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Farming enables you to grow various resources that can be used in a number of other skills, such as Herblore and Cooking, as well as providing you with a source of raw food.


Before you start any farming, you need to get yourself some tools. There are four Farming Shops in RuneScape. They are indicated by an icon that looks like a Plant Pot.
The four shops are located in:
  • North-west of Port Phasmatys
  • South-east of Falador (north of Port Sarim)
  • North of East Ardougne
  • North of Catherby

You don't need every item in the shop right away. The tools that you need to purchase are:
  • Rake
  • Seed Dibber
  • Secateurs
  • Watering Can
  • Spade
  • Gardening Trowel

It would do you some good to make sure that you have some Empty Buckets with you too for Compost, which is discussed later in the guide.

Table of Tools

Image Tool Use
Rake Used to clear weeds from your Farming patches.
Seed Dibber Used to plant seeds.
Secateurs Used to remove diseased parts from trees and bushes.
Watering Can Used to water your plants. It can be refilled at any water source (such as a sink or fountain).
Spade Used to harvest your plants, or to remove dead ones from your Farming patch.
Gardening Trowel Used to fill a Plant Pot with soil and to plant a sapling into a Farming patch.
Plant Pot Used to grow a sapling from a tree seed before you plant it into a Farming patch.
Compost Used on Farming patches to increase your chance of the plant in the patch not becoming diseased. Crops will also yield more when harvesting them if they were fertilised.
Supercompost Used the same way as regular Compost, but this is an upgraded version.
Plant Cure Used to cure diseased plants. It can't be used on trees or bushes. A plant cure will be used up after only one use.
Empty Sack It can be used to carry a up to 10 vegetables at a time. Just right-click it and choose to fill it if you wish for it to hold on to any for you, or you can right-click the item and "use" it on the Empty Sack. You can right-click it and empty it to instantly get everything out of it when you have the need, and have enough space in your pack.
Basket It can be used to carry up to 5 pieces of fruit at a time. From there it works the same way as an Empty Sack (see above).
Amulet of Farming It can be attuned to allotments and flower patches so that it can tell you when that certain patch is diseaed, ready to harvest, or dies. An Amulet of Farming that is fully charged will have 8 charges. With each use it'll go down by 1 charge until it is finally destroyed.
Scarecrow If planted in a flower patch then it will protect sweetcorn planted in the allotment patches at that same location.
Magic Secateurs If worn when harvesting from an allotment, herb, or hops patch; you will get 10% more from your harvest. This item is obtained from the quest: Fairy Tale Part 1. These can also be used like normal Secateurs.
Magic Watering Can Used the same way as a normal Watering Can, but it does not need to be refilled. This item is obtained from the quest: Fairy Tale Part 3

Tool Leprechaun

As you can see above, RuneScape contains Leprechauns. They are more than just there for decoration, they are beyond useful when it comes to the Farming skill. They can store certain Farming tools for you. They will store certain numbers of these items too. The storage system is shared between all Leprechauns, so you don't have to worry about which one to store your items with. They can be found next to anything you can use Farming to plant in. Although they vary in graphics, they all wear the same little outfit.

Leprechauns can only carry so much. You may note that the Secateurs and Watering Can in the picture above vary from your own. This is due to the storage from the picture above containing Magic versions from the Fairy Tale questline, instead of being their normal counterparts.


Gardeners have a simple job. You can pay them with stuff that you can Farm to watch over certain crops. They will only watch after your allotment patches at a basic plot. You can find gardeners at every place that you can plant something with Farming, just like leprechauns. They can be paid to watch over trees and fruit trees, as well as bushes and hops. Calquats, Jade Vines, and Spirit Trees can be looked after by gardeners too.

Compost Bin

A compost bin is used to make compost. You can use it to make Compost or Supercompost. In order to make either type you have to put in 15 of a certain item into the bin, then close it and wait for about an hour for it to be ready. To harvest the Compost or Supercompost, make sure that you have Empty Buckets in your pack and then use one on the open bin.
Items that make normal Compost:
  • Weeds
  • Low level Farming crops such as Cabbage

Items that make Supercompost (Recommended ones):
  • Pineapples (the most common used to make Supercompost)
  • Watermelons

Farming Plots

Now that you know about all the different tools, it's time to visit your first Farming patch. There are multiple types of farming patches located around the world: allotments, hops, trees, fruit trees, bushes, spirit trees, belladonna, evil turnips, mushrooms, cactus, calquat trees, and jade vine patches.


The basic allotment plot is shown in the picture below.

An allotment plot consists of three different patches. There are 2 allotment patches, an herb patch, and flowers patches.
There are four basic allotment plot locations (you'll notice that they're where the four Farming shops are from earlier in the Guide):
North-west of Port Phasmatys (west of the ghost's farm)
South-east of Falador (north of Port Sarim, you go through the cabbage patch)
North of East Ardougne (east of the windmill)
North of Catherby (directly north of the bank)

Allotment Patches

An allotment patch is used to grow vegetables and fruit. Most allotments can be protected by growing certain flowers along side of them, or paying a farmer to take care of them. Each allotment needs 3 of the same seeds in order to plant.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlanting EXPHarvest EXPProtection
1Potatoes40 Minutes89.5Marigolds or paying farmer (2 buckets of compost)
5Onions40 Minutes9.510.5Marigolds or paying farmer (1 sack of potatoes)
7Cabbages40 Minutes1011.5Rosemary or paying farmer (1 sack of onions)
12Tomatoes40 Minutes12.514Marigolds or paying farmer (2 sacks of cabbages)
20Sweetcorn50 Minutes1719Scarecrows or paying farmer (10 jute fibres)
31Strawberries60 Minutes2629Paying farmer (1 basket of apples)
47Watermelons70 Minutes48.554.5Nasturtium, or paying farmer (10 curry leaves)

Herb Patches

Herb patches are used to grow the herbs used to make potions. Herb patches cannot be protected from disease, with the sole exception being Trollheim (After My Arm's Big Adventure) which never gets diseased. A herb patch only requires one seed to plant.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlanting EXPHarvest EXP
9Guam80 Minutes1112.5
14Marrentill80 Minutes13.515
19Tarromin80 Minutes1618
26Harralander80 Minutes21.524
29Goutweed80 Minutes10545
32Ranarr80 Minutes2730.5
36Spirit weed80 Minutes3236
38Toadflax80 Minutes3438.5
44Irit80 Minutes4348.5
46Wergali80 Minutes52.851.5
50Avantoe80 Minutes54.561.5
56Kwuarm80 Minutes6978
62Snapdragon80 Minutes87.598.5
67Cadantine80 Minutes106.5120
73Lantadyme80 Minutes134.5151.5
79Dwarf weed80 Minutes170.5192
85Torstol80 Minutes199.5224.5
91Fellstalk80 Minutes225315.6

Flower Patches

Flower patches grow flowers that protect your allotments from disease. They require only one seed to plant. You can grow the flowers in advance of planting allotments, or alongside the growing allotments, however, they will not protect from disease until they are fully grown.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlant EXPHarvest EXPUses
2Marigold20 Minutes8.547Protects potatoes, onions, and tomatoes when fully grown. Harvested to make Bull ant pouches.
11Rosemary20 Minutes1266.5Protects cabbages when fully grown.
24Nasturtium20 Minutes19.5111Protects watermelons when fully grown.
25Woad20 Minutes20.5115.5Used to make blue dye.
26Limpwurt20 Minutes21.5120Used to make strength and super strength potions.
52White lily80 Minutes70250Protects all crops in an allotment patch when fully grown.

Hops Patches

Hops are a primary ingredient in the brewing of beers and ales. Except for Jute patches (which require 3 seeds), hops patches require 4 seeds to plant.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlant EXPHarvest EXPProtection
3Barley40 Minutes8.59.53 buckets of compost
4Hammerstone hops40 Minutes9101 marigold
8Asgarnian hops50 Minutes10.5121 sack of onions
13Jute fibre50 Minutes1314.56 barley malt
16Yanillian hops60 Minutes14.5161 basket of tomatoes
21Krandorian hops70 Minutes17.519.53 sacks of cabbage
28Wildblood hops80 Minutes23261 nasturtium

Bush Patches

Bushes are plants that produce berries. Berries have many uses through the world, from pies to making dye and potion making. Bushes require one seed to plant, and, once fully grown will continue to produce berries endlessly.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlant EXPCheck Health EXPHarvest EXP
10Redberries100 Minutes11.5644.5
22Cadavaberries120 Minutes18102.57
36Dwellberries140 Minutes31.5177.512
48Jangerberries160 Minutes50.5284.519
59Whiteberries160 Minutes78437.529
70Poison ivy berries160 Minutes12067445

Tree Patches

Trees are grown differently than other plants, as you must first plant them in a plant pot in your inventory. If you have an empty plant pot, you can use the plant pot and a trowel (either with the one in your inventory, or one on your toolbelt) on any farming patch to fill it up with dirt. Once it's filled with dirt, add the seeds to the plant pots with the trowel, and finally, water them. Once they're watered, you can let them sit (either in your inventory, or in your bank) until they grow into saplings. You can plant them in a tree patch any time after they've grown into saplings.
LevelTreeTreeTime to GrowPlant EXPCheck Health EXPFarmer Payment
15Oak tree2 hours, 40 minutes14467.31 basket of tomatoes
30Willow tree4 hours251456.31 basket of apples
45Maple tree5 hours, 20 minutes453403.41 basket of oranges
60Yew tree6 hours, 40 minutes817069.910 cactus spines
75Magic tree8 hours145.513768.325 coconuts

Fruit Tree Patches

Fruit trees are grown the same way as normal trees. You must first grow the tree into a sapling in a plant pot. If you need to fill the plant pot first, you can use the plant pot and a trowel (either with the one in your inventory, or one on your toolbelt) on any farming patch to fill it with dirt. Once it's filled with dirt, add the seeds to the plant pot with the trowel, and finally, water them. Once they're watered, you can let them sit (either in your inventory, or in your bank) until they grow into saplings. You can plant them in a tree patch any time after they've grown into saplings.
LevelSeedTreeTime to GrowPlant EXPCheck Health EXPHarvest EXPFarmer Payment
27Apple tree16 hours221199.58.59 raw sweetcorn
33Banana tree16 hours281750.510.54 baskets of apples
39Orange tree16 hours35.52470.213.53 baskets of strawberries
42Curry tree16 hours402906.9155 baskets of bananas
51Pineapple tree16 hours574605.721.510 watermelons
57Papaya tree16 hours726146.42710 pineapples
68Palm tree16 hours110.510150.141.515 papayas

Miscelleneous Patches

There are also a few miscelleneous patches across the world that only hold one type of plant, and for the most part, are one of a kind. These patches, and the plants within them, normally have special uses.
LevelSeedPlantTime to GrowPlant EXPCheck Health EXPHarvest EXPFarmer PaymentNotes
42Evil turnip5 minutes41N/A46N/AUsed for summoning
53Bittercap mushroom4 hours61.5N/A57.2N/ABittercap mushrooms have multiple uses around the world.
53Jade vine16 hours501500N/A10 Wildblood hopsThe Jade vine is a significant portion of the Back to My Roots quest, and killing an overgrown jade vine is a daily 1,500 slayer experience boost.
55Cactus9 hours 20 minutes66.537425N/ACactus spines are used in potion making (Weapon poison+) as well as payments for yew trees.
63Belladona5 hours, 20 minutes91N/A512N/AUsed to make potions (Weapon poison++)
72Calquat tree21 hours, 20 minutes129.51209648.58 poison ivy berriesUsed to make kegs for brewing ales
74Morchella mushroom4 hours160N/A77.7N/AUsed in potion making (Prayer renewal)
83Spirit tree58 hours, 40 minutes199.519301.8N/A5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, 1 ground toothUnlike the rest of the miscellenious plants, there are multiple spirit tree patches around the world. However, you can only plant one tree at a time, or two after completing The Prisoner of Glouphrie quest (with 86 farming). They connect to the spirit tree network and can be used to teleport.

Skill Cape

One you reach Level 99 Farming, you may go and purchase a special cape and hood from Martin the Master Gardener who is in Draynor Village. The cape and hood cost 99k to buy. When you put the Farming Cape on, you'll temporarily gain a boost in Farming that will put it at level 100/99 instead of 99/99. Awesome!
There are two forms of the Farming Cape, one that is non-trimmed(you only have on level 99 skill), and one that is trimmed (you have more than one level 99 skill). A trimmed cape will have a +4 Prayer bonus, when worn, under your equipment stats.
(picture needed)
Untrimmed Farming Cape and Hood being worn

Trimmed Farming Cape and Hood being worn

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Inventory pictures of the Farming Cape (untrimmed left, trimmed right) and Hood.