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Since the dawn of civilisation, people have had the gift of fire, and RuneScape is no exception. Firemaking is one of the most fundamental skills in RuneScape. By making fires it is possible to cook food in extremely difficult times, when you have no access to a Cooking range.
The Firemaking skill uses different types of logs to create fires. This skill aids the Cooking skill, because it enables you to cook food without using a range. It can also be used to light specific objects, which can aid your ventures into dark places.
To make a fire you will need a tinderbox and some logs. You can use one of the following methods:

  1. Left-click on the tinderbox in your inventory so that it is outlined in white. Then left-click on the logs to use them with the tinderbox. You will then place the logs on the ground and attempt to light a fire.

  2. Alternatively, you can drop the logs on the ground and left-click on the tinderbox so that it is outlined in white. Then left-click on the logs to use the tinderbox with the logs.
Your chances of lighting the fire quickly will depend on your Firemaking level.
Tinderboxes can be bought from general stores. Logs can be bought from other players or you can gather them yourself. For more information on cutting your own logs, please refer to the Woodcutting Skill Guide.

Types of Logs

The main thing that you'll train your Firemaking skill on is logs. There are various logs, some for everyone and some for members, that range from level 1 all the way up to level 75. You can get these logs by purchasing them from other players, or from trees using your Woodcutting Skill.
You can light these logs with a Tinderbox like the Introduction of this Guide says, or you may use a Summoning Familiar called a Pyrefiend. You just use the logs in your inventory on the Pyrefiend in order for them to be lit. This will save you a spot in your inventory that would normally be taken by the Tinderbox.

Logs XP Table

Image Name Level XP Gained
Normal Logs 1 40
Achey Logs (Members) 1 40
Oak Logs 15 60
Willow Logs 30 90
Teak Logs (Members) 35 105
Arctic Pine Logs (Members) 42 125
Maple Logs 45 135
Mahogany Logs (Members) 50 157.5
Eucalyptus Logs (Members) 58 193.5
Yew Logs 60 202.5
Magic Logs (Members) 75 303.8

Pyre Logs

If you have done the Shades of Mort'ton quest then you can make the Sacred Oil which is required to make special logs called Pyre logs. In order to make Sacred Oil you should go to the RuneScape world that has its theme as "Shades of Mort'ton" and head to Mort'ton. When you get there, purchase some Olive Oil from the shopkeeper in town. Next, go up to the area where the temple is constantly being worked on by real players. You will need to assist with rebuilding and maintaining the temple until it's built so you can light the object in the center of the temple. After you have it lit, use your Olive Oil on this object and it'll turn it into Sacred Oil.
Sacred Oil is special because you need to use it on various types of logs in order to turn them into a Pyre version of themselves. You can put these Pyre logs onto a funeral pyre with the remains of one of the Shades that you can find throughout Mort'ton. After doing so, you may light the logs. This will destroy the remains and if you're lucky, it'll give you the key to a chest that contains Cloth that is used in making Splitbark Armour.

Pyre Logs XP Table

Image Name Level Sacred Oil Drops Used XP Gained
Pyre Logs (Normal and Achey Logs) 5 2 50
Oak Pyre Logs 20 2 70
Willow Pyre Logs 35 3 100
Teak Pyre Logs 40 3 120
Arctic Pine Pyre Logs 47 3 158
Maple Pyre Logs 50 3 175
Mahogany Pyre Logs 55 3 210
Eucalyptus Pyre Logs 63 4 246
Yew Pyre Logs 65 4 255
Magic Pyre Logs 80 4 404.5

Skill Cape

Once you reach Level 99 Firemaking, you may go and purchase a special skill cape and hood from a man named Ignatius Vulcan who is in the forest south of Seers' Village. The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Firemaking Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Firemaking that will put it at level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!
There are two forms of the Firemaking Cape, one that is non-trimmed (you only have one level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (you have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.
Untrimmed Firemaking Cape and Hood being worn

Trimmed Firemaking Cape and Hood being worn