Rune Memories

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Wizards' Tower
How to Start: Speak to Ariane in the spellcasting chamber of the old Wizards' Tower.
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: Rune Mysteries
Items Needed: 14 free inventory spaces
Recommendations: None
Having stopped the attack on the Wizards' Tower, Ariane wants to explore the ruins and find out more about the towers' past. But perhaps the threat wasn't dealt with as well as she'd hoped.


Start the quest by speaking to Ariane in the spell casting chamber of the old tower, which are the ruins under the Wizards' Tower you visited in Rune Mysteries.
She plans on doing a spell to try to trace the person who set the vortices free. Something goes wrong, and she becomes stuck in the power beam. She gives you two prepared runes. Use the fire rune on a red vortex, and the air rune on a gray one.
The prepared runes will absorb the vortex and will make them glow. Talk to Ariane again, and she will tell you to place the runes in places that the old wizards would have been.

The Library

Enter the eastern door to enter the Library. In the middle of the room is a table surrounded by four chairs. Use the glowing air rune on the northwest chair, and the glowing fire rune on the northeast chair.

A memory of two apprentice wizards will play, showing the accidental discovery of the teleportation problem. The runes will return to your inventory. Return to Ariane, and she will give you several more prepared runes.

Gathering of the Orders

Use the runes as follows:
Prepared Rune Vortex Color
Chaos Red
Cosmic Grey
Earth Green
Nature Green
Water Blue
Law Blue

Talk to Ariane again, and head back up to the first chamber where you first entered the ruins, the room with the four statutes and the rune guardian. Place the glowing runes as follows:
Rune Statute
Cosmic Grey
Chaos Red
Nature Green
Law Blue

A cut-scene will play showing the masters of the four orders gathering for a meeting. Azris the Green will claim the idea of the teleportation spell was her own.

Key to the Abyss

Return to Ariane and speak with her. She has an idea to try the studies next. Head north, and look for the room that isn't collapsed to the northeast. Place the fire rune on the chair closest to the door, and the chaos rune on the larger chair in the back.
A cut-scene will show Zanmaron the Red scolding Kelavan for going to Azris first. He will then summon a lesser demon from the abyss. Return to Ariane and explain what you saw, then head into the library.
  • Place the chaos rune on the table
  • Place the air rune on the grey chair
  • Place the fire rune on the red chair
  • Place the water rune on the blue chair
  • Place the earth rune on the green chair

The Ritual

After the cut-scene, return to Ariane. You will need to find documents. First head back to the library and search the shelves directly east of the table, and then the shelves in the northwest corner.
Next head to the studies. In the southeast study, search the northern crate. In the red, northeastern study, search the southeast crate (might have to search twice to get both the diary and the document fragment). And finally, in the northwestern study, search the southern chest.
Head back to the spell casting room and speak with Ariane. Finally, set up the runes as shown below.

Ariane will be free, and the memory of the ritual will take place. However, Ariane will be hit by a beam of energy that puts her in a magical coma.

Two Betrayals

Go to the new Wizards' Tower and find Wizard Ellaron just inside the ground floor next to Wizard Valina. He mentions a coma, whereas you didn't. Point this out to him. He will reveal his plot just as Ariane will rise through the beam.
Try talking to Ariane, and Ellaron will try to stop you, but Ariane will blast him. Temrin will speak to you through Ariane. He will inform you to use the prepared runes on Ariane to draw the soul fragments from her, but you need to use the rune to the appropriate colour & style of the beam in the cycle.
Below is an example of a red beam with the blast effect (left), and a grey calm beam (right).

Start by using the cosmic rune on her when the colour of the beam is gray with the blast effect. Next, use the blue water rune when the beam is calm and blue. Ascend to the next level of the tower. Next is the earth rune when the beam is calm and green.
Next is the fire rune when it's calm and red. Ascend again, and use the law rune when the beam is blue with the blast effect. Next is the nature rune with the green beam and blast effect. Ascend two more levels to the very top of the tower. Use the chaos rune when the beam is red with the blast effect.
And finally, use the air rune on Ariane. The souls will then enter Ellaron. They will teleport him to the abyss where he will be destroyed.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 300 Magic XP, 300 Runecrafting XP, First tower robe top, First tower robe bottom, access to Archmage Sedridor's personal rune essence chest, 2 x Squeal spins
Notes: The robes will represent the color of the Order you were placed into from the Rune Mysteries quest. You can change your order and the color of the robes by speaking to the Rune Guardian in the ruins of the old tower.

In Sedridor's office, there is a chest in the southwest corner of the room that you can claim some rune essence from. The amount of essence you get depends on your current Runecrafting level. Every time you level up, you are able to get more essence from the chest.
If you talk to the lesser demon in the tower, he will ask for a single drop of blood in exchange for 10,000 Magic XP. If you decline, you will receive 10,000 Prayer XP instead. You can only make this choice once, so choose wisely!
If you are 99 Magic and 99 Runecrafting, you can speak to Archmage Sedridor to receive the Archmage title.