The Tourist Trap

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): Schmidty102
Members: No
Where to Start: The Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid
How to Start: Talk to Irena, after going through the Shantay pass
Length: Long
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 10 Fletching, Level 20 Smithing
Items Needed: Desert shirt, desert robe, desert boots, about 1,000 coins, hammer, around 20 feathers, bronze bar, waterskins (recommended)
Recommendations: None
South of Al Kharid, a new desert pass has opened up, leading to the dangers of the Kharid desert.
Don your desert garb and make sure your waterskin is full, before heading off into the trackless dunes in search of desert adventure.

Into the Camp

Start by talking to Irena just on the other side of the Shanty Pass. She will tell you her daughter has gone missing. Agree to help find her. Look for some footprints nearby and follow them to the desert mining camp.

Once you're at the entrance to the camp, talk to any of the Mercenaries. Ask him what this place is, then bribe him with five gold coins. Ask him about everything, then search the gate. Now watch the Mercenary Captain.
After watching him, talk to him. Select the following options:
  • Wow! A real captain!
  • I'd love to work for a tough guy like you!
  • Can't I do something for a strong Captain like you?
  • Sorry Sir, I don't think I can do that.
  • It's a funny captain who can't fight his own battles!

He will then fight you. You will automatically pick up a metal key. Make sure you unequip everything and enter the gate.

Into the Mines

If thrown in Jail...

If you get thrown into the jail, bend the bars of the cell window and escape through. Climb up some rocks on the side, then climb up the cliff. Climb down the cliff on the opposite side and you'll be outside the camp.

The Slave

Go into the nearby building and search the desk to find a prison key. Now go out and look for the Male slave that isn't mining. Ask about his plan. Offer to undo his chains, then tell him it's interesting he should say that about losing his shirt.
Pick the lock and trade clothes with him. With the clothes on, open the doors into the mine. Go through the mine, and talk to one of the guards near the mine cave entrance. Use the following options:
  • I'd like to mine in a different area.
  • Yes sir, you're quite right sir.
  • Yes sir, we understand each other perfectly.

Head back to the surface and take your slave robes off. Open the gate and head to the Bedabin Camp.

Al Shabim

Talk to Al Shabim in the southern tent. In exchange for a pineapple, he wants you to get him some plans for an ancient weapon from the mining camp. Head back to the camp. Again, make sure you don't have the robes equipped.
Head into the building in the camp again and climb up the ladder. Talk to Captain Siad, who is sitting in the chair. Try to distract him with the different options available. When he is distracted, open up the nearby chest to get the plans.
Read the plans then head back to Al Shabim. He will ask for you to help them more. Head into the northern tent and use the bronze bar on the anvil. Now use your feathers on it. It make take a few tries, but you will eventually make the prototype weapon.
Give it to Al Shabim, and he'll give you a pineapple. Return to the guard in the mining camp and give it to him.


Take one of the barrels from the nearby wench, then search the minecart and squeeze into it. Ride down the track, then head northwest and look for Ana in the corner. Talk to her, then use the barrel on her. Return to the cart and use her on it. The cart will then return. Search it to travel back.
Search the nearby barrels to find Ana. Use the barrel on the winch. Tell him yes please, and then compliment him over Ana's outburst. Head back up to the top. Operate the winch to the southwest.

Search the barrels to find Ana again. Now use her on the wooden cart that is pulled by the camel. Use the following options.
  • Nice cart.
  • One wagon wheel says to the other, 'I'll see you around'.
  • 'One good turn deserves another'
  • Fired... no, shot perhaps!
  • In for a penny in for a pound.
  • Well, you see, it's like this...
  • Prison riot in ten minutes, get your cart out of here!
  • You can't leave me here, I'll get killed!

Now search the back of the cart and you will take off. You'll appear outside the gates with Ana in your inventory. Return to Irena, her mother, at Shanty Pass. Ana will come out of the barrel and give you a key.
Irena will now allow you to choose two skills to get XP in.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 6 Bronze Darts, Ability to fletch darts, and 4,650 XP x 2 in a choice of: Agility, Fletching, Smithing, or Thieving, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.