The Fremennik Isles

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Where to Start: Jetty in North Rellekka
How to Start: Speak to Mord Gunnars
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: The Fremennik Trails, Level 20 Construction, Level 40 Agility, Level 46 Crafting, Level 56 Woodcutting
Items Needed: 15 gp, A Raw Tuna,A Dwarven Army Axe, A Knife, A Thread, A Hammer, Some Ore (can be noted) depending on your Mining level (8 Tin Ore Levels 1-29, 7 Coal Levels 30-54, 6 Mithril Ore Level 55+), A Fremennik Round Shield, A Weapon (armor supplied during quest) to fight a Level 122 Troll
Recommendations: 5000 gp to pay a Window Tax so that you can use a Yak Shop in the future, Level 43 Prayer, and the ability to defeat a level 122 Troll and survive being attacked by lots of Trolls with rocks in a multicombat area...
Sibling rivalry can get messy - more so when the siblings are Fremennik princes with a point to prove. The islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot were set up by two brothers who hated each other, and they have been at loggerheads ever since. But now there is a new threat from trolls in the north...
Can you prove your loyalty to both brothers and save the islanders from a fate as troll food? Your skills as a Fremennik warrior, a bridge builder and a jester will be tested on the islands.


To start this quest, grab your Raw Tuna, and go to Relekka and speak to Mord Gunnars. He is located on the dock that extends west into the ocean (look at the Quest Start Map image to see).

Ask to be ferried to Jatizso (pronounced yah-tis-so).

Go to the building across from the bank (it has a checkered tile floor). Speak to King Gjuki Sorvott IV.
The King will start to tell you what his request is, but his cat, Hrafn, will keep interrupting him. Apparently the cat is hungry, so the King asks you to go and fetch him some Raw Tuna.
You may use the bank if you forgot your Raw Tuna in it, or you can fish some at the coast of the island. Once you have the fish, return to the king. Speak to King Sorvott to feed his cat.

It's time to get some Ore to get the Keldagrim freeloaders out of Jatizso. You will need to get some Ore, which varies between three different types. First, if your Mining level is between levels 1 and 29, you will need 8 Tin Ore. Second, if your Mining level is between the levels of 30 and 54, you will need 7 Coal. Finally, if your Mining level is 55 or higher, you will need to get 6 Mithril Ore for the little guys. Note: The Ore may be noted.
If you did not purchase Ore before starting the quest, you may get to the mines by going out of Jatizso through its west gate. Next, go up the road north and down the staircase. There are some Ice Trolls down in the mines, so be careful.
Now that you have your Ore, take it to the King and give it to him.
The real task for you from the King is to infiltrate Neitiznot (Nay-tis-not) and find out what they're up to. You will need to be disguised as a jester. The King will tell you that you need to say a password to talk to his Spymaster, Slug, in Neitiznot. The password is "free stuff please."
Grab the jester outfit from the chest behind the King's throne in Jatizso, then head back on the boat to Relleka.


Talk to Maria Gunnars and get taken to Neitiznot.
When you arrive, you'll need to find Slug. He's in his jester outfit right behind the bank. Say the password to him (free stuff please).
Slug will inform you of your mission. You're to get inside Burgher Burowgar's hall. While in your disguise, you have to keep your hands empty.
Go into the hall, which is the building in front of the bank. Talk to Mawnis Burowgar.

You will tell him that you're an unemployed jester. You will offer to entertain them, and Mawnis will accept.
Mawnis will call out what he wants you to do. All of them are exactly what you click, except for the "Talk to Puppet" one, he just says "Talk."
During your performance, the guards will talk about their attack. You need to go and let Slug know everything that they said.
  • How soon will they be ready? - In two days
  • How many militia? - 17 militia
  • How many brides need repaird? - Two bridges

After you answer the three questions successfully, Slug will pay you 2,500 gp.

Bridge Repair

You need to try and get assigned some tasks for Neitiznot now. Go to Mawnis and speak to him, without your jester outfit on, of course.
The bridges to the troll islands need to be repaired. They will need 8 Rope. You can kill the Yaks on the island and get their hair. Go to a spinning wheel and use the hair on it to make the Rope. A spinning wheel can be found in one of the buildings in southeast Neitiznot. Return to Mawnis and give him the items. You will be paid 1,000 gp for the supplies.
Thakkrad will tell you that he needs 8 Arctic Pine Logs that have been turned into Split Logs. You can cut the Arctic Pines surrounding the village for their logs, then split them on some stumps that are near them (pictured below).

The stumps are located across the bridge, along with some Ice Trolls, so you may want to get your 8 logs before you go to split them.
Make sure that you have your Dwarven Army Axe on you and 8 empty spots in your backpack for the logs.

Once you have all of the Rope and Split Logs, return to Thakkrad and he will tell you how to use them to repairs the two bridges. He will pay you 1,500 gp for the Split Logs.
Cross one of the bridges outside the gates of the village, the ones needing repair are the two leading to the next bit of land. Each bridge will require four Rope, four Split Logs, and a Knife.
To repair the broken bridges, right-click them and click "Repair."
Next, go back to the village and speak to Mawnis to let him know that the bridges are repaired. Thakkrad will give you 1,500 gp for repairing the bridges.

Worst Job Ever

Thakkrad tells you that they are going to attack the Ice Trolls, not the Jatizso citizens like it had seemed. Mawnis Burowgar will ask you to go and find out what the King of Jatizso thinks is going on.
Take the boat back to Relleka, then take the boat to Jatizso. Enter the King's building and speak to him.
You have been promoted from a nobody to the King to being his Tax Collector. You have to inact his Window Tax. The only people that are going to get charged for this tax, are the shopkeepers of Jatizso.
Go to the Fish Shop, the northeast building, and speak to Keepa Kettilon. The building has five windows, so they will need to pay you 5,000 gp for the Window Tax.
Go to the building directly west of the Fish Shop. It's where they serve food. The building has five windows, so speak to Vanligga and have her pay you 5,000 gp. Pay it for her, and you will be able to use her Yak Shop. It's highly recommended that you do so. In order to pay the tax for Vanligga, you'll need to have the 5,000 gp on you and speak to her again. Offer the pay the tax for her.
Next, go to the Weapon Shop. It's west of the King's building. Speak to Skuli and have him pay 6,000 gp since his building has 6 windows.
Go to the Armor Shop and speak to Raum Urda-Stein. Let him know that he needs to pay 8,000 gp for the Window Tax.
Now, you have collected all of the money for the Window Tax. Go back to King Sorvott and let him know that it's done.
You'll now need to go back to the shops that you visited before, but tax each of the following for having any facial hair: Raum, Hring, Skuli, Flosi, and Keepa. Being a woman, Vanligga doesn't need to pay for this tax.
Once again, return to King Sorvott and let him know that the people have been taxed. Now that they have enough money for their imaginary defense against Neitzinot, you need to go and do some more spying. Head back to Slug.

Words Fallen On Deaf Ears

Take the boat back to Relleka, then the boat to Neitiznot. Speak with Slug.
You'll need to entertain Mawnis again, as his jester. Put on your outfit and go into the hall.
Once you are finished, return to Slug and tell him what you heard.
  • Where are Neitiznot's militia? - Near Etceteria
  • What will Thakkrad deliver? - Some potions
  • Who has been helping Mawnis? - I have

After giving the correct answers, you will be paid 2500 gp by Slug. He will tell you to go and speak with King Sorvott about what you have learned.
He will try to capture you, and you tell him how you were just following his orders by helping Sorvott's cousin Mawnis. You then tell him what you really think of him.

King Sorvott will decide to amass a force to try and kill the Ice Troll King before Neitiznot can steal the glory for themselves.
You are now ordered to take the King's decree to Mawnis. Take the boat back to Relleka, then the boat to Neitiznot. Speak with Mawnis Burowgar in his hall.

Rites of Neitiznot

As opposed to your promotion to Tax Collector in Jatizso, you will be appointed the head of the raiding party for Neitiznot. However, you must complete the rites before you can gain this honor.
First, you'll need a suit of yak-hide armor. Go and kill some Yaks and then return to Thakkrad with the Yak-hide so that he may cure them for 15 gp. You will need a total of three Yak Hide.
Grab your Dwarven Army Axe and Thread. Use the axe on a piece of the Cured Yak-Hide. Make the body piece for two Cured Yak-Hide and the legs for one Cured Yak-Hide.

Go back to the hall and speak with Mawnis. He has just one thing left for you to craft before he can appoint you as the leader of his raid.
Next, grab your Fremennik Round Shield from your bank. Go and speak with Mawnis Burowgar to let him know that your armor is complete.
You are now appointed as the "Champion of Neitiznot." Your first task as the Champion, kill the Ice Troll King and bring back his head as proof of your victory.

Champion of Neitiznot

It is possible to do the raid without the Yak-Hide Armor or the shield on, but it is much harder that way, so it is highly suggested that you only equip things that will not take up their slots. You may wish to bring some good food with you.

Follow the route shown in the image above. You may wish to use Protect from Melee when doing the sprint east to the entrance, as there will be a lot of Ice Trolls. Once you enter the cave, you will see a cutscene.
You will need to kill 10 Ice Trolls before you can face off with their Troll King. You will want to use Protect from Melee since your Fremennik Round Shield gives a good amount of Ranged defence. If you get too many of the rangers on you, though, quickly switch to Protect from Missiles.
The 10 Ice Trolls that you kill must be within their cave. Your quest log will keep track of your number of kills. You will not have your kills reset if you need to leave the cave at any time.
Note: You may speak with Bork Sigmundson near the entrance to the gave to obtain some free supplies for the fight with the Ice Trolls. He can give you 9 Tuna, two Strength Potion (4), and four Prayer Potion (3). You can only get each type of item from him once, so make sure not to waste it as he will not give you more than what you can hold. You request each item seperately.

When you have killed 10 Ice Trolls, you will be notified that you may cross the bridge to face the Ice Troll King.

The Troll King

As you start to cross the bridge, a cutscene will play. Because of this, you may wish to turn on your Protect from Magic prayer before crossing, as the Ice Troll King will hit you immediately after it is finished.
The Ice Troll King attacks with: Melee, Ranged, and Magic. If you are using your Neitiznot gear, use Protect from Magic. If you are wearing your own gear, then you will need to use either Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles.
After he is dead, loot his head. If you still are good on health and food, you can walk back to the cave entrance. If not, then you may want to use a Home Teleport and get back to the isles that way.

To complete the quest, speak with Mawnis Burowgar in his hall on Neitiznot.

Quest Complete!
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Points, 10k Woodcutting XP, 5000 Construction XP, 5000 Crafting XP, 10k in two Combat skills, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Part of the reward will include two 10k XP into a combat skill (Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution), and you can choose the same skill twice. You'll also obtain your new Helm of Neitiznot! There's also an addition reward that might catch your interest.