Perils of Ice Mountain

Author(s): Schmidty102
Contributor(s): anthony
Members: No
Where to Start: On the road south of Ice Mountain
How to Start: Speak to the dwarf next to the broken cart
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: Level 10 Construction, Farming and Hunter and Level 11 Thieving
Items Needed: Compost, a full Watering Can, 2 Nails, 2 Planks, a Saw, and a Hammer
Recommendations: None
The dwarves of the Dwarven Mine have built the latest marvel of dwarven engineering: a machine to automatically make pickaxes for the many miners. In order to supply energy for this machine, they have commissioned a new power station on the slopes of Ice Mountain.
Projects of this scale are never without their problems, though. A hapless dwarf delivering resources to the power station has lost part of his delivery and any adventurer who helps him is bound to find more problems to solve.

Recovering the crate

Walk along the road west of Barbarian Village until you come across a dwarf named Lakki the delivery dwarf.
Talk to him and you'll find out that he lost a Crate that he was carrying to Ice Mountain. Agree to help him and search the bushes along the road between Barbarian Village and Falador. Inside one of the bushes you will find the Crate. (Note that the Crate is not in the same bush for everyone.) As soon as you find the Crate, head up onto Ice Mountain and seek out Drorkar. He is located inside a big factory-like building west of the Dwarven Mines ladder.

Talk to Drorkar and you will see a cut-scene showing the factory at work. As soon as the cut-scene is done, you will acquire a Letter which Drorkar requests you deliver to Brother Bordiss.

Bed of roses

Brother Bordiss can be found in the north gardens of the monastery just east of Ice Mountain.
Talk to Bordiss and hand him the letter. Bordiss has taken a vow of silence after a mysterious incident so he will not respond at all for a while. As soon as he finishes reading the letter, Brother Bordiss will break his vow and angrily explain to you that Drokar's power station is dangerous. If you look around you will notice that the roses in the garden appear to be dying. Talk to Brother Althric and offer to help him with his roses. Use the compost on the dead roses and then water them.
As soon as you are done watering the roses, you will see a cut-scene showing the roses alive and well again. Moments after this happens, a gnome will parachute down to the garden and, upon landing, ask for directions from Brother Althric and run off. Brother Althric will then ask you to follow the gnome to see what he wants.

Protector of Icefiends

Head to the top of Ice Mountain and in the southwest corner, you will find the gnome Professor Arblenop.
Talk to him and he will tell you that he needs to capture the Icefiends or else they will die thanks to an unknown increase in the temperature around the area. Offer to help him out and catch 4 Baby icefiends. As soon as you've done that, talk to him again. He will thank you and then leave as you see another cut-scene that shows an avalanche occur along the northeast side of the mountain.

The Homeless Oracle

Travel to the north part of the mountain and talk to the Oracle. The avalanche that occurred created a lot of damage including destroying the Oracle's home. Agree to fix her Tent and walk down the mountain to where the destroyed Tent is. Pick up the Tent and take it back up onto the mountain.

Use the Tent on the remains of where it used to be. Talk to the Oracle as soon as you're done and she will explain to you a terrible vision of what these rising temperatures will do to the rest of RuneScape if it is not stopped.

Power Station Plans

Go down to the pickaxe shop inside the Dwarven mines to speak to Nurmof. Nurmof would love to update the power station so it would stop causing so many problems, but without the power station he would be at a loss. Go back over to Brother Bordiss in the Monastery and talk to him again. He will break his vow of silence once more to tell you that he did have plans for a different type of power station but someone stole the keys to the chest that the plans were in. Pickpocket Drorkar to find the Dwarven key and go into the Dwarven mines to search for the chest where the plans are hidden.
The chest can be found in the room just east of the ladder you used to enter the mines. Use the Key on the chest to get the Technical plans.
Give them to Nurmof and you will see one final cut-scene showing Drorkar being dismissed and the dwarves will make a better power station that won't cause any further problems. After that is completed...
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point; 500 Construction, Farming, Hunter, and Thieving XP; Ability to smith pickaxes; and permission to use the power station ladder, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.