Love Story

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): qb1, Titan
Members: Yes
Where to Start: The barn north-east of Draynor Village
How to Start: Speak to Mabel
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: 77 Magic, 68 Construction, 67 Crafting, 68 Smithing Swan Song, Recipe for Disaster - Free Sir Amik Varze
Items Needed: A chisel, a steel bar, a mtihril bar, two oak planks, and some combat equipment, including an anti-dragon shield
Recommendations: Be able to fight a powerful level 246 opponent
The Wise Old Man of Draynor Village has retired from his long career as an adventurer, following the events of Swan Song. However, the peace* of his retirement is about to be shattered when an extremely unpleasant figure emerges from his past to wreak havoc on him (and you). Prepare to join forces with the Wise Old Man to fight, not just for your lives, but for the reputation of adventurers everywhere.
* It might have been more peaceful if he hadn't decided to rob a bank.

A lost ring

Speak to Mabel, and start the quest. She'll tell you that she lost her ring upstairs in the barn, and asks you to get it. Go up the nearby stairs.

Grab the ring. As you take it, you'll hear some explosions from outside the barn. Go back down the ladder. Mable will be off the hay stack, and instead will be in the sack next to it.


Speak to Zenevivia nearby. She'll take Mabel's ring. Ask about Mabel. Ask about her ring then, and she'll ask for "one small favour." Agree to help her find a twig in one of the hay bales.
Search any nearby hay bale for a twig. Talk to Zenevivia. She'll take the twig. Talk to her again, and ask about returning the ring. She'll rant about adventurers, and eventually bring up the Dionysius, the Wise Old Man. She'll tell you that she's been watching you.
She'll challenge you and Dionysius. She'll challenge you to find your way to her, and then fight to the death. Accept the challenge.


Go talk to the Wise Old Man in his house north of the Draynor Manor bank. Tell him about Zenevivia. He will say that "Zinny" hasn't changed, and he will explain that she was the love of his life.

He will show you a cut-scene of what happened between him and Zenevivia. He had won the fight against her, but he lost her. He will tell you that she stole his house in Rimmington. He'll walk outside. Meet him there when you're ready.

Getting In

Go out and talk to him when you're ready. He'll follow you, run to Rimmington. When you're near the house portal, he'll stand near it. Talk to him, and he'll try to enter his old house. It won't work.
He'll tell you that she disconnected the house from the teleportation matrix, meaning you can't get there by conventional methods. Ask how to get in, and he'll say he'll manually change it's teleport spell destination. He'll tell you to bring him a chisel, and to meet him in his friends house to the southeast.
Go talk to him when you have the chisel. He'll give you 100 teleport tablets, telling you to use them sparingly, he can't spare anymore if you lose them. He'll tell you that you have to access the core of the tablet - where the spell is stored - so that you can modify it manually.
He'll teach you how to chip a tablet and reach the spell inside. You'll automatically do this to one. Open the tablet to start the puzzle. The goal of the puzzle is to get the energy from the start node on the bottom half up to the destination node on the top half. Click and drag the pieces on the left to the boxes.

The Dungeon

Break the chipped tablet to enter the house. The camera will fly around the outside, and the Wise Old Man will note that she redecorated it. He'll then note that she disabled the house's safety measures.
If you die, you'll die as if you were to normally in RuneScape. Your gravestone will appear in Rimmington. Go east, and enter the dungeon entrance. Send him in, and he'll get hit by a magical trap.
The Wise Old Man will suggests using something non-biological to destroy the trap. He'll tell you to bring planks, and a mithril bar, and a clockwork mechanism or steel bar.
With the items, bring them into the nearby room, and make the clockwork mechanism if you don't have it yet on the clockmaker's bench. Talk to him, and click on the bench again. He'll tell you what to do. You'll make a clockwork dummy. Use the dummy on the dungeon entrance.
Destroy as many traps as you can, or you'll risk taking lots of damage when you enter later. Open the first door, and the trap will be destroyed. Walk around the rooms until you find the traps.
  • The Dog room has one trap slightly up and left from the door, and another slightly up from the exit door
  • The ogre room has a trap just inside the door, and slightly right of the upper door
  • The Rock protector room has 1 trap slightly left of the door, and another up and right from it.
  • The scabarite room has 1 trap slightly above the left door
  • The Pit demon room has a trap left of the door, and another slightly up and left of that trap
  • The iron dragon room has one up and left of the door, and another up and right of that trap
  • The stairs room has one just inside the door

Try to climb up the stairs with it, and the Wise Old Man would ask you if you want to teleport it out. Choose "yes".
Now enter the dungeon as yourself. The Wise Old Man will help you with the monsters. For the Pit Iron Dragon, you will need a Dragonfire or Anti-dragon shield, and a antifire potion is also helpful. Once you kill them all, you can then go up the stairs and face Zenevivia. You can also leave by talking to the Wise Old Man and stock up.
He can teleport you to Falador, the Grand Exchange, or just outside the Rimmington house portal.
Note: If you leave the house, you'll have to chip away at a teleport tablet, but WON'T have to do the puzzle again.

The Final Fight

It is recommended to bring a prayer potion or two, depending on your level, and high level food.
Head up the stairs when ready, but the Wise Old Man would like to say something to you. Talk to him first. After talking to him, talk to Zenevivia.
It is suggested to bring a dragon spear. It is suggested to pray magic the whole time. She will summon fire wherever you stand, and sometimes in an area. You will be hit about 40 damage every second. After every 1/4 damage, she will teleport a statute out and teleport on it herself.
Use your dragon spear special, and attack her. She will be pushed off the pedastal, and allow you to attack her again.
Another less effective method is to bring a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. Once she teleports onto a statue platform, switch to ranged and attack her, and then switch back to melee. Unless you have a halberd, she will kick you back every time you attack, so you will take far more damage using this method.
When you win against her, talk to her again. You'll back out of the room as Dionysius talks to her. He'll tell her about the robbery, and his plans to rob Wizards' Tower. They'll make up, and you'll turn your back on them.

The Robbery

You'll appear in the Wise Old Man's house in Draynor. Talk to the Wise Old Man, and note that they're together. Ask about Mabel's ring then. Ask when she'll give you the ring, and she'll tell you they're preparing for "a trip to the Wizards' Tower".
Ask when you're going to attack, and he'll tell you to go upstairs and look through the telescope. You'll see the cut-scene of the attack. Traiborn will get a thingummywut, it'll get huge, and attack them. They'll give up and teleport away.

Go downstairs and talk to them. Talk about the robbery, then ask about the ring. She'll give you the ring, and they'll reward you for bringing them back together.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points; 50,000 XP in Construction & Magic; 40,000 XP in Smithing & Crafting; 30,000 coins, Construction & Magic abilities. (Ability to chip Teleport to House tablets, Ability to redecorate house in Dark stone style, Ability to build Dungeon pits in house, Lower servant payments, Teleport to House tablets), Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Extra Rewards
Bank Guard - Talk to the Bank Guard in the Tree just outside the bank to the west. He'll ask for help getting down. Cut the tree down, and he'll give you 5k coins.
Mabel's Ring - Go back to Mabel, where you started the quest, with the ring. She'll still be in the sack. Tell her you dealt with the old woman. You'll give her the ring, and she'll give you a magic lamp that gives 10,000 XP in a skill of choice over level 60.
Tablet Chipping - By using a chisel on a Teleport to house tablet, you can choose to teleport to any house portal location you want.
House Decorating - Speak to an Estate Agent and ask about redecorating your house to the Dark Stone style that was in the Wise Old Man's old house during the quest.