The Prisoner of Glouphrie

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Where to Start: Beneath the Tree Gnome Village
How to Start: Speak to Golrie
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Path of Glouphrie, Roving Elves, Level 64 Agility, Level 60 Construction, Level 61 Runecrafting, Level 64 Thieving
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: None
An old letter is found in a disorderly storeroom, leading you to Lletya in the company of a gnome mother, using a path that no human - and only one gnome - has ever trodden before. Be introduced to Yewnock's most ingenious calibration device to date, and gain a unique insight into life within underground Arposandra, as you investigate the fate of the prisoner of Glouphrie!


Start the quest by speaking to Golrie in the cave below the Tree Gnome Village. He tells you about a letter that he found; choose to look at it. Ask Golrie to explain more to you about the situation by choosing all the options given to you after you read the letter (besides asking to see the letter again). Next, Golrie will let you know what is needed.

He informs you that you will require the aid of his mum, Golrana. With a little talking, she agrees that you can go with her, as her "quest apprentice". Golrana tells you that she'll take all the supplies you'll need, and that she will meet you at a location north of the Observatory and south of the lava fields. Both of these places are just west of the Tree Gnome Village. The meeting spot is shown in the picture below.

Baby Steps

Once you get there, speak to Golrana and let her know that you are ready to move on. She'll want you to head west, through the mountain. If you do anything wrong, she'll let you know. Go north a little bit and you'll be able to "Search" a dead tree. Click to do so, and you'll open it up so that you can climb through it. Once inside, investigate the ledge on the southern wall. Golrana will cross and then set up a rope for you to walk across to the other side. Head south through the cave to another agility short-cut shown on your minimap (the icon is a green arrow that's curved). Jump all of the gaps. Once across, keep moving northwest.
You will run into a room with slippery stepping stones. You can't make it to the last stone, and Golrana couldn't make it since she's so small. Investigate the small crevice in the southeastern part of this room. Golrana will go through the small crevice and come out on the other side of the water. She'll push a stone in for you to jump on so that you may get across. After that, go all the way north and then take the path that goes west and curves to make you go south. Keep going until you see a crevice with light streaming through it in the west wall. You will now be out in the open again.

Clearing the Mist

Continue west and you will see Lletya below you. There will be a sturdy tree that you can tie a rope to to get down to Lletya. It is at the edge of the cliff, almost directly east of the quest start icon. Investigate it to tie the rope, and then climb down. You will walk into Lletya and start a conversation with Ilfeen. She will escort you to Bolrie's lab after you are finished talking.
Once inside, Golrana will tell you to look through some of the books to see what you're supposed to be doing. Pick up the green book on the crate, beside you, and read through it. After you're done, talk to Golrana. She will say that you should make an anti-illusion device. Golrana also guesses that the materials needed for the device would be lying around the lab.
In order to build the device, you will need: 2 Long Planks, 2 Medium Planks, 6 Short Planks, 2 Strips of Fabric, 1 Light Crystal, 1 Long Crystal, 1 Medium Crystal, 1 Short Crystal, and some Rune Glue. Search through the crates, shelves, and elven lamps around the room until you have everything placed on the table. To get the Rune Glue, "Search" the picture on the west wall. Once you have all the materials, go back to the crates in front of Golrana and click on the "Build Crate". After a little hammering, you will build the device. Now you need to "Calibrate" it.


You need to make the target color for each of the three different spots. The color will change based on a few factors. Red has an intensity of 1 whereas Violet has an intensity of 7. Intensity will also increase based off the number of sides used. If you need to have a color that is more red than another color, make sure to use a red piece that has more sides than the opposing color.
In order to obtain pieces to use with the calibration, go over to the prism that has a beam going through it. Search the crate next to it to get a Minute Crystal Seed. Use this on the Singing Bowl and it'll turn into a circle shape of the color that the bowl was when it was used. Rotate the prism to change the color of the Singing Bowl so that you can get all the colors that you need. There are seven colors in all. If you wish to get a shape with more sides than a circle, right click the Singing Bowl and choose to fill it. Click on the coin you wish to use, then click on one of the spots above that calibration.
  • Pure Yellow (24 Intensity) = 2 Yellow Squares
  • Pure Cyan (27 Intensity) = Blue Triangle and Green Triangle
  • Pure Magenta (30 Intensity) = Red Pentagon and Blue Pentagon

Once you have all the spots filled, click the green check mark. You will now have a completed anti-illusion device.

The Prisoner of Glouphrie

Climb up the ladder and meet Golrana at the Lletya bank. Tell her that you're ready to go, and she will take you back up the rope to the edge of the cliff. Run east of the Sturdy Tree and you will reveal an air vent in the mountain wall. Walk over and open it. You'll tie a rope to a tree and be able to climb down the rope into the air vent now. You will now see a cutscene.
After the cutscene, you'll find yourself seperated from Golrana. You need to find a way up to where she's located. Climb up the stairs in the west wall. Head east and rotate the Watcher in front of the metal door. After you've done this, head through the door. Talk to Guard no. 103 and tell him that you're (insert your username here). Then tell him that you are one of those adventurers and for him to fear you. After he has left, go to the cell that has Bolrie and pick the lock on the door. Enter his cell and talk to him.
After talking a bit he'll ask what happened to Golrana. Tell Bolrie that you guys got seperated. In order to prove that you're not Glouck, Bolrie will ask you a series of questions.
  • Name of the elf mentioned in the letter? = Ilfeen
  • Who was the letter addressed to? = Gena
  • How many different types of colored coins can be made with the singing bowl? = 42
  • What's the picture of on the wall in his lab? = The Grand Tree

Gnome Family Reunion

You and Bolrie will now start your search for Golrana. Leave the cell area and go back to the stairs. Next, take the path behind the stairs and head south. Go and open the door to start another cutscene. Once out, push the big boulder, from behind, so that it is in front of the vent. Then, talk to Golrana. After Bolrie and Golrana are done with their long conversation, talk to her again so that you guys may return to Tree Gnome Village. Upon your return, Bolrie will reunite with his brother, meet his grandson, and you will be given your reward.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 60k Thieving XP, 60k Agility XP, 50k Construction XP, 45k Runecrafting XP, a new glider at the Tree Gnome Village, free spirit tree seed storage and ability to plant up to two Spirit Trees at a time with 86 Farming, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: You may store Spirit Seeds with Golrana in Tree Gnome Village after you have completed this quest.