One Piercing Note

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: The Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede, east of Al Kharid
How to Start: Speak to Catherina
Length: Short
Difficulty: Novice
Requirements: None
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: None
There has been a murder in the Abbey of Saint Elspeth, and the abbess wants an adventurer to investigate. Can you find the killer without disturbing the sisters' lives of prayer and sacred music?

Getting There

Look for a fence east of the Skirt Shop and climb over it. Head east past the unagressive desert styrkewyrms and you will be stopped by a strykewyrm hunter. It is highly recommended to have your audio on while doing this quest to fully enjoy it. To turn on your audio, go to the tools tab marked by a hammer and wrench, and click on the audio options button. Move the sliders to the right to increase the sound volumes.

Continue through the arch and speak to Sister Catherina to start.

A Murder

Enter into the abbey and look for Abbess Benita in her office to the north. She will give you the details of a murder, and asks you to keep quiet about it. She will give you a key to Sister Anna's cell, where she died. She will give you a notebook, and asks you to examine the body, crime scene, and speak to the sisters.


Go into the southwestern room of the abbey and inspect the body covered on the bed. You will take several notes:
  • Facial mutilations
  • Blunt wound on the back of the victim's head
  • Stab wounds in the victim's chest
  • Victim's feet mutilated

Crime Scene

In the southeast corner of the abbey, enter the western most cell with the key from the abbess. Inspect the bed and window for more clues.
  • Cloth fragment under Sister Anna's bed.
  • Sister Anna's window has been broken from the inside.

Speaking to the Sisters

Speak to Sister Elena in the kitchen next to the abbess's office. Ask her all of the questions, and you will learn the following:
  • Sister Elena claims she was in the kitchen at the time of the murder.
  • Sister Elena claims that food has been stolen from the cellar.
  • Sister Elena disliked Sister Anna. She claimed that Sister Anna argued with Abbess Benita.

Go to the northeast room now, and up the stairs in the middle of the room, climb up once more and speak to Feet. Tell her you're an adventurer, but she won't be able to hear you, and asks you to set the clock to the right time. Operate the clock mechanism on the other side of Feet.
She will tell you that the clock is 20 minutes fast, but the click is mirrored of what you see, so instead of turning it back 20 minutes, turn it forward 20.

It turns out the Feet are Sister Debora's. Ask her all of the questions to learn the following:
  • Sister Debora claims she was in the clock tower at the time of the murder.
  • Abbess Benita was planning to retire, and Sister Anna would have succeeded her as abbess.

Go back down the two sets of stairs, and speak to Sister Cecilia to the south. She is directing the choir. Ask her the questions, and you will learn the following:
  • Sister Cecilia's hymn to Saint Elspeth.
  • Sister Cecilia told me about the Ripper demon.
  • Cecilia claims she was in the oratory at the time of the murder.

Speak to Sister Catherina in the same room, once again ask all of the question to learn:
  • Sister Catherina claims she was in the scriptorium at the time of the murder.
  • An applicant visited the abbey recently but disappeared.

Finally, go outside the Abbey and speak to Valerio, the troubadour.
  • Valerio's love story.
  • Valerio had a history with Sister Anna.
  • Valerio claims he was in Al Kharid at the time of the murder.

Another Murder

Return to Abbess Benita in the abbey. Ask her about the different things you found in the investigation. Then, go into the room to the west and search the bed nearest the door.
Return to Benita and tell her you've finished investigating. She will ask who you suspect. Answer, then you will hear a scream. Exit the office, head east into the oratory, into the room to the north, and down the stairs in the corner of the room.
Sister Ceilia will be there, crying next to another dead body. Benita will follow you down, and discover the dead body is Sister Elena. Investigate the body and bloodstains.
  • Stab wounds of second victim's body.
  • Claw marks on the second victim's arms and hands.
  • Second victim's face not mutilated.
  • Scratches on second victim's feet.
  • Wound on the back of the second victim's head.
  • Second victim's body moved from the reliquary to near the stairs.

Open the robe cabinet in the room, and search it.
  • Killer may have hidden in the robe cabinet.

Go back up the stairs, and talk to Sister Ceciia in the oratory. She is sitting on a bench opposite the choir. Ask her what happened.
  • Sister Cecilia claims she saw the Ripper demon.

Go to Benita and ask for Elena's cell key. Return to the cells in the southeast corner of the Abbey and enter the second cell from the east. Search the bed for a bundle of letters. Read them.
  • Love-letters between Sister Elena and Valerio.

Go into the kitchen now, and search the sacks in the corner of the room.
  • Secret passage from the kitchen to outside the abbey.

Go outside and speak to Valerio. Confront him about the affair with Elena.
  • Valerio confirmed he was seeing Sister Elena.

Report back to Benita now and tell her you've finished investigating. Tell her who you think the killer is, then she will ask you to fetch Sister Catherina, who is dancing outside near Valerio. Tell her Sister Benita asked you to return back into the abbey.

A third death

A cut-scene will play where the killer appears and swipes through Catherina. Climb the ladder nearby, and operate the winch. Go through the gate and speak to Valerio. Benita will come out, asking to meet with you and Valerio in her office.
Go meet with her, and tell her who you suspect now. Suggest laying a trap. Suggest a new victim as the bait. Say they were all associated with Valerio. You form a plan to create a dummy in the basement. Pick a cabbage and head into the basement.
On the north side of the reliquary is a Candelabrum. Move it onto the rug, then use (careful not to eat!) the cabbage on it. Open the robe cabinet to get a pair of robes. Use them on the dummy, and hide in the cabinet.

The Killer

A cut-scene will play, showing the killer trying to attack the dummy. Try to knock it out, but it won't work, and it will run away. Climb up the stairs, and the killer will run towards the kitchen. Head towards the gate, and it will be trapped. It will run to the oratory now. Follow it in there.

It will run back to the room to the north. Climb the stairs all the way to the top floor where the bell is. Ask who it is, and Sister Debora will explain it's Sister Anna. Go through the different options, but she won't let Debora go.
Climb down the stairs and operate the clock mechanism. Set the time to be on the hour. Climb back up and choose "Listen - is that the bell ringing?" The noise will distract Anna, and Debora will take the claws off her and throw them off.
Talk to Debora and go through the options to have her leave. Speak to Sister Anna now, and she will regret her choices. She will fall out of the tower. Speak to Benita to finish the quest.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, Citharede robes, 250 Prayer XP, Troubadour Dance emote, ability to make illuminated god books (with 60 Prayer and 60 Crafting), Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
While wearing the robes, and listening to a musician, your prayer will restore, rather than run energy.
After the quest, with 60 crafting and prayer, you can take completed god books to the scriptorium to make an illuminated version. You will gain 10,000 crafting and prayer XP for the first time you do each god book, up to 60,000 experience in each skill.
After the quest, you can attempt to take the Holy Cithara for an extra 50,000 Prayer XP. The Mini-Quest guide for this can be found here.