Map to Culinaromancer's Chest [Food]

Culinaromancer's Chest [Food]

Credits: Boomer-One
Location: Lumbridge Castle Basement
Currency: Coins
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Image Item Default Stock Default Price Members
Chocolate bar300 20 No
Cheese10 8 No
Tomato10 14 No
Cooking apple50 36 No
Grapes5 1 No
Pot of flour100 14 No
Pizza base1 4 No
Egg10 4 No
Bucket of milk10 12 No
Pot of cream10 19 No
Pat of butter10 4 No
Spice10 230 No
Pie dish10 3 No
Cake tin10 10 No
Bowl10 4 No
Jug10 1 No
Empty pot10 1 No
Empty cup10 2 No
Bucket10 2 No
Culinaromancer's Chest [Food] Stock