The Void Stares Back

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Falador Park
How to Start: Speak to Captain Korasi
Length: Short
Difficulty: Grandmaster
Requirements: Level 80 Magic, Level 78 Attack, Level 78 Strength, Level 71 Firemaking, Level 70 Construction, Level 70 Crafting, Level 70 Smithing, Level 55 Summoning, Level 10 Defence, A Void Dance, Completed the Conquest tutorial
Items Needed: (All can be obtained in quest) Hammer, tinderbox, hard leather, limestone brick, logs
Recommendations: A combat level of 100+ is recommended, and combat gear
Where are the remaining pest-goo-filled puzzle boxes from the Black Knights' plot to weaken Falador? Who was the mysterious figure responsible for the death of Commodore Matthias? Is the Valluta real or just an old Voids' tale? Infiltrating yet another Black Knight stronghold will set you on the path to answers, but the truth isn't as black and white as you might think. And remember: if you stare into the Void too long, the Void stares back...


Start by speaking to Korasi. She will explain that Sir Tiffy's men have been unable to locate the remaining boxes of goo. She suggests infiltrating the Black Knights' Fortress under disguise like you did in the Black Knights' Fortress quest.
She'll give you some bugged Black Knight armour that she stole from a recruit. Head to the north side of Ice Mountain to the Black Knights' Fortress. Enter through the side door, and Commander Colby will stop you.
He will teleport you to the Black Knights' Base hidden deep in the Taverly Dungeon, right in front of the storage entrance.
NOTE: If you die or leave the dungeon, you will have to walk down here from the Taverly Dungeon entrance. You won't be teleported again.
Speak to Captain Gilroy nearby. You'll enter the room and see a cut-scene. The Knight attempts to open the door, but dies. The others nominate you to open the door. Try to take from the crates, and you'll notice the labels are incorrect.

Weighted Hands

Take weights from each of the five boxes, and give two at a time to Captain Gilroy. Using one block consistently, then choosing another block each time, will allow you to figure out the weights of the blocks by narrowing down the order.
When you figure out the order of the weights, speak to the Captain again. Tell him the following:
  • Weights in Crate 2 actually weigh 4
  • Weights in Crate 3 actually weigh 2
  • Weights in Crate 4 actually weigh 6
  • Weights in Crate 5 actually weigh 3
  • Weights in Crate 6 actually weigh 5

They'll fix the labels on the crates.
Click on a slot to select it, and click on a weight to place it in that slot. Click "Activate" to try your solution. You may freely overwrite weights in a slot by simply selecting another. To return a piece from the pivot, right-click on it and select "Reset", or "Select" to pick it up again. The "Reset" button clears the grid.
Put the weights on the puzzle as shown in the below picture:

The scales will be balanced, and you can enter the door. As you enter, a bunch of pests will teleport in: a brawler (level: 89), shifter (level: 64), torcher (level: 63), defiler (level: 50), and spinner (level: 70).
The captain will take care of the Defiler, leaving the other four to you. Be sure to kill the spinner first, or it will heal the others. They will drop security blocks, be sure to pick these up. Talk to the Captain when they're all dead.

Forging a way In

Ask what you should do now, and he'll "volunteer" you to fix the forge. You will need a hammer, limestone brick, and hard leather to fix it, and logs and a tinderbox to light it. Use the map below to find all the items in crates around the base.

Repair the forge, use logs on it, and then light it with the tinderbox. Use the broken security block on the forge to fix it. Head back to the storage room. Along the east side of the room, place the security blocks in the holes in the walls.
Once they're all placed in, the door will unlock. Enter it, and try opening the panels on the east side of the room. The captain will not trust it after so much sabotage. Try searching for magical traps.
Click on a piece to select it, and again on the grid to place it. To deselect a piece, click on the Deselect button or select a different piece. To return a piece from the grid, right-click on it and select "Reset", or "Select" to pick it up again. The red "RESET" button clears the grid.
Use the below picture for the solution:

When everything is in place, click confirm. The next door will be open now.

Back in a Jiffy...

The captain will call down Lord Daquarius. He will suspect you, and ask you to take your helmet off. He will recognize you, and order you be arrested. He will give you a chance to explain, and choose an option. Jessika, Korasi, and Sir Tiffy will teleport in.
They will attempt to explain, but Daquarius still doesn't understand what happened between the lines. They ask that he trusts them in this situation, and finally Kurasi says he can kill things, and he accepted under the condition that you lead the forces.
More forces will enter from the various factions. Speak to Commodore Tyr. Speak to Korasi, and she will give you her sword. Head into the portal when ready. The mastermind behind the pests will finally show his face. Suddenly, things will become a lot clearer...
He will summon a horde of pests, and the splatters will head for all of you. You'll run into a side cave, but the splatters collapse the wall. Tiffy will get a very weak signal to Savant. He will adjust it so it's at a higher frequency.
Savant will send you a bronze pickaxe to mine your way out. Tiffy will give it to Daquarius. Savant will send through a Conquest unit.


Hopefully you have some experience with the Conquest activity. Instead of fighting against another player though, you will be fighting against an AI opponent. Here are the details of the enemy:
Picture Pest Movement Damage Health Attack Range
Ravager 6 300 300 1
Splatter 6 100 600 1
Defiler 4 200 200 4
Torcher 4 100 100 6
Shifter 10 200 200 1
Spinner 6 100 800 1

For every turn you have, the pests have two. You have the advantage of Commands though, whereas the pests don't. After you defeat all of the pests, Savant will contact Tiffy through the Commorb (while Daquarius is gaining mining levels). Savant will finally get a lock and teleport you out, just before Daquarius is about to break through the rock!


Enter the final room.... You will be forced to make a choice of who to save...
You must sadly choose... Then the queen will come.
Allies (black knights, white knights, and void archers) will periodically come into the room to fight the queen with you. The only weapon that you can damage her with is Korasi's sword.
Several drones will fly around the queen, healing her. Only the Void Archers can attack and kill them. Sometimes Elite Defilers will teleport in and attack your allies - it is highly recommended to attack these so that they stop attacking the rangers, as the rangers are the ones killing the drones.
The queen will stop attacking periodically and charge an attack that can deal 500 damage to you and all nearby allies. To prevent this, use Korasi's Sword's special attack (costs 15% special attack energy).
Depending on your levels, it is recommended to bring Rocktails, or Saradomin Brews (with a 2:1 ratio of Brews to Super Restores). A Beast of Burden is also recommended, as the fight can often be long and drawn out.
While standing next to the Queen, she uses mostly melee, but with magic as well. While out of melee range, she will only use magic. Protection prayers or deflect curses do not block all of the damage, but some.

Finishing Up

After the Queen is dead, the various factions will argue over what to do with the enemy. They will agree for you to make the decision.
Depending on your decisions made in all three quests, you will get a special Elite Void Knight armour top.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point; elite Void Knight torso; Korasi's sword; 2 Books of Equilibrium; Ability to upgrade Void Knight armour; 20,000 XP in Crafting Construction, Firemaking, Magic, Summoning, and Smithing. Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune
Notes: The Books of Equilibrium provide 50,000 XP in any combat skill of choice.
After the quest, speak to Commodore Tyr to change your armour color (costs 100k GP), or upgrade regular Void Knight armour to Elite (100 commendation points per piece).