King's Ransom

Author(s): Khairo
Contributor(s): None
Members: No
Where to Start: Sinclair Mansion
How to Start: Talk to the Gossip outside Sinclair Mansion
Length: Long
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Black Knight's Fortress, Holy Grail, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour, 45 Magic, 65 Defense
Items Needed: Granite, Black full helm, Black platebody, Black platelegs, Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody,
Recommendations: Teleports to Ardougne, Camelot, and Falador
"Life has been quiet at the Sinclair Mansion since you discovered the murderer... too quiet. So quiet, in fact, that the family has gone!
Suspicions are running high that the Sinclairs' recent departure is tied to the disappearance of King Arthur and his knights. But time is running short and clues are scarce, will you crack the case in time?"


To begin the quest, speak to the Gossip who is located outside the gate of Sinclair Mansion. He will tell you that the family left all of a sudden and that Anna, a family member, is locked up in Seer's Village Jail await trial. On top of that King Arthur and his Knights have disappeared!

Enter the mansion and talk to the guard who tells you that he can't really investigate due to the Seers Village council. You will offer to break into the mansion. Head to the eastern part of the mansion. There should be a window that is broken. Investigate it and then use the break option on the window. Go to the dinning room and take the Scrap paper that is next to the fireplace. Next, go upstairs into the library to find an address form. Search the bookcases in the library to find a Black Knight helmet. Return to the guard to show him these pieces of evidence. Select all three options. You finally have all the evidence you need of foul play! Unfortunately, the guard will tell you that they will have to wait a month before something could be done. The guard will suggest to learn more about the Sinclair family history.

Foul Play?

Return to the Gossip to learn more about the Sinclair family history. Pick all option. Go to Seer's Village and talk to Anna, who is in the Seer's Village Jail/Courthouse to learn more about her family's disappearance. Talk to her and she will say that and she at first will say that she doesn't know anything, but will then ask for a favor: To be her defense lawyer in return for knowledge about how to get into Camelot.

Agree to help her, and she give you the Criminal's thread and suggest talking to the Sinclair servants for testimony. Return to mansion through the broken window and talk to each servant. Pick all options and once you are done return to the Jail.


Once at the Jail, go downstairs to begin Anna's trial. The Prosecutor will present the dagger that was used on Lord Sinclair, the Criminal's thread, and finally the poison. The judge will ask if you would like to call a witness You can call the witnesses in any order:
  • Call the Maid and ask what she saw during the night of the murder.
  • Call the Dog Handler and ask him about th poison.
  • Call the Butler and ask him about the dagger.
  • Call Donovan the Family Handyman and ask him about the thread.

After you talk about all the pieces of evidence, the Judge will ask the Jury to deliver their verdict. If done correctly, Anna will be pronounced "Not Guilty". Leave the court house and talk to Anna in her cell. She will tell you how to get into Camelot.


Go to Camelot. Go notheast outside of the Castle until you find a statue surround by trees.
Search the statue and you will see Anna and David inside and talking about you. Morgan Le Faye will appear and knock you out. When you regain consciousness, you will be in a cell along with Merlin and the rest of the Knights. Talk to Merlin and pick all of the options available. You will learn that King Arthur has been turned into a granite statue and was taken away by the Black Knights, Morgan Le Faye and the Black Knights teamed up with the Sinclair Family to reclaim Camelot, and Morgan has stolen the Holy Grail! Discuss long term goals with Merlin and he will tell you to go to Wizard Cromperty to obtain a spell that will undo the spell put on Arthur, and that the Holy Grail is somewhere in Keep Le Faye.
Now, talk to any of the Knights, and they will create a human pyramid to let Merlin escape. Then talk to all of the Knights to receive some items that could be useful for escape. Among the items given by the Knights should be runes for Telekinetic Grab. Cast Telekinetic Grab on the Guard that is using a mirror to obtain a hair clip. Use the hairclip on the cell door and you will see an interface like this:

To pick the lock you must set the four tumblers(1-5) to their respective height (1-5). The "guess" graph will show which tumbler heights are correct/incorrect or if the height is correct, but the tumbler isn't. Once all the tumblers are correct you will break out of the jail and will be inside Keep Le Faye. Go upstairs to the top floor and search the table full of boxes. Select the purple box on the right side and the Holy Grail will be in your inventory!

Free Arthur!

Head to Ardougne's marketplace and go northeast of there to find Wizard Cromperty. Choose to talk about King's Ransom and he will give you an animate rock scroll. He will tell you that need the scroll along with Arthur's prized possession (Holy Grail) and a piece of granite. You will need a better disguise than last time (Bronze med helm with an Iron chainbody) so wear a Black full helm, Black platebody, and Black platelegs once at the Black Knight's Fortress.
Enter the Fortress and push the wall directly in front of the door and climb down the ladder. Use the Free Arthur option to, well, free King Arthur!
Note: You will need a Bronze med helm and Iron chainbody to give to King Arthur.
Once you've given King Arthur the disguise, return to Camelot. Speak to King Arthur again and...
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 5k Magic XP, 33k Defense XP, 5k XP reward lamp to use on any skill over 50, Knight Waves training grounds, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Court Cases are also unlocked upon the completion of this quest