Legacy of Seergaze

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Burgh de Rott Ramble start point east of Paterdomus
How to Start: Speak to the enthusiastic Mercenary Adventurer
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Level 20 Construction, Level 29 Agility, Level 31 Slayer, Level 35 Mining, Level 40 Firemaking, Level 47 Crafting, Level 49 Magic, Darkness of Hallowvale
Items Needed: Two different combat styles, Teak Pyre Logs, Burgh de Rott Ramble items (such as Silver Weapons, Dwarven Army Axe, etc.)
Recommendations: Best Pickaxe you can use
Mercenaries make their way into the rotten swamps of Morytania from Paterdomus to the front-lines at Burgh de Rott. The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the pitiful citizens of Meiyerditch, the great ghetto-city of the Sanguinesti region, its weakened citizens growing fewer in number every day. The vampyres are getting more tithes from somewhere, but how long before House Drakan settles its eye upon Misthalin and the lands to the west?
What new efforts can the Myreque make in this struggle? A rumour drifts through the hard-bitten mercenaries assembled near Paterdomus: something suspicious is happening in the main temple, something odd even for the border of Morytania and Misthalin... What's more, Drezel has made a curious discovery beneath the well in the Paterdomus basement - something that harkens back to Morytania's bloody and terrible past. And what of the mysterious Safalaan? Surely he has more adventurous tasks for an enthusiastic, young and recently-promoted private of the Myreque.
What new secrets are to be discovered in Morytania? Can the Myreque strike back against the dread Vyrewatch?

Secret Meeting

Start by talking to the Mercenary Adventurer. He will ask you to take him to Burgh de Rott, but wants you to check out some strange activity around the front of the temple first. He will explain some Zamorakians and Saradominists went into the temple together. Climb down the trapdoor across the bridge and speak with Drezel.
He will tell you that he's been busy restoring the underground area, and found a secret columbarium in the process. Go through the gate into the main room and climb down the stairs along the north wall. Look for the nearby wall storage that is sparkling and search it. You will see a blood talisman.

Now head around to the west entrance of the temple, and enter. Climb to the top floor to see a meeting taking place. They will mention removing the Edicts of Guthix. You will then be spotted and several of them will teleport out.

Two guards will remain, and after some damage is done, they will turn on protection prayers. Switch to another attack style, then after some damage with that style, they will switch their prayers. Keep switching attack styles, and after they are almost dead, they will teleport out.
Search the crude table in the corner and inspect the glove and page. Head back down to Drezel and explain your findings. Now, go talk to the Mercenary Adventurer again and agree to take him to Burgh de Rott.

Burgh de Rott Ramble

This next part is exactly the same as the Burgh de Rott Ramble and Temple Trekking Activities. You may need other supplies during this activity not listed in items required.
IF need be, you may escape and end up in the swamps. Simply head back to the Mercenary Adventurer near Paterdomus again to restart. Protect the mercenary at all costs. After reaching Burgh de Rott, he will give you a reward token and will reveal his identity.
It is in fact Ivan Strom. He tricked you in order to see his friends. Go to the old inn and climb down the trapdoor to the Myreque hideout. Speak to Veliaf. He will be angry with you for bringing Ivan. Tell him about what you witnessed at the temple.


Afterwords, ask about a job. He will ask you to bring provisions to Safalaan in the Sanguinesti region. Head southeast to the boat and travel to the wall. From there, get on the wall and climb down, then climb over the rubble. From here, you have two choices.
You can choose to follow the sickles as done in the Darkness of Hollowvale, or you can wait around the vyrewatch until you get spooted, and have them send you to the mine.
If you need a pickaxe, speak to one of the miners. Mine 15 ore and use it on the mine cart, then to get out, talk to one of the Juvinate Guards, then follow the path marked on the map to the right to reach the ladder. Climb up, jump across the floor boards tot he east, climb down, push the wall, push the decorated wall, open up and climb down the rug.

An Old Forge

Welcome back to the Myreque hideout! Go to the north and speak with Safalaan. He's busy, and asks you to speak with Flaygian Screwte. Ask him how the research is going, and he will explain the Vampyres have limited ability to predict attacks. Ask how you can help.
Go south and look for Mekritus A'hara in the area with the beds. He will suggest a flail. In the northeast corner in the bedding area, search the middle bunk. The page that mentions the flail is different per person, so make note of what page it says.
Return to Flaygian and tell him the page number mentioned. He will give you a hammer and some nails, then asks you to find an old forge. Follow the map to the building south of the forge. Look for the wooden post in the middle of the room and use your nails on it.
Jump to the floorboards to the east, then jump north. Now look for a damaged wall on the nearby building, and jump through it. Climb up the ladder and search the trough. Take the tinderbox and pickaxe (if you don't already have one), search the coal barrel, and head down to the ground floor. Right click to excavate the forge.

You will mine through all the debris. Use the coal on the empty furnace, then with a tinderbox, light it. Climb back up the ladder and jump the floor boards again, and return to the Myreque hideout.

Ivandis Flail

In the hideout, speak to Flaygian. After explaining the forge is up and running, he will ask you to make some silvthril chain. Search the shelves, tool rack, and barrel for a chisel, saw, 2x mithril bar, 2x silver ore, and a blessed silver sickle. Now go to the room east of the ladder, and in the northwest corner of the room, search the crate for a chain mould.
Head back to the forge and use one of the bars on the furnace. Make a silvthril chain and head back to Flaygian and use the blessed silver sickle on him, and ask about making it the flail head. He will get to work on it, and tells you to speak to Safalaan.
Safalaan will introduce you to Andiess Juip and Kael Forshaw. They want to explore past the door in the laboratory. They tell you to head to the lab, and that they'll meet you there.

The Terrible Tunnels

Head to the lab and as you enter, you will see that they've been attacked. Go over and look at them.

Hah! It was just a joke. Ask him what's going on down there, then head to the door in the south corner and search it. Use your saw on it to cut an opening. Climb through the opening, and the others will run ahead of you.
Follow the main hall all the was north, then west, until you see a large chamber with graves and tombs. Enter the area to meet Safalaan and the others again. He asks you to search for the strange magical aura in the north side of the room. First search the corpse next to the rocks (to get runes), then search the rocks themselves.

You will sense that the strange stones seem familiar. Report to Safalaan. Vyrewatch will appear out of no where, and they'll attack them. Attack them, but you can't do any damage. Safalaan will become weaker as he takes more damage, but there is nothing you can do.
He will suddenly fly into the air and a blue light will flash, scaring the Vyrewatch away.

Put to the Test

You will help him back to base. Talk to him there, and he will ask you to keep quiet about what happened. He tells you that Flaygian gave up trying to make the flail, and he gives you the items. Use the following steps:
  • Use the Emerald on the Silver Sickle (b)
  • Cast level two enchant on the Silver Sickle Emerald (b)
  • Use Silvthril chain on Rod of Ivandis (10)

You now have the Ivandis flail! Speak to Safalaan again. He wants you to test it against a Vyrewatch. Go outside anywhere and use kill a Vyrewatch. It works! Take the corpse back to Safalaan. You will mention something, then get yelled at by him.
He orders you to report to Veliaf and afterwards take the remains to Drezel. Talk to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott about the Ivandis Flail, then head to Paterdomus and speak with Drezel.
Return to the Columbarium from the beginning of the quest. Place the pyre logs on one of the funeral pyres, then the corpse, and finally light it. Take the key that appears on the nearby stand.
With the key, open the wall storage that is sparkling, and you will receive the Blood Talisman! He will now bless you so you can use it. You now have access to the Blood Altar. Remember those mysterious rocks you examined in the cavern? That's the altar!
Ask Drezel about why you obtained the key, then ask what to do next. He suggests talking to Veliaf again, so head back to Burgh de Rott and report in.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 2000 Agility XP, 1,000 Construction XP, 4,000 Crafting XP, 3,000 Magic XP, 2,000 Mining XP, 2,000 Slayer XP, Tome of Experience, 2nd Ed - 3 chapters of 2500 experience each, Blood talisman, Ivandis Flail, Access to the Blood Altar, Paterdomus Columbarium rewards, New 'Vyrewatch' event in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.