The Path of Glouhprie

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Tree Gnome Village
How to Start: Speak to King Bolren
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Level 45 Agility, Level 47 Ranged, Level 56 Slayer, Level 56 Thieving, Level 60 Strength, Waterfall Quest, Eyes of Glouphrie
Items Needed: Crystal seed/saw, crossbow, mithril grapple
Recommendations: Combat gear, earmuffs, prayer potions
King Bolren has a new pet. Unfortunately, it's another watcher, like the ones unmasked in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Has Glouphrie been watching the Tree Gnome Village, too?
If you investigate further you'll find out more about Glouphrie, the history of the gnomes (and their unusual monarchy) and maybe you'll get within a hair's breadth of the lost city of Arposandra...


Start by speaking to King Bolren. You will explain what's going on with his so-called 'cute creature' Dumpling, but he won't believe you. You will have to prove to him that it really is evil.
You will have to find Yewknock's machine, and the King suspects it is underground somewhere. Head to the south-west corner of the village and squeeze through the fence. Start heading into the maze, east, and you will see a ladder.
Go down the ladder and head into the western cavern. Talk to Golrie about Anti-illusion devices. He will explain he has a lot of elven artifacts in his storage room.

Storage Room

After talking with Golrie, head into the east cave and crawl into the tunnel on the north wall. Push the first block north once, then run around the east side and towards the next puzzle.
Push the south-west block north once, the north-west block east once. Search the two chests there. One contains a key, the other contains some crystal discs. Now, move the small north-eastern block south once. Use your crystal seed on the nearby crystal bow (if you have the saw, use the saw on it to revert it, the use the seed on it).
You will obtain some crystal chimes. Push the south-eastern block west once. Finally, push the north-west block west once. Using the key, you will unlock the mahogany chest to get the strongroom key. Make your way into the strongroom where you will find Yewknock's machine.

The Machine

First, read the lectern and read all three chapters.
When ready, look at Yewknock's machine. On the right hand side, it will show two discs for the first part, and one for the second. You will need to convert the value of those discs into numbers, then balance them out on the right. This puzzle is different for everyone.
Each shape and color is given a numerical value. You need to multiply the number of sides the shape has with the number code of the color. Below lists the values for the shapes and colors.
  • Circle = 1
  • Triangle = 3
  • Square = 4
  • Pentagon = 5
  • Red = 1
  • Orange = 2
  • Yellow = 3
  • Green = 4
  • Blue = 5
  • Indigo = 6
  • Violet = 7
The table below displays all the combinations.
Shape/Color Combinations
Shape Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Circle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Triangle 3 6 9 12 15 18 21
Square 4 8 12 16 20 24 28
Pentagon 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

You need to use the Exchanger next to the machine to give you a shape that equals the value you need. Click a disk then click the slot to place it into the machine. Now click the right-arrow button to exchange it. Clicking the right-arrow again will give you another combination of those values. Upon displaying the exchange, you can accept it to get the new disks or decline it to return the disks you put into the machine. Continue this process until you got the colored disk you need.

In the machine, to input discs, click on them on the right, and then insert them into the slow on the left side of the machine. The first part can only have one disc to equal the two, and the second has to have two to equal the one.
After you believe you have them set equal, hit the green button. If it works, a cut-scene will show and Dumpling will turn out to be the evil creature it was.

Longramble Shamble

Leave the strongroom, push the north-west block east one, then crawl through the tunnel to the north. You will be back in Golrie's cave. Head back to the King and kill the evil creature.
Talk to the King and he will give you a lead on where to start looking for Asproanda. An explorer named Longramble went looking for it, but his location isn't known. He says to look for Aluft Gianne jnr. to help you find his location.
Use the nearby Spirit Tree and teleport to the Gnome Stronghold. Head into the Grand Tree and climb up the ladder. Head north-east to the Gnome Restaurant, and look for Gianne Jnr to the east-northeast. Ask him about Longramble the explorer.
He will give you his coordinates: 2 degrees, 7 minutes south; 3 degrees, 7 minutes west. That takes you to right about.....

Make sure you have your crossbow, mithril grapple, and crystal chimes with you, and head to the south of Castle Wars. Head all the way west, as far as you can go. You will see a tree on a small island in the river. Grapple it to swing across.
You will see Longramble nearby. Talk to him. He will explain that he's found a waste outlet that he believes comes from the city. After talking to Longramble, head north. You will feel a strange voice talking to you. Try talking to the nearby Spirit Tree.
You will involuntarily start a mindmeld with Hazelmere. He won't be very happy, as you pulled him out of a dream of the future. Hazelmere will notice that the tree is unwell, and will try to find the 'root' of the problem using your spirit.
He will mention that this isn't normal, and that only elven magic can clean the ichor. He will suggest using the crystal chimes. Right click the chimes and ring them. The tree will become healthy again. You can now use it to teleport to other spirit trees.

Poison Waste Sewers

Now it is highly recommended to go to a bank. Earmuffs, masked earmuffs, or a slayer helmet are highly recommended to lessen the damage for the monsters in the cave. Be sure to bring good food, and prayer potions are also recommended.
When ready, head west from the Spirit Tree in the mountains, and you will see a sewer entrance. The warped tortoises are not aggressive, while the warped terrorbirds are.
Run through the dungeon to the very end. When you come to the crossway with three different paths, enter the eastern room and kill the three warped terrorbirds in there.
NOTE: You will not be able to teleport out of this room!

Red Handed

After the terrorbirds are killed, take a peek into the door on the west side to watch a cut-scene.

Afterwards, you will be teleported out by Hazelmere, who will tell you a story of the future.
Reward Scroll
5,000 Magic XP, 5,000 Thieving XP, 20,000 Slayer XP, 30,000 Strength XP, Crystal chime, A new spirit tree and a new way to use the spirit tree network, 1 QP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.