Salt in the Wound

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Daemonheim
How to Start: Speak to Kennith
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: 60 Defence, 50 Constitution, 47 Herblore, 45 Summoning, 35 Dungeoneering, Kennith's Concerns
Items Needed: Combat gear and food
Recommendations: 43 Prayer
It's time to save the residents of Witchaven - not that they want rescuing from their 'enlightenment'.
A solution has finally been found for the sea-slug infestation and it's your job to lead a crack team of slug-slaying soldiers into battle against this slimy foe.

All Grown Up

Kennith decided to just "grow up", and is now waiting for you by the boat east of Daemonheim. He will teleport onto the next tier above to the west. He will then teleport Eva and Ezekial in next to him.
Talk to both of them to find out what's going on. After talking to Ezekial, talk to Kennith and he will tell you Eva will run over the plan. Talk to her again. Ezekial will use explosives to create an entrance into Daemonheim.
You will see a cut-scene with Elfinlocks killing a Soulgazer, then you kind of... blow the wall up on her... She has the worst luck.


Hopefully that Gatestone is worth something on the Grand Exchange! Anyway, in this quest, you can cantrol the actions of the others. While the pane on the left is visible, you can click one of their images to give orders to them (or you can also click on their character). Each following click will continue to issue orders to them. To select your own character again, choose "Give-orders" to the character that you're giving orders to. You can also use your own food on them to heal them.
Dismiss the familiar and grab the blue triangle in the next room. Return to the first room and open the door to the south with the blue triangle key. A cut-scene will show that the creature you're looking for is on the other side of the gap.
You can choose whichever character you want. Your own character will distract the caustic gazer. While the character you chose will be able to cross the gap. Take the following path:

Following the red first, then turning around and following the green.
Once across, inspect the Seeker of Truth to find what you're looking for. Now, for the return trip, you can simply get caught by the sphere. You will then be asked if you're ready to teleport to the Fishing Platform.

Fishing Platform

Talk to Kennith once at the Fishing platform. He will say that you need the blood of a thrall, freely given. He suggests talking to Bailey. Punch him, then tell him to prove that he can't feel pain. He will cut himself with glass, giving you blood stained glass.
Head to the far east side of the platform, and try to lure at the fishing spot. A slug will hop out of the sea and follow you. Don't try to take it. Instead, return to the shack with the others, with the slug following you.
Kennith will stun and then telegrab the slug. Talk to him and he will give you the seeker gland. Take the pestle and mortar from the table and you will mix the ingredients together.

The Citadel

The others will go out to the entrance of the citadel. Try talking to the thralls. They won't let you enter. Ask them why you can't enter. Use the following options:
  • I'm not a stranger.
  • I wish to seek enlightenment in the joining.
  • I wish to hear the...

Go north. Eva will explain that they're using the re-animated corpses of Temple Knights, and that you must lay them to rest. Kill the Risen Knight. Then, select one of the characters to knock out the Witchaven village. Have another one run across the bridge while it's stunned.
Then run past the other villager and pull the lever. With your own character and the remaining character, head into the room to the east. Select the character at the southern lever.
Have them pull the southern lever, knock out the nearby villager. Select the character near the first villager and knock them out. Have the waiting character run by and have the remaining character pull the northern lever. Have everyone regroup in the north lever room.
Pull the lever, and enter the next room. Have Ezekial or Kennith kill the Knight on the platform, and then kill the other two knights. Enter the cave exit to the northeast.

Floor 2

Stun the nearby villager and head north. Pull the lever, then gather two characters into the room to the east. Select one person to pull the lever to the south. Have another pull the lever to the east now. Have the southern person pull their lever.
Have one of the western people head west and into the south room, past the villager. Pull the lever, then have the eastern person pull their lever. Have them go south, pull that lever, then have them go north again up to the gate.
Have the western person pull their lever again. Have the three to the east regroup to the first room. Have the western person pull the lever, then regroup and head north to the newly opened path.

Floor 3

Have Ezekial and Kennith kill the knights on the platforms to the north. Kill the knights to the east, west, northeast, southeast. Have one person go to each lever; one at each diagonal. Have each person pull their lever, and regroup at the cave entrance to the north.

Floor 4

Investigate the strange device in the center of the room. It will ask you to put your arm in it. Do so. A Risen Knights will appear. Use select all to have the other characters kill it. As one dies, another will spawn. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

Third time is not the charm. So, kill some more risen knights. After much slaughter, the tunnel will be opened.

Slug Queen

She will take possession of your character... With Kennith, have him talk to Brother Maledict. Have Ezekial go in and destroy the wall. Now have Ezekial go east and destroy the other wall. Kill the knight, then have each of them go on either side along the edge.
When ready, have them choose to attack the queen. They will throw the potion and the queen will back up. Have Eva knock out Mayor Hobb. Have Eva attack the queen. She will use magic and throw Eva behind her, damaging the statute.
Bring Eva behind the statute, and have her topple it.

Finishing Up

Eva will talk to you. Then talk to Lucy. You can choose to lie to her or tell her the truth. You can then talk to the three heroes and inquire about what they've been doing, Ava's family, etc. When ready, you can exit the cave.
Reward Scroll
+100 bound ammo/runes within Daemonheim, 2 Quest Points, 45,000 Defence XP, 17,500 Constitution XP, 15,000 Herblore XP, 12,500 Summoning XP, 5,000 Dungeoneering XP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.