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The art of Fletching allows the player to create ranged weapons and ammunition.

It is also a fun and quick way of making money!

As your Fletching skill improves, you will be able to shape a wider variety of items, from a multitude of wood types.


When you make arrows you will always make 15 at a time. This applies to making arrow shafts all the way to putting the heads on the headless arrows.

Follow the steps below to make arrows:

  1. Use a knife on a normal log
  2. Add feathers to arrow shafts
  3. Add heads to headless arrows.

15 Arrow Shafts15
15 Headless Arrows115
15 Bronze Arrows139.5
15 Iron Arrows1557.5
15 Steel Arrows3095
15 Mithril Arrows45132
15 Broad Leaf Arrows52225
15 Adamant Arrows60169.5
15 Rune Arrows75207.4
15 Dragon Arrows90244.5

Arrow Repairing

In the members world arrows will end up breaking sooner or later and this is where your house from the construction skill comes in handy. If you have a repair bench in your house you can use the arrows on it and earn 8 experience for each arrow you fix.


Oak Shortbow2033
Oak Longbow2550
Willow Shortbow3566.5
Willow Longbow4083
Maple Shortbow50100
Maple Longbow55116.5
Yew Shortbow65135
Yew Longbow70150
Magic Shortbow80166.5
Magic Longbow85183


Crossbows are a less common way of training Fletching, as it is rather complicated. These crossbows are used in conjunction with bolts.

Follow the steps below to make crossbows:

  1. Use a knife on a normal log
  2. Use a metal limb(of your choice) with crossbow stock. (You need a hammer to do so)
  3. Add a crossbow string to the crossbow

Bronze Crossbow924
Blurite Crossbow2464
Iron Crossbow3988
Steel Crossbow46108
Mithril Crossbow54128
Adamantite Crossbow61164
Runite Crossbow69200


10 Bronze Bolts95Bronze
10 Opal Tipped Bolts1116Bronze
10 Blurite Bolts2410Blurite
10 Jade Tipped Blurite Bolts2624Blurite
6 Kebbit Bolts3234.8Kebbit
10 Iron Bolts3915Iron
10 Pearl Tipped Bolts4132Iron
6 Long Kebbit Bolts4247.7Kebbit
10 Silver Bolts4325Silver
10 Steel Bolts4635Steel
10 Red Topaz Bolts4839Steel
10 Barbed Bolts5195Bronze
10 Mithril Bolts5450Mithril
10 Broad leaf Bolts5530Broad
10 Sapphire Tipped Bolts5647Mithril
10 Emerald Tipped Bolts5855Mithril
10 Adamant Bolts6170Adamant
10 Ruby Tipped Bolts6363Adamant
10 Diamond Tipped Bolts6570Adamant
10 Runite Bolts69100Runite
10 Dragonstone Tipped Bolts7182Runite
10 Onyx Tipped Bolts7394Runite

Ogre Bows and Arrows

You learn how to make Ogre bows and arrows in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.

Ogre Composite Bow3090
Ogre Shaft51.6
Flighted Ogre Arrows5.9
Add Wolfbone Tips51
Completed Ogre Arrow53.8
Bronze Brutal71.4
Iron Brutal182.6
Steel Brutal335.1
Black Brutal386.4
Mithril Brutal497.5
Adamant Brutal6210.1
Rune Brutal7712.5

Skill Boosters

There are two different types of Skill Boosters. The main type is the visible boost by a certain food or potion. The other type is by a familiar from the skill Summoning which will not show up.

Fletching Potion+3

ImageSummoning LevelFamiliarBoost
33BeaverActs as a knife

Another set of boosters are the tools from the stealing creation mini-game.
ImageToolXP Increase
Sacred Clay Fletching Knife2x
Volatile Clay Fletching Knife2.2x

Skill Cape

Once you reach level 99 in the Fletching skill you may speak to Hickton whom is located in the Catherby Fletching Shop. The cape costs 99k to purchase.