Monkey Madness

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Grand Tree
How to Start: Speak to King Narnode
Length: Very long
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: The Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village
Items Needed: Gold bar, ball of wool, monkey corpse/bones from Karamja, anti-poison potions (highly recommended), prayer potions (highly recommended)
Recommendations: Be able to defeat a Level 195 Demon
The King of the northern gnomes, Narnode Shareen, is once again in need of your help. He recently decided to send an envoy of his Royal Guard, the 10th squad, to oversee the decommissioning of the gnome-owned ship-building facilities on the eastern coast of Karamja.
It has been quite some time since the 10th squad were dispatched and they have been deemed missing in action.
Can you unravel the mystery behind the deception? Can you separate the truth from the lies? Can you decide for yourself what is real and what is not?

Chapter 1

In which our hero finds himself drawn back into Glough's web of deception and deceit.

This is Madness!

Start by talking to King Narnode Shareen. He will explain that he lost contact with one of his Royal Guard squads over. He asks you to visit the shipyard and find out if they arrived.
Climb up to the top floor of the Grand Tree and talk to the gnome pilot. Have him take you to Gandius (Karamja). Head north from the glider along the coas, then follow the fence to the gate of the shipyard.
You will be stopped by the Shipyard worker. He will finally let you in. Head into the building to the south and talk to G.L.O Caranock. He won't have any idea that Glough was forced to resign, let alone that the squad was sent to decommission the shipyard.
He will agree to oversee the decommission, and suggests reporting back to Narnode. Tell him what happened, and he will give you some handwritten orders to give to Daero. Climb up the ladder and head east to the bar area. Look for Daero nearby.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Daero will explain that you are to go on a recon mission to find the 10th squad. Go through all of the options. After going through all the options, choose the Leave option. He will give you a blindfold to wear and take you to an old hangar.
Talk to Daero once there. He will introduce you to Waydar. If you need to leave at anytime, head to the far south and operate the teleportation device. Towards the south, look for the Reinitialization Panel. It will contain a puzzle box. Search the nearest crate to fine some spare controls that show what the completed puzzle should look like.

It is recommended to start with the top row, marked in red, followed by the cyan, then the green, yellow, and finally purple. If you're unfamiliar with how to do a puzzle box, checking out the below video may give you an idea.

After finished the puzzle, the room will start to shake, and a cutscene will play showing the gliders unfolding. Now talk to Daero. He will give Waydar orders to take you south of Karamja and to safeguard you.
When you have your food, antipoisons, prayer potions, and anything else you may need, talk to Waydar.

Where Few Gnomes Have Gone Before

Talk to Waydar when you arrive at the island. Now talk to Lumbdo. He will explain what happened. You will eventually ask him to take you to the atoll, but he won't listen to you. Talk to Waydar, and he will use his chain of command to order Lumdo to take you there.
You will then see a cut-scene of the Shipyard Foreman and G.L.O. Caranock. He will mention that Glough left a few of his agents in the Gnome airforce.

Chapter 2

In which our hero finds himself engaging severe quantities of monkey business.

Ape Atoll

You will now arrive on Ape Atoll. Be warned! Most monsters on the island are extremely dangerous, and/or poisonous! Follow the general route on the map below. As you enter the gulley between the two hillsides, it is HIGHLY recommended to turn on Protect from Range.

You will be attacked by rangers, and will be knocked out and poisoned. You will end up in a jail cell. Quickly turn off your prayer and drink some antipoison. Then talk to Lumo in the cell next to you.
Stay away from the edge of the cell or you will be hit by the gorilla guards! They change shift every after every patrol. When they are heading back to the their resting area, pick the lock and escape. Follow the path as noted below.

You will be safe in the tall grass. Look for Karam hiding around in the tall grass. He is the 10th Guard's High Assassin. After talking to him, follow the below path to Garkor.

Talk to Garkor, and he will already know your mission. He will explain his plans to free his soldiers out of the jail, then he wants to make a monkey out of you. Literally. He tells you to go find Zooknock, his mage.

Dungeons & Monkeys

From Garkor, head west, as seen on the below map.

Open the door and enter the storehouse. Do not step on the lightly colored floor (marked in red on the map below). Stand where I am in the below picture and search the crates on the light colored floor to find magical monkey dentures.

Afterwards, search the crate in the southeast corner of the room. Choose to go down the crate. You will fall into a cave full of crates. Head to the northwest corner of that room and search the crate marked below to find a M'amulet mould.

Now head into the western room and climb up the rope. You will be in a building just west of the storehouse. Climb up the ladder climb up the other ladder, then follow the rooftops to the northeast. Climb down the ladder on top of the temple at the very end.
Climb down the ladder on the south side of the temple and run south past the graveyard and jump the end of the bridge. Go to the dungeon entrance on the south half of the island.
Run through the extremely long dungeon until you reach the very end to the far north. The dungeon is filled with traps, zombie and skeletal monkeys, and falling debris. Have fun!
After getting to very end, talk to Zooknock. He will further explain what has happened. He will tell you there are two aspects to your transformation: talking like a monkey, and walking and looking like one. Ask him what is needed for the amulet.
After a lengthy conversation, use the gold bar, magical monkey dentures, and M'amulet mould on him. It is highly recommended to teleport out at this time.

You'll be a monkey's uncle...

Teleport out and return to the island. Make sure you have the enchanted bar, ball of wool, m'speak amulet mould, and karamjan monkey bones with you. From the jail, go to Karam, then southeast into the temple. Climb up the ladder on the south side of the temple, then climb down the ladder on the eastern side of the temple.
Climb down the nearby trapdoor, then go to either fire and use the enchanted bar on it to make an M'speak amulet. Climb back up and return to Karam to the north.

From Karam, head north around the jail, and go into the building directly west of the jail. There are some monkey knife fighters in there, but don't worry about them. Look towards the banana trees to see a monkey child. His aunt will be patrolling around. Watch the aunt. Once she starts heading back around, run back to the building.
Talk to the monkey, and he'll call you a stranger and tell you to go away. Talk to him again and tell him you're his uncle. Then talk to him again and you'll agree to help him get bananas. Pick five bananas and give them to him.
He won't know the difference between 5 and 20. Wait until the aunt goes back around, then talk to him again. You may have to talk to him one more time to get the "toy", which is really a talisman.
Return to Zooknock with the talisman and karamjan monkey remains. Use the talisman on him, then if you have bones, carefully use then on him. If you bury them by accident, you'll have to leave and get more. A cutscene will now play showing Caranock and Waydar talking.

Chapter 3

In which our hero finds himself contending with life as a monkey.

Monkey in a Backpack...

Teleport out, and return to the island. Upon reaching Ape Atoll again, put the greegree on. You can now roam around the island, free of danger! Head up to where the money archers are and walk past them. Open up the gate and they will let you through.
Head over to Garkor and talk to him. He will ask you to speak to Awowogei, the Monkey King. Talk to the Elder Guard nearby. He will tell you that only those who the Captain of the Monkey Guard access is allowed in.
Head to the far west side of the island. Head onto the hillside where the monkey archers are. Climb up the bamboo ladder onto the watchtower and go across the bridge. Climb down and talk to Kruk nearby.
He will alow you access and take you to Awowogei. Speak with him. He will want you to free a monkey from the Ardougne zoo. Talk to the elder guard to leave, then go near Garkor and unequip the greegree to have access to your spell book to leave.
Head to the Ardougne Zoo. Inside the zoo, equip the greegree and talk to one of the Monkey minders around the monkey pen and he will put you in the pen. Talk to one of the monkeys, and he will get in your backpack. Unequip the greegree and talk to the monkey minder again to exit the pen.
You MUST walk to the Grand Tree, or else teleporting or using the spirit tree, the monkey will disappear! Return to Awowogei. After speaking with him, talk to Garkor, and he will show you a cut-scene.

Chapter 4

The Final Battle

Talk to Garkor again, and he will explain his plan to fool the trap. He will give you a 10th squad sigil. DO NOT WEAR IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO CONFRONT THE DEMON! Teleport out, and go to a bank. Get all of your food and gear as needed. It is recommended to range it, rather than mage or melee. Stay your distance and use protect from magic. The gnomes will help to kill it as well. When ready, equip the sigil and you will be teleported.
After a few seconds, the screen will begin to shake, and you will be teleported to an arena. Kill the demon, then talk to Garkor. If you wish to, Zooknock will teleport you to northwest Ape Atoll. It is recommended to use home teleport instead. Return to Narnode to finish the quest!
Reward Scroll
3 Quest Points, 10,000 coins, 3 cut diamonds, ability to wield dragon scimitar, and the choice of either: 35,000 Attack XP, 20,000 Constitution XP, 35,000 Defence XP, 20,000 Strength XP OR 20,000 Attack XP, 20,000 Defence XP, 35,000 Constitution XP, 35,000 Strength XP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: After the quest, you can talk to Daero to receive 10th Squad Training, and you will have your choice in XP, as noted above.