Map to Draynor Seed Market

Draynor Seed Market

Credits: Boomer-One
Location: Draynor Village
Currency: Coins
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Image Item Default Stock Default Price Members
Potato seed10 8 No
Onion seed10 10 No
Cabbage seed10 25 No
Tomato seed0 4 No
Sweetcorn seed0 8 No
Strawberry seed0 18 No
Watermelon seed0 56 No
Barley seed10 38 No
Jute seed10 86 No
Rosemary seed10 98 No
Marigold seed10 84 No
Hammerstone seed10 52 No
Asgarnian seed10 60 Yes
Yanillian seed10 210 No
Krandorian seed10 8 No
Wildblood seed10 14 No
Draynor Seed Market Stock