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Fishing is a popular method of obtaining food due to the variety of Fishing spots found throughout RuneScape. You will need to buy the correct fishing equipment, specific to the type of Fishing spot you wish to use. All of the equipment that you may need can be bought from Fishing shops.

To locate Fishing spots using the main map you will need to click the "Key" button to bring up the map keys. There are three pages in the key, clicking on the "Prev page" or "Next page" buttons will allow you to navigate them. You will need to click on the 'Fishing Spot' icon to locate all icons on the map of that type; they will flash yellow briefly once you have clicked the 'Fishing spot' icon on the key.

When you have found a Fishing spot, right-click over a Fishing spot and a menu with a list of Fishing options will appear.

Click on the option you want and, providing you have the correct equipment in your inventory, you will attempt to catch a fish.

An aspiring fisherman needs to be patient: you should always keep in mind that with a higher Fishing ability comes the potential of catching better food.


In the Fishing skill, each fish may only be caught by one specific tool. Listed below are the tools and their respective catches.

Small NetAnchovies, Giant Frogspawn, Karambwanji, Monkfish, and Shrimp
Crayfish cageCrayfish
Bait FishingHerring, Pike, and Sardine
Members: Big net fishingBass, Cod, and Mackerel
Fly fishing rodSalmon and Trout
HarpoonShark, Swordfish, and Tuna
Lobster PotLobsters
Members: Heavy RodLeaping Salmon, Leaping Sturgeon, and Leaping Trout
Members: Vessel fishingKarambwan

Catch Table

ImageCatchLevelXP GainedToolLocations
Shrimp110Small NetAny Sea
Crayfish110Crayfish CageNear fishing tutor & pond between Lumbridge and Draynor
Sardine520Bait FishingAny Sea
Members: Karambwanji55Small NetLake south of Tai Bwo Wannai
Herring1030Bait FishingAny Sea
Anchovie1540Small NetAny Sea
Members: Mackerel1620Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Members: Oyster1610Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Members: Casket1610Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Members: Seaweed161Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Trout2050Fly FishingAny River
Members: Cod2345Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Pike2560Bait FishingAny River
Members: Slimy eel2865Bait FishingLumbridge Swamp Cave & Mort Myre Swamp
Salmon3070Fly FishingAny River
Giant frogspawn3375Small NetLumbridge Swamp Cave
Tuna3580HarpoonCatherby, Fishing Guild, Karamja, LvL 38 Wilderness, and Rellekka
Members: Rainbow fish3880Fly FishingAny River
Cave eel3880Bait FishingLumbridge Swamp Cave
Lobster4090Lobster CageCatherby, Fishing Guild, Karamja, LvL 38 Wilderness, and Rellekka
Members: Bass46100Big NetCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Swordfish50100HarpoonCatherby, Fishing Guild, Karamja, LvL 38 Wilderness, and Rellekka
Members: Lava eel5360Oily Fishing RodTaverley Dungeon
Members: Monkfish62120Small NetPiscatoris Fishing Colony
Note: For access you must complete The Swan Song Quest.
Members: Karambwan65105Karambwan VesselLake south of Tai Bwo Wannai
Members: Shark76110HarpoonCatherby, Fishing Guild, and Rellekka
Members: Sea Turtle7938Fishing TrawlerTrawler Mini-Game
Members: Manta Ray8146Fishing TrawlerTrawler Mini-Game
Members: Cave fish85300Bait FishingLiving Rock Caverns
Members: Rocktail90380Bait FishingLiving Rock Caverns

Fishing Gloves

The gloves below are rewards from the Fist of Guthix mini-game. The gloves give you an extra 100 experience per fish you catch for the respective glove you have on. These gloves will disintegrate after catching 1,000 of respective fish.

Swordfish Gloves65
Shark Gloves90

Skill Boosters

There are two different types of Skill Boosters. The main type is the visible boost by a certain food or potion. The other type is by a familiar from the skill Summoning which will not show up.

Admiral Pie+5
Fish Pie+3
Fishing Potion+3

ImageSummoning LevelFamiliarBoost
16Granite Crab+1
74Granite Lobster+4

Another set of boosters are the tools from the stealing creation mini-game.
ImageToolXP Increase
Sacred Clay Harpoon2x
Volatile Clay Harpoon2.2x

Skill Cape

Once you reach level 99 in the Fishing skill, you may speak to the Master Fisher whom is located at the entrance to the Fishing Guild. You'll see him as soon as you enter the main gate. The cape costs 99k to purchase.


There are various ways in which you can train fishing but it is recommended that you either fly fish at Shilo Village (Must have completed the Shilo Village Quest) or you fish Monkfish in Piscatoris Fishing Colony (Must have completed The Swan Song Quest) as there is a bank close by to both and they are a great for fishing experience.

Monkfish, lobsters, or sharks are the best ways to go for earning the most money due to the high demand of high constitution healing food.