Spirit of Summer

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Where to Start: Just off the path outside of Varrock's northern gate
How to Start: Find the ghost of the little girl
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 19 Summoning, Level 26 Farming, Level 35 Prayer, Level 40 Construction, The Restless Ghost, Ability to survive in the Wilderness
Items Needed: Ghostspeak Amulet, Spirit Wolf Pouch (At least one), Desert Wyrm Pouch (At least one), Spirit Scorpion Pouch (At least one), There are a few other items that can be obtained during the quest that you will need. These include: Limpwurt Seed, 2 Planks, 4 Steel Nails, 1 Hammer, 1 Seed Dibber, 1 Rake, and 1 Empty Bucket
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The ghost of a small girl has appeared at the farm ruins in the Wilderness. There seems to be something she wants, but she is too weak to communicate properly. Can you figure out what needs to be done?

Ghost Realm Communication

Grab your Ghostspeak Amulet and seek out the Spirit northeast of Varrock at the Wilderness Wall. She is not within the Wilderness, but is instead on the safe side of the wall. Talk to the Spirit and accept to follow her into the Wilderness. Don't worry, you'll be safe.
Once your screen changes to the Wilderness, follow her around to the house, then go inside. Accept to be led into the ghost realm. A cutscene will follow this.
Go up and talk to the male Spirit in front of the house. You will need to do emotes that go with the ones he's doing until the rings disappear around the child Spirit. If you need a reference then look at the other two Spirits. You cannot use the same emote twice during your communication with the Spirit. If you need him to repeat the emote that he just did, use your 'Think' emote. Finally, there are five rings around the child.
The list of responses goes:
  • Bow/Curtsy - Yes, No, Shrug, Angry
  • Angry - Shrug, Bow/Curtsy, Cheer
  • Cheer - Wave, Yes, Bow/Curtsy
  • Shrug - Cheer, Yes, No, Wave
  • Yes - Angry, Bow/Curtsy, No
  • No - Angry, Cheer, Wave
  • Wave - Angry, Shrug, Bow/Curtsy

Once you have freed the little girl, talk to her. Agree to travel with her to the village in the west. Go and talk to the little girl after you get there.

Restoring Her Soul

For the next part, you'll need to grab the following items: 2 Planks, a Hammer, 4 Steel Nails, a Bucket, a Rake, a Seed Dibber, and a Limpwurt Seed. All of these items can be obtained in the village in the real world, but it's up to you now that Wilderness is filled with people wanting to kill you again. Remember, when you're in the Ghost Realm, no other players can interract with you.
If you want to grab the items in the village, they spawn around the ruins of the village and inside some of the buildings. A few of the items will require you to search crates and sacks to obtain. There is a Steel Bar that is spawned in the same building as the Steel Nails, so you can use your Hammer and the Anvil in one of the buildings to make the nails yourself if you wish.
Return to the village once you have gathered all of your items. You should use your Empty Bucket on the filled barrel to empty it. Plant your Limpwurt Seed in the Farming patch in the real world and have it start growing, then go and talk to the Spirit to enter the Spirit Realm. The opposite of what happens in the real world will take place in the Spirit Realm. Keep this in mind when it comes to the Cursed Magic Tree in the Spirit Realm. Once it's chopped down a Magic Tree spawns in the real world.
The little girl will clean herself thanks to your actions with the barrel that she was standing next to before. Now, you have another task to accomplish. Speak to her at the statue west of the portal.
She will let you know that she's hungry now. Talk to her and get sent back to the real world. Pick some mushrooms from the hollow log directly west of the statue. Then, talk to the Spirit again to go back to her realm. She will be near the spot that you planted your Limpwurt Root at just like before.
Next, you'll find her in the building south of the statue. She is standing in front of a wardrobe. You need to get sent back to the real world to fix the wardrobe so that it'll break in the Spirit Realm. This will allow her to change her outfit. Once finished, go back to the Spirit Realm.
Finally, you'll find her standing in front of the deceased Limpwurt Root plant. She wants her doll that is buried under it. You need to wait until it is fully grown and then go back to the Spirit Realm. Do not pick the plant or you will need to go through all of this waiting again. Talk to her again when you are done.

Just the Beginning...

Now that you have done everything that she needed you to do, she will be able to talk perfectly. She will let you know that her name is Summer before taking you back to the farm.
It is time for you to know what the real task is that Summer has for you. She wants you to take care of the Beast which has been eating away at their souls for hundreds of years. Follow Summer down the trapdoor in the east building.
You will need a Skull and 5 Bones in order to activate the altar. You can find the Skull east of the farm in the Spirit Realm and the Bones that you need in the farm in the real world. When you want to go back, just walk into the Spirit portal in the main building on the farm. Go back down to the altar and use the items on it.

Spirit Beast

You will need at least one Spirit Wolf Pouch, one Desert Wyrm Pouch, and one Spirit Scorpion Pouch in order to beat the Beast. Once you have these pouches, which you can just purchase off of the Grand Exchange, head back to the Spirit Realm.
There will be a disc above ground at the northeast corner. It will have a wolf icon on it to indicate that the Spirit Wolf is used for it. Summon your Spirit Wolf and use it to lure the Spirit Beast towards the disc. The Spirit Beast will approach from the west, so stand on the east side when summoning it. Make sure to have your Spirit Wolf on the disc. Once the Spirit Beast steps onto the disc, dismiss your Wolf. Do this same thing with the two other discs. The order for Spirits goes: Wolf, Wyrm, and then Scorpion. If you wish to be careful, you may bring more than one pouch because the Spirit Beast will eat your Familiar if it gets too close before you dismissing it. As long as the Beast is hit by the shock of the disc, it will be fine if it eats your Familiar.
After the Beast is captured, speak to one of the three Spirit to go through dialogue that will allow you to finish the quest.
Quest Complete!
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 7500 Construction XP, 2000 Farming XP, 5000 Prayer XP, 1000 Summoning XP, Jennica's Ring, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Jennica's Ring allows you to go into Spirit Realm portals spread throughout the Wilderness. The one at the Village allows you to cut a Cursed Magic Tree. You may also use the Farming Flower Patch there.