Tribal Totem

Author(s): Schmidty102
Contributor(s): anthony
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Brimhaven
How to Start: Speak to Kangai Mau
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 21 Thieving
Items Needed: 60gp
Recommendations: Common knowledge of members world
Lord Handelmort of Ardougne is a collector of exotic artifacts.
A recent addition to his private collection is a strange-looking totem from Karamja.
The Rantuki tribe are not happy about the recent disappearance of their totem.

Learning of the totem

Speak to Kangai Mua, a Rantukie tribe member who is abiding in the Shrimp and Parrot bar in Brimhaven. While speaking to him let him know that you are in search of adventure and then he will ask you for help. His tribes sacred Tribal Totem has been stolen by Lord Handelmort. Agree to retrieve the totem.

Combinate: KURT...

Head to the Ardrougne market. Just to the west is a rather large house with guard dogs. Speak to Horacio whom is located in the garden. Ask him about the security in the house; he will reveal that the code to the house is Lord Handelmort's middle name.

Head out to Wizard Cromperty's house which is northeast of the market. While speaking to him ask him his occupation; he will reveal that he is a magician and an inventor. He will explain to you the invention he has been working on; ask to be teleported. (Do not ask to be teleported to the rune essence!) After being teleported you will find yourself at the RPDT depot.

Entering Lord Handelmort's House

At the RPDT depot you will find some crates on the east wall. Investigate the crate marked on the diagram. You will receive a label; place the label on the crate which has the invention in it.

Speak to one of the RPDT employees and ask them to deliver the crate; they will go ahead and do it.

Go North to the Estate Agent's office and take the guide book. While reading you will learn that Lord Handelmort's middle name is Kurt.

Retrieving the tribal totem

Head back to Wizard Cromperty and ask that he teleport you again. You will now find yourself in Lord Handelmort's house. Use the door directly west of you. The combination is "KURT", Lord Handelmort's middle name.

Before you climb the stairs make sure you investigate them. You will learn there is a trap door hidden in the stairs. Now climb the stairs, walk to the eastern room, and search the chest. You will retrieve the tribal totem. Take it to Kangai Mau and claim your reward.

Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point; 1,775 Thieving XP; and Swordfish; Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.