Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Falador Park
How to Start: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien
Length: Very, very long
Difficulty: Grandmaster
Requirements: The Temple at Senntisten, While Guthix Sleeps, Hazeel Cult, Enakhra's Lament, The Slug Menace, Fairy Tale III, Rocking Out, A Tail of Two Cats, Level 76 Crafting, Level 77 Agility, Level 76 Mining
Items Needed: Ring of visibility, rope, spade, catspeak amulet(e) (take a catspeak amulet and 5 death runes to Hild in Burthorpe to charge), be on the Lunar Spellbook, Protection from Dragonfire
Recommendations: Ability to fight through waves of combat against various enemies with combat levels up to 475.
They signal their arrival with a devastating shriek, and leave nothing but ash, flame and destruction in their wake. All tremble in fear as they approach, and the ground rumbles in sympathy.
Word of an attack on the isle of Mos Le'Harmless has reached the ears of Sir Tiffy Cashien. Should you choose to accept his request, you will be sent to aid Sir Tendeth who has come across a great threat to the world; one far greater than the pirates he was originally sent to investigate.
Do you have the stomach to investigate this new threat, and see it through to the end? Or will you leave the world to its doom while you cower in fear?

Fire and Destruction

Start by talking to Sir Tiffy in Falador park. He asks you to go to The Other Inn on Mos Le'Harmless. He will ask you to find Sir Tendeth there, and will offer you a teleport to the pirate island.Go to the larger Inn, just west of the bank. Look for Sir Tendeth there, disguised as a pirate. You will get a warning that the Mos Le'Harmless jungle will be significantly harder to get around until you complete this part of the quest.
A cutscene will play, showing an earthquake and fireballs raining in past the windows. Speak to Sir Tendeth again, and he will tell you to ask around. Talk to various pirates until one mentions that some fearsome beasts rained fire down then headed into the jungle.
Head north out of the town and Sir Tendeth will catch up to you. He will go to follow you, until he meets his name's sake (Certain Death = Sir Tendeth). You will hide behind a tree. You need to run to the east, from tree to tree. If you stay out in the open too long, you will be teleported back to the beginning and will be dealt damage.
Head to the far east, past Trouble Brewing. You will listen in on a conversation between some dragonkin. They will fly off, with intents of attacking a larger city. Return to Sir Tiffy in Falador.

Robert the Strong

He will take you to the Temple Knights research room. Speak to Tiffy, and you will describe the Dragonkin to Lady Table. She will find a note in a dossier about them.
    'To learn the secrets of the dragonkin, the stonetoucher must first take the collar from my reincarnation. On it is the code to the plane of Kethsi and the key to the puzzle once he gets there.' - Robert the Strong

Tell them that you understand the reincarnation part, and that Robert the Strong is really Bob the Cat. Explain that the stonetoucher is you. Exit through the door, then begin your hunt for Bob the Cat!
Operate the enchanted catspeak amulet and track him down with it by rotating the whiskers. Bob can usually be found east of Draynor Manor. You can try world hopping to find him there. He will give you his collar. Study it, then look on the other side to see "DIRAKS" written on it.
Using the Fairy Rings, go to Fairy Ring DIR, then teleport back to Zanaris. Then go to fairy ring AKS, and you should appear at Kethsi. If you've been to Kethsi previously, then simply find it at the bottom of your Travel Log. In the ruins, look for the ramp, then use Bob's collar on the wall design to the north.
Rotate the collar so it's on the side that says BOB, then rotate it so it's vertical. Move it to the far right, filling the gap between the right two images. Move it until it clicks. You may have to rotate it the other way.


You will receive a Note from Robert, a Note to You, a Tetrahedron 1, a statute arm, and Robert's necklace. Back on ground level, look for some rubble on the ground. Search it for a Tetrahedron 4. Climb back up the ramp, and jump the gap nearby.
Use the statute arm on the statute there, and the nearby plank will fall down to create a bridge. Cross the fallen spire. Climb down the ladder, then do the wall jump nearby. Climb up the wall, and swing to the pole to the north.

Walk across the beam, then jump over the gap. Instead of climbing down the ladder, jump the floor to the south of it and climb down that ladder, then down another to the ground floor.
Squeeze through the pipe, then take the steel pickaxe under the building, and mine away the rocks. If you fail this next part, return to the pipe and start over. Climb up the wall, then run across the next two walls. Cross the handholds, then climb down the ladder. Head to the north side of the ruins, and look for some rubble. Search it to get the third Tetrahedron and a strange device.
Climb back up the ladder, then up the second ladder. Jump the gap, and slide down the roof at the end. Head south and walk across the plank. Search the rubble there for Tetrahedron 2. Go back across, pick up a spade, and climb down the stairs. Look for the indentations on the walls.


Everyone gets a different code, but an example of what you will be seen is 1 = G, 2 = G, 3 = B, 4 = H. These are Kethsi coordinates. The strange device will tell you what coordinates you're currently on. Going north and south affects the last two coordinates. East and west affect the first two. The scale goes from A to H. So, it would be like A, B, C, D ... H, AA, AB, AC ... AH, BA, BB, etc. Going east/north increases the coordinates, while going west/south decreases the coordinates.
Once you find the spot, dig there with the spade to receive a key.
Return to the underground chamber and unlock the door. Search the bookcase straight ahead to find a journal. Read through it to learn a great many things. Now search the shelf in the southeast corner to find a scroll. Read it to unlock the Lunar Spell, Tune Bane Ore.


Return to Sir Tiffy with your findings. Go talk to Akrisae, Thaerisk, and Idria in Falador castle. You'll explain the problem then POP! Ali the Wise will appear out of no where and join the conversation. He will explain that the Ritual can happen at any time now. Ali has a plan to combine the Crux Eqal forces with that of the other Mahjarrat to defeat Lucien.
Akrisae won't listen, so use the following options.
  • So, instead, you'd risk all our lives?
  • I can't think of another way.
  • Yes, we'll have to be careful.
  • I will risk my own life to negotiate.

Go to the Digsite and down the winch to the Zarosian altar. Speak to Azzanadra there. He will have no idea about the Stone of Jas. You will explain to him what's going on, and has a favor to ask of you when you go to the Ritual site. He has some beacon jars he wants you to place there for him.
Grab some protection from Dragonfire, and head to Ghorrock. You can go through at Ice Plateau, or run up to the Trollheim Hunter area and grab the canoe to the west side of the area. Jump over the pillar on the south side of the fortress, and enter the tunnel.
In this area, avoid the Undead Broav, or you will be locked up in Zemouregal's base. Search the bed for a spade and chisel, then lift the floor tiles and dig an escape hole.
Head to the northwest of the ritual area and look for a tree hanging over the cave where Jhallan is. Use your rope on it, and you now have a shortcut into the ritual area, bypassing the metal dragons. Now go to the center of the ritual area, and south of the ritual marker are some rocks. Use Arrav's heart on the rocks. Then, follow the map below, place the beacons in trees in the following areas.

Now head around to Zemouregal's base. Kill the level 85 Armoured Zombie nearby and get the code key and decoder strips. Check the code key to get your combination. Click to try to open the door, then click on the first decoder strips on the right. Using the arrows there, move it over to the first letter of your code, and using the buttons near the number wheel, choose the number that's visible and hit the right arrow under the wheel.
Once you get the code right, the door will unlock. Go in and search the crate near the stairs to the northeast to get a decoder for the storeroom. Repeat the same process. Go to the north room. Search the crate in the northwest corner. You will find another decoder and some notes on heart magic.
From the main chamber, go up the northeast stairs. Use the same process and put in the code. In the south of the room, smash the black stone. Exit the base then head to Ghorrock fortress.
Enter the fortress then climb up the stairs. Go around, and climb down the other stairs. On the other side of the door, scale the wall, go around, and scale the wall down and enter the trap door. Go to the southwest to find an orb on the ground.
Put on your ring of visibility and head to the south side of the ritual site. Look for the shadow pedestal and use the heat orb on it. That will thaw the ice, revealing an entrance.

The Ritual

When you are prepared, enter the cave and touch the Stone of Jas. A cutscene will occur, showing Ghorrock when it was a Saradominist fortress, and it will show the young Zilyana. She will learn Saradomin's greatest secret. You will then be teleported out after the cutscene.
Tiffy, Ali, and the White Knights will be there. You will then be confronted by Khazard. Khazard only uses magic. After losing some health, he will summon Bouncer, who's damage can't be blocked with prayers. It is recommended to trap bouncer on a tree and range Khazard. Ruby bolts (e) are extremely effective for all battles in this quest.
After Khazard, Lucien will appear and summon Ice Titans that use melee. For the rest of the battles, Lucien will target a black skull to you every so often. When you see it coming, move a couple squares away. Kill two of them, then Lucien will summon some Ice Demons, that mostly use magic. Kill two of them, then the other Mahjarrat will show up.
Zemouregal will summon some armoured zombies. Help kill them, then he will summon Arrav. Attack Arrav until his focus is on you, then lead him over to where you hid his heart. He will lose the mind control and start attacking Zemouregal.
After another cut-scene, run around avoiding Lucien's attacks, and then run south and collect the four pieces of the broken beacon. Fix them and put it back in the tree.
Enjoy the rest of the quest.
Reward Scroll
3 Quest Points, 110,000 Agility XP, 40,000 Crafting XP, 40,000 Mining XP, three 80,000 XP Lamps, Access to fight a new Barrows brother and gain new Barrows equipment, Access to mine bane ore, the lunar spell Tune Bane Ore, make bane arrows and bolts, the ability to gain combat bonuses in certain areas, access to fight Glacors, runecraft Armadyl Runes, create an Armadyl battle staff to enhance the Storm of Armadyl spell, and gain a bonus 3,000 Prayer XP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
The Glacors can be found in the cave where the Stone of Jas was after the quest. You can get there from fairy ring DKQ. If you enter the area where the Stone of Jas was, you will be able to deal more damage in that dungeon, in the Wilderness, and in the Troll Country.
Bane ore can be found in the same dungeon, through the barrier in the north part of the dungeon. Bane ore requires 77 mining. Using the new Lunar Spell, you can tune the ore to certain creatures. Smelt the ore, then smith them on the anvil in Kethsi to make some bane bolts and arrows.
Glacors drop Armadyl shards. 100 of them can be combined together to make an orb, which can then be attached to a battlestaff for the Armadyl Staff. The shards can also be ground into dust, which you can take to the Air Altar with some Rune Essence to make some Armadyl Runes. Armadyl Runes are the only rune required to cast Storm of Armadyl.
The new Barrows brother's tomb is accessed through Verac's tomb. He uses protection prayers and switches them after dealing some damage to him with a single style.