Rune Mysteries

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Wizards' Tower
How to Start: Speak to Ariane at the entrance to the Wizards' Tower.
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: Must be on standard spellbook.
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: None
Ariane knows that the Wizards' Tower is under threat but no one wants to believe her. Aid Ariane in her efforts to protect the Wizards' Tower and discover just what's going on.

Ariane Shall Not Pass

Start by speaking to Ariane at the entrance to the Wizards' Tower, located south of Draynor. She is trying to get into the tower, but Wizard Valina won't let her in. Ask what's going on, and Ariane will help you deliver a message to Archmage Sedridor.
Something will happen as soon as you accept the quest. Pick up the Tower Mindspike (air) staff off the ground next to Wizard Borann, and in your magic book, select to cast the Air Strike spell. Attack the Magical Vortex and lure it into the beam.

Ariane will thank you and tell you to meet her outside the tower.

Gathering Information

Speak to Arianne near the bridge on the island. She needs you to explore the tower and talk to some wizards for her, as she cannot enter the tower. Go into the tower, and ascend to the second floor (American: third floor) using the beam in the middle of the tower.
Talk to Wizard Traiborn in his room to the west. He will tell you about seeing swirly things in the beam that rose up from the old tower. Speak to Wizard Ellaron in his room to the east. He is still on Ariane's side.
Finally, talk to Archmage Sedridor, sitting at his desk in the south room. He will explain he is planning an Icyenic Purge to remove anything that may have entered the beam.

Harmonic Runes

Return to Ariane and explain what you have found out. Tell her about what all three wizards mentioned. You will need to find a key to enter the old ruins. Return to the tower and speak with Ellaron. After speaking to him, return to the ground floor and search the book cases - it should be on the easternmost bookcase.
Look through the books, and right click each book to view the diagrams. When ready, go to play the organ at the south side of the tower. Play 10 B notes, 7 A#, 1 G#, 1 G.

The key will then appear on the interface. Take it and return to Ariane.


Head to the east side of the island and look for Ariane near the ruins. Unlock the door with the key, and enter. You can ask Ariane about the different orders, but when ready, talk to the Rune Guardian at the other side of the room. You will be given a personality-type test to determine your order.
You will be given a hat and the option to change your title depending on your answers. In the next chamber, climb behind the statute at the break in the stairs. Tell Ariane you're going to make a bridge with it.
Cross the statute and climb down the stairs. After speaking with Ariane, using the Mindspike staff, attack a vortex, luring it into the magic circle. As Ariane studies it in the circle, the circle will act as a progress bar.
Speak to Ariane, and she will inform you that they are soul fragments. Ariane needs you to distract Sedridor from using the Icyenic Purge while she keeps the vortexes down there.
Return to library in the tower, and hop onto the organ. Play on the lower keys to distract them. Even though he tells you stop, keep playing. Speak to Ariane near the entrance of the ruins again.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 250 Runecrafting XP, 250 Magic XP, Tower mindspike (air), First tower hat, Air talisman, 70 Mind runes, 4 new titles, 2 x Squeal spins
Notes: The hat will represent the color of the Order you were placed into during the quest. You can change your order and the color of the hat by speaking to the Rune Guardian in the ruins of the old tower.