at mining sites around RuneScape, marked with a pickaxe icon (Mining Site Icon) on the RuneScape map. It is worth noting that not all Mining sites are shown on the map: you may need to search in other places, such as within dungeons, or along mysterious paths, to find other hidden sites. When you click on a rock, your character will swing their pickaxe at it until they obtain an ore. The speed at which you mine ores is based on a combination of your Mining level and the type of pickaxe you are using. The animation has no effect on this. Ores obtained from Mining can be smelted into bars and smithed into useful items such as armor and weapons using the Smithing skill.


Different types of pickaxes can be obtained from stores, as monster drops, or on the Grand Exchange. Better pickaxes are available at Mining shops, marked with a gold pickaxe icon (Mining Shop Icon) on the RuneScape map. Nurmof the Dwarf sells pickaxes in the Dwarven Mine and there is a Pickaxe-Is-Mine pickaxe shop near the center of East Keldagrim. The better your pickaxe, the quicker you will be able to obtain ores from rocks. You can wield your pickaxe to save an inventory space if you have the required attack level to do so.
Image NameMining Level Required Price
Bronze Pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 1 1 gp
Iron Pickaxe Iron pickaxe 1 137 gp
Steel Pickaxe Steel pickaxe 6 500 gp
Mithril Pickaxe Mithril pickaxe 21 1,300 gp
Adamant Pickaxe Adamant pickaxe 31 3,200 gp
Runite Pickaxe Rune pickaxe 41 32,000 gp
Dragon Pickaxe Dragon pickaxe 61 Grand Exchange only

Special pickaxes are listed in the Special Pickaxes and Tools sections bellow.

Rocks and Ores

Each normal rock produces a specific type of ore. Recently, Jagex has updated the look of most rocks to appear as a lump with 'veins' of ore running through them, of a color corresponding to the type of ore they produce. Note that when mining, invisible boosts do not allow you to mine a higher level rock, while visible boosts do. Here is a list of the rocks you can mine and their information:
Rune Essence Rune Essence 1 5 Found in the Rune Essence Mine and the Lunar Isle mine. Used to make Runes. Miners with a level over 30 will mine pure essence on members servers.
Clay Clay 1 5 Used in low level Crafting to make pottery.
Copper Ore Copper 1 17.5 Used with Tin to smelt bronze.
Tin Ore Tin 1 17.5 Used with Copper to smelt bronze.
Blurite Ore Blurite 10 17.5 Mined only in the Ice Caves mine. Used in the Knight's Sword Quest, untradeable.
Limestone Limestone 10 26.5 Mined only in Arandar and on the road east of Varrock's Earth RuneCrafting altar. Used in quests, for Mort'ton temple building, and the Construction skill.
Iron Ore Iron 15 35 Used to make Iron and Steel.
Silver Ore Silver 20 40 Used in Crafting to make silver jewelry.
Elemental Ore Elemental 20 0 Found only in the Elemental Workshop. Mining spawns an Earth Elemental which you must kill to get the ore.
Coal Ore Coal 30 50 Used in all high level smelting.
Sandstone Sandstone 35 30-60 Found in Enakhra's mine. Used for quests.
Gold Ore Gold 40 65 Used in Crafting to make gold jewelry.
Gem Gems 40 65 Found only in the Shilo Village Gem Mine, the Shilo Village Underground Gem Mine, and the Lunar Isle Mine. You may receive any gem except dragonstone and onyx.
Stone Slab Stone Slab 41 40 Found only in the TzHaar Stone Slab Mine. Can only be mined with a Rune pickaxe after the TokTz-Ket-Dill quest.
Granite Granite 45 50-75 Found in Enakhra's mine. Used for quests. When a chisel is used on a large block of granite, it is cut into smaller blocks.
Rubium Rubium 46 17.5 Veins are found in the caves from the Kennith's Concerns quest.
Mithril Ore Mithril 55 80 Used with Coal to smelt Mithril bars.
Adamant Ore Adamant 70 95 Used with Coal to smelt Adamant bars.
Runite Ore Runite 85 125 Used with Coal to smelt Runite bars.

Living Rocks

Members can access a special cavern for skill training via a rope found in the northern part of the Dwarven mines, called the Living Rock Caverns. There are several deposits of coal and gold in this cavern and training here is faster than outside the cavern. However, the cavern is also very dangerous, it is guarded by aggressive level 120, 140 and 200 Living Rock Creatures. Due to the aggressive monsters, your training may be occasionally interrupted, but this is made up for because mining in the caverns requires only one click.
Living Rock Remains Living Rock Remains 73 25 Mining the remains left over by killing a living rock creature results in living minerals which can be used to catch cavern fish.
Coal Concentrated Coal Deposits 77 50 A generous supply of coal ore. Deposits collapses after a certain period of time.
Gold Ore Concentrated Gold Deposits 80 65 A generous supply of gold ore. Deposits collapses after a certain period of time.


Regular gems can be obtained completely randomly while mining, you will notice that a gem will appear in your inventory instead of an ore and your character will continue to mine the ore. No mining experience is gained from mining gems at random. You can increase your rate of obtaining gems, if you are a member, by wearing a charged Amulet of Glory.
Regular GemsPrecious GemsUnobtainable Gems
Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Opal Jade Red topaz Dragonstone Onyx
Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Opal Jade Red topaz Dragonstone Onyx

Members may also obtain three special "precious" gems from rocks in Shilo Village, on Karamja, and on Lunar Isle. In addition to giving the four regular gems, these special rocks also allow for Opal, Jade and Red topaz to be mined. Mining gems from these rocks results in 65 XP per gem.
Dragonstone and Onyx gems cannot be obtained by mining. Dragonstone may be obtained as a monster drop and Onyx can be bought with Tokkul in TzHaar. Because of this, these "unobtainable" gems are rare and valuable.

Special Mining Sites

The Mining Guild is a special section in the northern part of the Dwarven Mine that is reserved for players with a mining level over 60. It has plenty of coal rocks and a quick ladder entrance that is near the Falador east bank. The Mining Guild is useful for those who wish to superheat ores into bars while they mine because of the abundance of coal and also several higher level rocks nearby. There is also a bank deposit box outside of the Mining Guild, in the Dwarven Mine and then inside of the Dungeoneering resource dungeon.
The Coal Trucks mine is a good place for members to mine coal that do not have access to the Mining Guild. You can load the carts with up to 120 ore, which can be unloaded and banked in Seers Village.

Special Pickaxes and Tools

Special pickaxes cannot be obtained from a meager shop or monster drop. These special pickaxes require quests or Activity reward points before you can wield their power.
Special Pickaxes
Sacred Clay Pickaxe Sacred Clay Pickaxe 40 Reward from Stealing Creation, gives 2 times experience. After a set amount of experience is used, the pickaxe crumbles to dust.
Volatile Pickaxe Volatile Clay Pickaxe 40 Reward from Stealing Creation, gives 2.2 times experience. After one-tenth of the charge is used, the item reverts to its' basic form. Note that it transforms randomly every one-tenth charge and it's form is not user chosen.
Inferno Adze Inferno Adze 41 Equivalent to a rune pickaxe. Reward for completing the Beacon Network Activity. Firemaking level 92 is also required to obtain this item.

Completing a difficulty level of the Varrock Achievement Diary grants you access to wear the Varrock Armour. Wearing the Varrock Armour while mining gives you the chance to mine two ores at once, up to a certain type of ore.
Varrock Armour
Varrock Armour 1 Varrock Armour 1 Complete the easy tasks of the Varrock Achievement Diary. Possibility to mine 2 ores at once, up to coal.
Varrock Armour 2 Varrock Armour 2 Complete the medium tasks of the Varrock Achievement Diary. Possibility to mine 2 ores at once, up to mithril.
Varrock Armour 3 Varrock Armour 3 Complete the hard tasks of the Varrock Achievement Diary. Possibility to mine 2 ores at once, up to adamant.

These Mining Familiars may be used in conjunction with the Summoning skill. Each familiar provides a Mining level boost. Some may also provide other mining related benefits.
Mining Familiars
Summon LevelFamiliarTime (mins)Abilities
18 Desert Wyrm 19 Boosts Mining by 1, can be right clicked to Forage ores.
34 Void Ravager 27 Boosts Mining by 1 with an additional invisible boost of 1, can be right clicked to Forage ores.
73 Obsidian Golem 55 Boosts Mining by 7.
83 Lava Titan 61 Boosts Mining by 10 and can teleport to the Lava Maze, near some runite rocks.

The Mobilising Armies Activity offers these locators as a reward. Each level of locator can teleport you to a better ore than the previous level. The locators degrade after 50 uses but can be recharged by playing a game of Mobilising Armies. Only one locator can be owned at a time.
Mobilising Armies Locators
PicNameCost (reward credits)Ores
Inferior Locator Inferior Locator 24,700 Can teleport you to mining sites that have ores up to iron.
Poor Locator Poor Locator 44,800 Can teleport you to mining sites that have ores up to silver.
Good Locator Good Locator 70,600 Can teleport you to mining sites that have ores up to mithril.
Superior Locator Superior Locator 102,900 Can teleport you to mining sites that have ores up to runite.

These brews will temporarily boost your mining and smithing levels, however, note that they reduce your combat stats.
Level Boosting Brews
PicNameLevel IncreaseInformation
Dwarven Stout Dwarven Stout 1 Purchasable at pubs across Runescape (including the Inn in Falador) or the Grand Exchange, obtained from spawns, or brewed using the cooking skill.
Dwarven Stout (m) Dwarven Stout (m) 2 Random result of trying to brew a Dwarven Stout using the cooking skill. Can also be bought on the Grand Exchange.

Coal BagThe Coal Bag is a reward from the Dungeoneering skill. It can be purchased from the rewards trader for 4,000 Dungeoneering tokens and requires a Mining level of 35 to use. When mining, coal is not automatically stored in the bag and instead must be added manually. Each bag holds up to 27 pieces of coal and players may only own one bag at a time.

Cape of Accomplishment

Untrimmed Mining Cape Once you have mastered Mining and reached level 99, you may buy a Mining Skill Cape from a dwarf near the entrance to the Mining Guild in Falador. The dwarf that sells the cape is the one who is wearing one himself. The cape costs 99 thousand coins to purchase.