Stolen Hearts

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Draynor Village
How to Start: Speak to Ozan.
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: Food and combat gear.
Recommendations: Combat items - You'll need to defeat 3 level 2 mercenaries.
Ozan is concerned for a friend and requests assistance in finding out exactly what trouble his friend is in. But there's more going on than just an old friend being in way above his means, and both you and Ozan must get to the bottom of it.

Fully-Voice Acted

It is highly recommended to have your audio on while doing this quest to fully enjoy it. To turn on your audio, go to the tools tab marked by a hammer and wrench, and click on the audio options button. Move the sliders to the right to increase the sound volumes.

The Skulls

Start by speaking to Ozan in between the houses in northern Draynor Village. He will explain that he's trying to help out an old friend named Khnum, who is in way over his head in a gang. In the building next to Ozan, knock on the trapdoor and tell the guy on the other side of the trap door to let you in or you'll poke his eyes out!
Talk to Khnum behind the bar counter. Go through the options until he accepts you. Then ask him each of the options about him, Ozan, and the Skulls. He will then tell you meet him at the Skulls' HQ, but he won't tell you where it is. Go back outside and speak to Ozan. Tell him about every option.

Confronting Khnum

When ready, tell Ozan you're ready to trail Khnum.

Follow Khnum, but don't get too close. If you start getting too close or two far away, Ozan will say something. You will follow him to the old jail. Talk to Ozan and enter the jail to confront Khnum. Khnum will ask you to kill Ozan, but when you don't will realize you're working together. Ozan will try to reason with him.
Suddenly a mystery women will appear pointing a crossbow at Ozan. They will argue back and forth until Ozan realizes it's Leela. Khumn knows that Ozan and Leela won't harm him, but he doesn't know you. Go through the options, and he will finally give in when you threaten to take away his food.a

Leela will stick behind to take care of Khnum. Head south of the jail with Ozan towards the coast, past Maggie's Caravan. Speak to Mercenary Joe. A cut-scene will play. Lady Keli will cast a spell to control the mercenaries.
Help Ozan and Leela kill the Mercenaries, and pick up the random note they drop. Leela will ask Ozan to take the ransom note to her father.

Palace Break-In

Use the home teleport spell to quickly travel to Al Kharid via the lodestone network. From there, run up the steps to the palace just south. Talk to the palace guard in front of the doors, and he will tell you the palace is under lockdown.
The guard won't let you in, so head north away from the palace. Ozan will mention that he has an idea to break into the palace. Head to the crafting store to the northeast.

  • Climb the stairs.
  • Climb the ladder
  • Walk across the plank
  • Slide down the awning.
  • Walk across clothes line
  • Climb ladder
  • Cross planks
  • Climb ladder
  • Jump from scaffold
  • Climb down rug
  • Swing across wooden frame
  • Jump from scaffold
  • Bounce on the awning
  • Climb up the brickwork
  • Click the Flag Pole
  • Shimmy across

Click to climb up the brickwork, and you'll overhear a conversation with Osman.
Climb up the brickwork and break into the vault from the skylight to the southwest. Ozan will tie a rope.


Search the chest closest to Ozan to receive a scroll. Now inspect the Het Scales. There are nine weights, one of which is heavier than the rest. Up to three weights can be placed on either side of the scales by dragging and dropping them. Once you've placed weights on the scales, press the diamond-shaped button on Het's chest to weigh them. After performing two weighings, the scales will lock up.
Place three random weights on each side and hit the diamond.
  • If the scales tilt one way, then the heavier weight is on that side. Take off all the weights from the other side, move one of the weights on the heavier side to the other side, and remove one of the weights from the heavy side.
    • If the scales tilt towards one of the two, then you know that is the heavier one.
    • If the scales balance, then you know the last weight you removed is the heavier one.
  • If the scales balance out, then remove all weights from the scale and place two of the three remaining untouched weights on each side of the scale.
    • If the scales balance out again, then you know that the remaining untouched weight is the heaviest one.
    • If the scales tilt towards one of the two, then you know that it is the heavier one.

Finally click and drag the heaviest weight onto the backpack icon. Place the weight on the stand with the Kharid-ib. Once you take the diamond, an alarm will sound. You will be trapped in the vault. After explaining the situation to Osman, tell him Leela's passphrase (different for each person).
Watch the final cut-scene and talk to Osman. Congratulations, quest complete!
Reward Scroll
3 Quest Points, 2,500 coins, 250 XP Agility Lamp (members), 250 XP Combat lamp, 250 Constitution XP, 250 XP Thieving lamp (members), choice of 4 thief titles (members), and 2x spins on the Squeal of Fortune
Notes: The members' rewards can be claimed any time after completing the quest.
Speak to Khnum in Draymnor Jail for your thief title.