What's Mine Is Yours

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Doric's house, just outside the gates of Taverley
How to Start: Speak to Doric
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: 5 Smithing
Items Needed: Combat items, Bronze pickaxe, Bronze warhammer
Recommendations: None
Doric's smithy is suffering. His customers have been dwindling for some time and someone is about to take his last one. Help Doric find out who's behind his losses, and get him back in business.

Fully-Voice Acted

It is highly recommended to have your audio on while doing this quest to fully enjoy it. To turn on your audio, go to the tools tab marked by a hammer and wrench, and click on the audio options button. Move the sliders to the right to increase the sound volumes.

Stout Problems

Start by speaking to Doric in his house north of Falador. He will explain that his customers are abandoning him and that he needs help getting his business back up and going again.
He will ask for two high quality copper and tin ore. He will give you an ore bag and a map of where the mines are.

Stunted Mining

Dwarven Mine

Open up the map and click on the Dwarven Mine. Close out of the map and there should be an arrow directing you to the mine entrance. Enter the mine and try mining the copper ore rock indicated. A level 2 Living Rock Brawler will appear. Kill it, and it will drop the ore you need.

Varrock Mines

Teleport to the Varrock Lodestone and check your map for the Varrock west mine. Follow the arrow. Try mining tin, and another brawler will attack. Kill it and take the high-quality ore and necklace.
Open the map and look for the Varrock east mine. Follow the arrow and try mining some copper. Anothet brawler will attack. Kill it and pick up the ore.

Rimmington Mine

Teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone and check your map. Follow the arrow and head to the mine. You will notice a dark mage and a concealed dwarf plotting. They will quickly teleport out. Mine the ore, kill the creature, and pick up the ore.

Short Smithing

Teleport to the Falador lodestone and return to Doric. After talking with him, withdraw the ores from the ore bag, and use his furnace to smelt them. Then use his anvil to smith the high-quality dagger and sword. Talk to Doric again, who will tell you to go to the Artisan Workshop in Falador to finish the weapons.
Open your mining sites map and look for the anvil icon. Follow the arrow to the Workshop. Speak to Aksel there. He will give them to a master smith to finish in return for a progress report. Head to the back of the Workshop and down the stairs. Look for Sten nearby. Ask about the report, then decline to do any training now.
Head back up and speak to Aksel. Give the report and you'll get the weapons back. Now head to Falador castle.

Short Sighted Conflict

Speak to Squire Cerlyn in the west side of the castle. You will discover there is an imposter, the concealed dwarf, already talking to Sir Amik. You will interrupt the meeting to find out it is Boric, Doric's son.
You will take Boric to confront his father. Guide the conversation the resolve the family conflict. Choose the following options:
  • Boric, tell Doric what you thought of your education.
  • Doric, tell Boric how you felt bringing Boric up alone.
  • Boric, tell Doric what you thought when Doric sent you away.
  • Doric, tell Boric why you sent him to Keldagrim.
  • Boric, tell Doric about your graduation.
You will calm the situation and they will hug.

Business Partner

Speak to Doric again, and they will ask you to make some ornamental armour, a new sign, and to clear some rocks from the mine. Boric will give you iron bars. Smith all three items on the anvil.
Next head down the stairs and mine away the rocks. Now head back upstairs and speak to Doric.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 1,000 Mining XP, 400 Smithing XP, Gofannon amulet (which gives limited double Mining and Smithing XP), 180 coins, and 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune
Notes: After the quest you can help them out with more business ventures if you have sufficient mining and smithing levels.