The Brink of Extinction

Author(s): x kevv x, Boomer-One
Contributor(s): Kazune
Members: Yes
Where to Start: TzHaar city main plaza
How to Start: Speak with TzHaar-Mej-Ak at the city plaza.
Length: Long
Difficulty: Grandmaster
Requirements: 80 Defence, 80 Smithing, 72 Mining, The Elder Kiln
Items Needed: Rune pickaxe (or better) 6 free inventory slots;High level Mage, Range, and Melee gear; Food and potions.
Recommendations: Must be able to defeat multiple level 150+ foes
The continued survival of the TzHaar race hangs in the balance. More and more eggs are hatching as Ga'al - weak creatures born without the memories and skills of their ancestors - and their volcano city is cooling.
The TzHaar prepare for a second expedition into the Elder Kiln, to resurrect their greatest warriors by fusing them painfully with the Ga'al underclass.

Quest Start

Start off at the TzHaar City. Go to the main plaza, It's near the center of the city. Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Ak and accept to start the quest.
He will give you a communication orb and asks you to find the tokkul of three dead TzHaar champions. You can find the tokkul and Ga'al by clicking activate on your communication orb. The orb will give you a sense of direction using hot as close, and cold as far away. You will need a pickaxe to collect two of the tokkul pieces. Those pieces will need to be smelt together in the furnace southeast of the main plaza.
  1. The first tokkul piece is northeast of the birthing pool, Speak to Mej-Het to obtain it.
  2. The second tokkul piece is in a statue that needs mined, near the Elder Kiln entrance.
  3. The third tokkul piece is in a statue that needs mined, directly south of quest start.
  4. See map for Ga'al locations.

The Fights

Head off towards the Elder Kiln, enter and a cutscene will appear. You will then be told to track down and recover the dead champions' tokkul. You will need to follow the same steps as you did when hunting down the first tokkul pieces. You will come accross a cave that you cannot enter. Activate the orb one more time to gain the ability to enter. If you die you will respawn outside with all your items safe. You also might want to rebank and grab all three types of combat. Enter this cave and you will be faced against four Tz-Kih. After they are all killed, pickup the mace that is dropped. You will be faced with a scale system which needs to be solved in order to progress to the next room. Place the mace on the western scale, and the sword on the eastern scale.
The next room is a little difficult. You will want to kill the two Tz-Kek and a Tok-Xil before you start the puzzle. After they are dead, run north to the puzzle. You will see three statues, each representing a different side of the combat triangle. The goal of this puzzle is to make a combat triangle out of the statues. Push the statutes so that the TzHaar-Xil is facing the TzHaar-Mej, and the TzHaar-Mej is facing the TzHaar-Ket, which faces the TzHaar-Xil. The arrows will help guide you, and will turn purple when they are aligned. Once completed there will be a shelf to the left of the door, go search it and then continue on.

Enter the third room and search the bookcase. Run east through the hot vent door. Once you step onto the lava vents you should notice a few vents light up orange. When they light up orange, they will cause damage fairly quickly. There are a few waves of enemies and then a champion. The champion will drain your prayer, so watch out! There are a few waves of fights and then a champion.
Wave Monsters
1 2 TokHaar-Ket, 2 TokHaar-Hur
2 2 TokHaar-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Mej
3 TokHaar-Ket Champion

The champion will drop a maul upon death. Pick it up, go back through the vent, and place it on the scale to continue.
The fourth room will have four Tz-Kil that use mage, simply kill them and go north to the puzzle. Pick up all the obsidian weapons on the floor. You should notice 4 scales. Each scale has a statue behind it. Take note of the combat type the statue represents. Simply place each corresponding item on the scale that matches the statue.
  • The obsidian staff goes in front of the southwest Mej statue.
  • The obsidian mace goes in front of the northeast Hur statue.
  • The obsidian ring goes in front of the southeast Xil statue.
  • The obsidian sword goes in front of the northwest Tok-Xil statue.

The fifth room will be similar to the other rooms, you have to kill 3 Tz-Kih, 1 Yt-MejKot, and 2 Tz-Kil and then complete a puzzle. This puzzle however is quite tricky. Start off by touching one of the pedestals. The pedestals will start to light up and you will have to remember the order they light up in. Once they stop lighting up, go around and do the same pattern it did. The pattern repeats until it has a total of 8 lights in the order. They go in the following order from 1-8:
  1. Southeast
  2. Northwest
  3. Southwest
  4. Northwest
  5. Northeast
  6. Southeast
  7. Northeast
  8. Southwest

The sixth room is a repeat of of the third room. Kill the Final champion and pickup the maul he drops. Go back through the hot vent door and place it on the scale to continue.
Wave Monsters
1 4 TokHaar-Hur
2 2 TokHaar-Mej, 1 TokHaar-Ket
3 2 TokHaar-Xil, 1 TokHaar-Mej
4 2 TokHaar-Ket Champion

The seventh room, In this room you kill the 3 Tz-Kek, then pick up all the items you find on the floor. There are four scales in the room. Inspect each one to get a hint as to what weapon to place there. Place them as follows:
Scale Hint Weapon
Southwest Ket Maul
Northwest Ket, Hur Mace
Northeast Xil, Hur Knife
Southeast Mej Staff

The eighth room is just a simple fight. Kill the 3 Tz-Kil; 1 Ket-Zek, 2 Tz-Kek monsters in this room to continue to the final puzzle!!! The puzzle should look like the following:

The Final Fight...

The ninth room is yet again a repeat of the third room, but it is also the final room. This fight is much tougher than you will expect. You will want to keep watch of your health and prayer along with the floor animations. A usefull trick to do this fight, is to bring magic or melee. You will want to add at least one or two abilities that stun. When you first start the fight, keep your attacks on TokHaar-Hok. It's also best to keep protect from melee on the entire time. Killing the ranger will save you a lot of food, so kill it as soon as you can. If you forget to stun him, he will heal himself to full health. He can heal himself unlimited times. Once the boss dies, the other enemies will die as well. Once TokHaar-Hok dies, have a chat with Ga'al-Xox then continue through the caves.
    Stunning abilities:
  • Asphyxiate
  • Impact
  • Backhand
  • Barge
  • Kick
  • Destroy

Finishing Touches

Now that all the fights are finished, head to the main city plaza. Speak to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh. After you speak with him, head to the Elder Kiln. After a bit of dialogue, a cutscene will appear. The TzHaar will realize that the souls of their dead remain in the tokkul, and promise to release the tokkul into the lava to free them of their torment.
Congratulations!!! Quest complete
Reward Scroll
XP lamp (275,000 for your choice in Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic or Ranged),100k Mining experience, TzHaar title, The ability to smith obsidian items Access to the TokHaar Fight Cauldron, 2x Squeal spins