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Resource Dungeons
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Dungeoneering is the latest skill that is open to both members and non-members. This skill can only be trained at Daemonheim, an ancient castle located at the center of a large mountain peninsula. There are 60 floors, 35 of which are available for non-members. Each floor will be full of puzzles, traps, and monsters that require a combination of all other existing skills to complete.
You can venture on floors by yourself, or with a party of up to five people. No items maybe be brought into Daemonheim, with the exception of the Ring of Kinship and Orb of Oculus. Likewise, no items may be brought out of Daemonheim. Dungeoneering is also the only skill that you can level past 99, up to level 120.

Getting there

Daemonheim is found east of the Wilderness on its own peninsula. There are a few ways to get there:
  • Ring of Kinship - Obtained from the Dungeoneering Tutor at Daemonheim.
  • Boat from Al Kharid - The boat is found west of Al Kharid bank.
  • Walking from Varrock - Beware of Player Killers!

Beginning Dungeons

Party Options

To enter a dungeon, you must be in a party. To join a party, you can choose to enter one of the Lobbies (by entering one of the energy barriers), join someone's party after being invited, or create your own.
To create your own party, choose the "Open party interface" option on your Ring of Kinship. From there, click "Form Party". You can then invite players by choosing to type in their name, or by right-clicking on them and choosing Invite.

Dungeon Options

Once the party is ready, whether solo or with a team, the party leader must enter the dungeon from one of the Dungeon entrances in the castle courtyard. From there, they will be presented with more options.
A lower complexity level makes the dungeon easier, but at the cost of experience penalties. With each skill complexity, different skills are added onto what you can use and do in the dungeon. The below table shows you what skills are available at what complexity level, and the XP Penalties.

Complexity Level Skills XP Penalty





























6 Summoning 0%

You can choose which floor to play on. You can see which floors you and your party members have already completed, indicated by an "X" on the floor. If you do a floor that you've already done, upon completion another floor of that type will be marked off instead.
Floor # Lvl Required Floor Type
1 1 Frozen
2 3
3 5
4 7
5 9
6 11
7 13
8 15
9 17
10 19
11 21
12 23 Abandoned 1
13 25
14 27
15 29
16 31
17 33
18 35 Furnished
19 37
20 39
21 41
22 43
23 45
24 47
25 49
26 51
27 53
28 55
29 57
30 59 Abandoned 2
31 61
32 63
33 65
34 67
35 69
36 71 Occult (Members Only)
37 73
38 75
39 77
40 79
41 81
42 83
43 85
44 87
45 89
46 91
47 93
48 95 Warped (Members Only)
49 97
50 99
51 101
52 103
53 105
54 107
55 109
56 111
57 113
58 115
59 117
60 119

Floor Size
Going with a party of one or two people, you will be given the option for small (up to 16 rooms) or medium (up to 32 rooms) dungeons. With a group of 3 to 5 people, you will also be given the option for a large dungeon (up to 64 rooms).

In the Dungeon

Once inside the dungeon, you will be in the "Starting Room". The tables are filled with various items. The selection of items that can appear depend on your complexity level, ranging from runes, essence, armour, weapons, and food.
The goal of the dungeon is to find the Boss monster, and kill it. To get there, you may have to solve Challenge rooms, open doors with keys or using your knowledge in skills to open them, and kill or run past a hoard of monsters.
Your World Map is replaced with a Dungeon map. It updates whenever you open a door to show rooms you have open, and unopened rooms leading from opened rooms. It also shows you a symbol on the map which room the boss is in, once the room has been opened. It also indicates what room you and members of your party are in.
The party leader has the option to right-click "Mark" monsters for the entire party. This puts an arrow over their head. Also, public chat in the dungeons can be seen in your chat box no matter where you are in the dungeon, even if you can't see the other player on your screen.


In the dungeons, after you complete a floor, you lose ALL items (excluding Orb of Oculus and Ring of Kinship) you had on that floor, unless that item is bound. This can be done by right-clicking "Bind" on an item. You can only have a limited amount of items bound though. You can only bind one type of rune or ammunition at a time, but depending on your level, you can bind between 1 and four items. When you bind a rune or ammunition, you may bind in stacks of up to 125. If you haven't bound your max of 125, binding a second stack will merge the two, up to the maximum. No matter how many runes or arrows you use, you will always start the floor with 125 of the runes or arrows, until you destroy the stack.
Lvl Max # of Bound items
1 1
50 2
100 3
120 4

Ending Dungeons

After defeating the floor's boss, a door will open in the back of the room. When you are ready, click it and end the dungeon. An interface breaking down your experience for the dungeon will show. First, your base experience will be calculated by the average of the floor's experience and your prestige. Your prestige is based off the greater of two values: the number of floors you've currently completed, or the number of floors you've completed before your last reset. That is your "100%" value. If you're not on complexity 6, then it will take away the associated percent of XP. It will then add up to 13% depending on how many rooms were opened up. It will add up to 10% if the majority of the monsters in the dungeon were killed. It takes away a varying amount of percent per death, if you died at all.
It will then give you your final percentage, and award you experience and tokens accordingly. For every 10 XP you earn, you will receive 1 token. It rounds down, so if you earned 166 XP on a floor, you will only receive 16 tokens.
After completing all floors that are possible at your level, it is highly recommended to reset your ring. The number of floors you completed prior to the reset will then go in as your prestige, allowing you to earn more experience when doing previous dungeons.