Song from the Depths

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Rimmington
How to Start: Talk to Lucille in Rimmington.
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: Food and combat equipment
The men of Rimmington have entered a deep sleep. Lucille - the wife of one of the men - has noticed that they all seem to be having the same dream. What the men call out from their slumber doesn't make much sense at all; talk of wending through woods and cricket legs.
Out of desperation Lucille has sent the Raptor to help her husband, but she fears the outcome may be a similar, if not more permanent fate.
Help Lucille save her husband from his dreams, and from the Raptor.

Fully-Voice Acted

It is highly recommended to have your audio on while doing this quest to fully enjoy it. To turn on your audio, go to the tools tab marked by a hammer and wrench, and click on the audio options button. Move the sliders to the right to increase the sound volumes.

Restless Sleep Potion

Start by talking to Lucille in her house in Rimmington. She can't wake up her husband or the other men. She explains that the Raptor came by before and offered to help, but she is scared he may make things worse.
Drink the potion and you will enter a waking dream. Head outside the house and follow the dreaming souls into the cave entrance south of the Rimmington mine. You will hear a haunting voice, then the Raptor will interrupt. Go further into the cave and talk to him. He will tell you to keep your distance.


Take the following route through the cave entrances:
  • North
  • West
  • South
  • East


As you enter the next room, you will see the dreaming souls enter a doorway that then disappears. The haunting voice will continue to tell her story, but you will find an illuminated symbol. there are a total of three in the room to find. There is one in the northeast corner of the room, and one in the northwest.

After finding all three symbols, enter the doorway to the northeast. Do the same thing and find three symbols in this room. There is one to the west, northwest, and one to the east. Enter the doorway to the southeast.


In the next room, pick up the burning sapling and plant it in the southwest (water) plant pot. Enter the water doorway to the northeast. Now plant it in the northwest (fungal growth) plant pot, and enter the fungal growth door to the southwest.
Take the sapling again and plant it in the southeast (ivy) pot, and enter the west ivy-covered door. Finally, plant in the northeast (time) pot, and enter east time door. The sapling will have grown into a giant tree! Cross the root bridge to the north and enter the doorway.

Belly of the Beast

The souls will jump into the chasm, and Raptor, despite saying there's no way one could survive, jumps in too. Take a leap of faith off the chasm, and you will... well, get eaten.

Make your way through the dragon. Avoid walking through the green pools of acid, as you will take damage. Finally you will see the Siren entrapped in a sac.
She will be hallucinating, not realizing she's in the belly of a dragon. She will sing a song of waking, and will become aware of her surroundings. She will explain her situation, and will promise to help you escape if you let her out. But, the Raptor will show up. Talk him out of killing her.

Finishing Up

You will pick up her crossbow and burst the sac. The Queen Black Dragon will spit you out, and will angrily burn Remora. The Raptor will block the dragon fire with his shield, and you will grab the necklace and teleport you both out.
Talk to the Raptor again and he will give you the coral cross bow, coral bolts, and Remora's necklace. Return to Rimmington and talk to Lucille.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 700 Constitution XP, a coral crossbow, 50 coral bolts, Remora's necklace, reduced incoming damage when fighting the Queen Black Dragon, and 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune, unlocked the song 'Wending Through the Willows'.
Notes: Avenge the Siren's death by traveling to the White Knight encampment, south of Falador.