Quiet Before the Swarm

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Falador Park
How to Start: Speak to Sir Tiffy.
Length: Short
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Imp Catcher, Wanted!, 42 Strength, 35 Attack, Completed at least one game of Pest Control.
Items Needed: None.
Recommendations: Must be able to defeat a level 55 pest.
The Void Knights fight tirelessly to contain the pest invasion and protect us all from a threat that could destroy all of RuneScape, but rumours of pest sightings on the mainland have reached the ears of the Temple Knights. Has a pest managed to slip past the Void Knights' defences?


Talk to Sir Tiffy, and ask him about the Void Knights. He will tell you of a pest infestation south of Falador, and asks you to talk to the Void Knights to find out the possibility of a pest escaping. He tells you to speak to Commodore Matthias.

Void Knight Outpost

Talk to Commodore Matthias, he is in the north-east building at the Void Knight Outpost. You will tell him why you are there, and you ask to investiage the Void Knights. He thinks that you will waste your time, but says you can anyway if it keeps them on good terms with the Temple Knights. He directs you to Captain Tyr, a "big bloke with floppy hair".


Captain Tyr can be found outside the buildings. He will tell you to talk to people on this half of the island first. There are 9 people to question:
  • Jessika
  • Mariah
  • Knight Diana
  • Knight Ami
  • Mrs Gord
  • Squire Sam
  • Knight Bernard
  • Terry Gord
  • Knight Mikhal

Talk to each one, and ask them all questions. They move around a little, so keep looking for them. After questioning everyone, talk to Captain Tyr again. You will summarize everything to him, and he tells you to think about what was said, and confront the one you think may have released the pest.

Jessika's Memories

Talk to Jessika, and choose "Confront about a crime" option. She will admit to "freeing" one. Talk to Captain Tyr again with your findings. He will agree with you, and tell you to talk to Commodore Mattias again. A cut-scene will start, with the Commodore talking to Jessika. Commodore will suggest a potion to enter her thoughts when she doesn't cooperate.
She will finally consent to allowing someone in her head, and the Commodore asks you to to maintain balance of bias. He will explain how the potion works, and you will be given some of the potion. You must move the memory blocks around to form a picture. Pay attention to the border and corners to help put it together.
You can only move one Memory block at a time, and only where the empty gap is. when completed, Jessika will say something about Professor Melville looking after him after he reached the mainland. You will exit her thoughts and tell the Commodore your findings that she did release a pet.
She will admit to it, and the Commodore puts her under house arrest until other arrangements can be made. The highest ranking knights will be called, and plans are formed on how to find the pest on the mainland. Knight Bernard will suggest a fabled weapon that will destroy bests on sight, but the Commodore pushes it away.


Go back to Falador and speak with Sir Tiffy. You will tell him what happened, and you and Sir Tiffy will head to Port Sarim to meet the Void Knights. When you get there though, only Commander Korasi will have come. According to the squire, it seems she was teleported there, and a ship of Void Knights never arrived.
Sir Tiffy suspects something is up, and contacts Savant. He tells her to send in "Lady Table" to escort the commander to the Temple Knight HQ. Lady Table will teleport in and teleport the Commander to their HQ. You will be back at the park. Talk to Sir Tiffy and ask to see the Commander. Tiffy won't let you enter the HQ unless you have everything banked.

Korasi's Memories

Talk to Korasi, she will explain they set sail from the Outpost, and then next thing she was on the docks. You will have an idea to go inside her head, and Korasi has some more potion.
Talk to the Crossing Gaurdian in the Toll Booth. Korasi's memory has been scrambled, and you will have to face several challenges to restore her memories.

Challenge 1

You must help the Void Knights cross the bridge. The bridge is only strong enough for two to cross at a time, and pests threaten those who cross. You carry only the sword, and whoever crosses must have the sword.
The void Knights are made of memories. The longer that Korasi has known them, the more memories they are made up of, and the more they 'weigh' upon the bridge. The toll paid is equal to that of the heaviest memory crossing the bridge - go over fifteen and the bridge will collapse, and you'll have to start over.
Your memory is equal to one, Knight Bernard is equal to two, Ami's is five, and Diana's is one.
You cross with Bernard. You cross back. Ami cross with Diana. Bernard cross back. You cross with Bernard.

Challenge 2

Each Knight's memory remembers a few facts. Speak to them, and assign each of them a place on the ship, what they were thinking about, and what they saw.
Name Position Thinking About Saw
Matthias Helm Jessika Clouds
Korasi Hold Promotion Pest
Diana Main Deck Fighting Sea gull
Bernard Crows nest Lunch Seaweed
Ami Rigging Sister Shark

Memory Unlocked

You will play as Korasi, and you will see a Pest, and will kill it. Climb up theships ladder, and help kill the pests. The knights will all die, and you will head up to the helm to see a Mysterious figure attacking the Commodore. He will teleport you away before the figure attacks you.

Finishing up

You will be out of Karasi's memories now. You will go over with Sir Tiffy on what happened, and he suggests she go back to the Outpost and tell Commodore Tyr what happened. She asks you to instead. Sir Tiffy will start sending Knights to search for the missing pest. Exit through the door, and head to the Void Knight Outpost and break the bad news to Tyr.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 4,000 Attack XP, 4,900 Strength XP, 1 Void Knight seal. Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.