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Credits: Boomer-One
Location: Oo'glog
Currency: Coins
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Image Item Default Stock Default Price Members
Tinderbox10 1 No
Ogre Arrow100 25 No
Cooked chompy [Ogre]10 130 No
Feather1,000 6 No
Bronze hatchet10 16 No
Rope10 18 No
Empty pot30 1 No
Bucket30 2 No
Hammer10 13 No
Knife10 25 No
Ogre kilt10 100 No
Ogre top10 105 No
Ogre boots10 60 No
Diseased kebbit fur0 60 No
Davy kebbit hat0 100 No
Ogre wig0 60 No
Ogre club0 180 No
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