Rocking Out

Author(s): ryfos
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Mos Le'Harmless or Port Phasmatys
How to Start: Speak to Bill Teach
Length: Long
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Level 60 Agility, Level 63 Thieving, Level 66 Crafting, Level 69 Smithing, The Great Brain Robbery
Items Needed: Pirate bandana, stripy pirate shirt, pirate leggings, pirate boots, Book o' Piracy, 2 bronze wire, hammer, ghostspeak amulet, 25 ecto-tokens, charcoal (Can be gotten during quest), diving apparatus, fishbowl helmet, 20 coins
Recommendations: An amulet of glory, Ectophial, Ring of charos(a), and Explorer's Ring (4) will speed up the quest.

What do zombies, pirates, monks and evil plots have in common? Well, if you want to find out, it's time to start digging! Rabid Jack is back...but who is he? It's time to prove your pirate credentials and win the trust of the motleyest crew in Runescape. The dark secrets behind This Albatross, Rum Deal and the Great Brain Robbery are yours to discover...if you dare!


Speak to Bill Teach on his boat, in either Mos Le'Harmless or Port Phasmatys. Ask about Rocking Out, and you will ask about Rabid Jack. Bill Teach will tell you the only way to get information about him is through Ralph, who is in prison off the coast of Karamja. There are no visiting hours, and the only way in is to be convicted of piracy. He tells you to go to the Rimmington customs office and convince them you are a pirate.

While still in Mos Le'Harmless, buy pirate clothes. You need at least three pieces of pirate clothing in order to be convicted of piracy. You can buy these in the clothing store just south-east of the bank. Afterwards, travel to Rimmington [An amulet of glory or explorer's ring (3) is useful for this.] Head into the office, the south-east most building in town, to convince them of your piracy.

Read the noticeboard next to the door of the building. It'll give you the answers to the questions you're about to be asked. Take notes or memorize this, then head inside and talk to the sleeping customs sergeant. Tell him "I'm a mighty pirate.", and answer his questions. He'll tell you to put all your stuff in the locker, in order to prevent you from escaping the prison. Do so, and talk to him again to be teleported to the prison.

In Jail

Once in jail, you will have to watch a cutscene where Heavy-Handed Harry puts you into a cell with a giant hole in the back wall. Afterwards, yell through the bars in the window to Young Ralph in the next cell. The prison guard will tell you that Ralph is deaf.

For the next part, you have to find a way to communicate with Ralph.

Search the rubble outside the cell to get an accordion.
Shout through the bars to the guard to get a quill, bottle of ink, and piece of paper.
Use the bottle of ink on the paper to create inky paper.
Use the empty ink bottle on the sharp rock outside to smash the bottle.
Tap the pipes next to the window to get a pipe piece.
Use the tin cup on the door three times, and the guard will toss a bowl of stew on you.
Use the smashed bottle on the accordion to make a hole in it.
Use the pipe on the accordion.
Use the inky paper on the accordion to make a vacuum pump.
Put your fishy prison shirt on the perch rock outside. A seagull will land.
Use the vacuum pump on the seagull to trap it.
Use your vacuum pump on the window to get Ralph's attention.

Talk to Ralph now. The guards will tell you to shut up. You'll start whispering back and forth (with Ralph reading your lips). Ralph tells you that you will need the marks of the five captains involved before he will tell you: Cap'n Braindeath, Izzy No-Beard, Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry, and One-Eyed Hector. After you tell him that One-Eyed Hector is dead, he tells you he will accept the mark of his bosun, Redbeard Frank, instead.

Go to pier outside and dive off. You'll land on Karamja by gnome glider pilot. Now, it's time to head off and get the marks

Cap'n Braindeath

Start off by going to Braindeath Island by talking to Pirate Pete just north of the Ectofuntus. Once on the island, head into the factory via the open wall directly west of you. Talk to Captain Braindeath, and he will tell you he will only give you his mark if you can convince the Rusty Anchor bar in Port Sarim to stock his rum. He'll give you a set of five disguises, which you will need for this next step.

Head to Port Sarim and ask the bartender about the rum. He'll tell you he will only order it if at least 5 other people will drink it too. Tell him "I'll have a drink.. and you'll have one too." After 5 drinks, he'll be drunk enough that he barely recognises you.

At this point, walk outside and put on a disguise. Talk to him about the rum again. He will tell you he didn't think there was a demand. Come back with another disguise, repeating this until he says he'll need to see the guy who came in first to ask. Head out, take off all the disguises, and go back in to talk to him. He will give you an order. Take that order back to Captain Braindeath, and he will give you his mark.

Bill Teach

Talk to Bill Teach. He will tell you to go to 50 Ships Mufassah, and get the Idolf of Many Heads. He'll also give you a letter to take to Brass Hand Harry at a later point in the quest.

50 Ships Mufassah is upstairs in the northern bar on Mos Le'Harmless. Talk to him, and he will tell you the Idol was lost in a shipwreck off of Dragontooth Isle. Go get your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet (If you lost this, you can recover it from Murphy. He's on the dock in Port Khazard), as well as 25 ecto-tokens (10 if you have an activated Ring of Charos) and a ghostspeak amulet. Limit what else you bring, as diving has a weight limit of 27kg.

Head back to Port Phasmatys, and take the southernmost boat (the one with the Ghost Captain) to Dragontooth. Once you're on Dragontooth, head northeast along the shore until you find a chain. Dive from the chain into the water.

While underwater, search for the Karamthulhu. It's a yellow dot on your minimap. Take the key it is holding, and then enter the ship from the north side. Climb upstairs, and open the chest using the key to get a crowbar.

Go downstairs and down the ladder. Go to the back of the ship, and dig up the mess. Congratulations, you have recovered the Idol of Many Heads!

Head back to Bill Teach (You could use your ectophial while on the ship, or just return via the boat you got here in), and you'll have your second mark!

Izzy No-Beard

Head to Brimhaven, at the Agility Arena entrance, and talk to Izzy No-Beard. He will tell you to go back to the prison to get the brooch of his friend, Wanda the Fish. Head back to Rimmington, and talk to the guard again. He'll tell you to deposit all your items again, and send you back to prison.

Once in jail, search the bed for a lockpick, and use the lockpick to escape. Kill the guard for customs clothes, and wear them. Go upstairs two floors, and enter the locker room. Search the cabinets on the northwest side of the group in the center of the room. Take the file to the locker officer, who will give you a brooch.

Go back to the dock and swim to shore. You will keep the brooch. Head back to Brimhaven and give Izzy the brooch in order to get his mark.

Brass Hand Harry

Note: You must have gotten the Introduction Letter from Bill Teach for this part of the quest.

Go upstairs in the northern bar on Mos Le'Harmless, and talk to Brass Hand Harry. He'll tell you he will only help you if you fix his hand. Take apart the hands, and then put them back together. It's a relatively simple puzzle.


Talk to Frank in Port Sarim. He says he'd need more proof to give you his mark, and wants a letter from the monks of Harmony.

Go to Mos Le'Harmless and talk to Brother Tranquility, located just off the dock. He'll give you a letter to take back to Frank. Head back to Frank in Port Sarim. He tells you the letter is not enough proof, so use your ectophial to teleport, and walk northeast to Pirate Pete, who will take you to Braindeath Isle.

Talk to Captain Donnie. He gives you half of the zombie pirate's plans, and tells you that the other half is on 50% Luke's leg. You'll have to sneak past 50% Luke, through the gate, and search the crates for charcoal. Then, use the plans on 50% Luke in order to get a full rubbing. Head back to Frank in Port Sarim, and he will give you his mark.

Finishing Up

Once you have all of the marks, head back to Rimmington and talk to the Custom Sergent again. Ask for a folder to store your confession in. Store all the marks in the file and head back to the jail. Once you get there, get the lockpick from the bed again, and escape from the cell.

Once out of the cell, kill a customs officer, equipt the clothes, and head back to the locker officer upstairs. Ask the locker officer for your file. He'll say he hasn't filed it yet, and will give it to you. Head back to your cell, and talk to Young Ralph. He will then tell you about Rabid Jack, and you'll finally have finished this quest. Enjoy the kittens!

Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points; 25,000 Agility XP; 25,000 Crafting XP; 25,000 Smithing XP; 25,000 Thieving XP; Access to pirate implings; Access to the evidence lockers in the prison; Free access to the Brimhaven Agility Arena; Ability to keep an ex-ex-parrot pet; Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.