King of the Dwarves

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): qb1
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Keldagrim
How to Start: Talk to lava-flow miner Sven outside the lava flow mine in Keldagrim East
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Level 68 Mining, Level 70 Smithing, Level 77 Strength, Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, My Arm's Big Adventure
Items Needed: Pickaxe, six soft clay, six mithril bars
Recommendations: Must be able to defeat a level 160 enemy
There has been a growing trend in Keldagrim of anti-Consortium feeling, most vocally from Veldaban, the one-time leader of the Black Guard. Others have taken this to the extreme, calling for a return to the old days - the Age of Kings. Even if there were a surviving heir of the royal bloodline, would the Consortium give up power, how would Hreidmar and the Red Axe view that, and what could a king do about the growing chaos dwarf problem?

Lava Flow Mine

Note: You need a pickaxe with you before you can start the quest.
Start by talking to Lava-flow miner Sven, just outside the Blast Furnace building in Keldagrim East. He will ask if you'd like a tour of the lava flow mine. The mine is what gives the city most of its power.
Ask to take the tour, and the foreman will start explaining about the lava flow mine. He will see a cloaked figure, and well... Chaos Dwarf go Boom...
With pickaxe at ready, mine your way through to the dwarves. Once you get to a dwarf, they will go in your inventory. Talk to the foreman to give him the injured dwarves. Sometimes rubble will be too dense to mine through, so just mine around those pieces.
After you rescue a couple dwarves, some Black Guard will come in. But, they will ignore the miners and head straight to fixing the machinery. Continue mining out the dwarven miners. There are six miners in total.


The foreman will ask you to leave now. Exit, and you will meet up with Veldaban outside with a bunch of protesters. Speak to Veldaban and tell him what happened. Some Black Guard will come to arrest Veldaban on suspicion of having something to do with the attack.
The Black Guard won't listen to you, and Veldaban will go quietly. Head to top floor of the Consortium, the large building that goes over the river of Keldagrim.
You will come into a cut-scene with the various Consortium directors discussing what happened. They will eventually realize you're there. Talk to the Yellow Fortune director about why they arrested Veldaban. Tell her that arresting him will only make them look worse.
Talk to the Blue Opal director about the lava flow mine. He will explain how it works, then ask if the Chaos Dwarf destroyed the secondary boilers. He will offer his vote to save Veldaban.
Talk to the Green Gemstone director and tell him you were there when the explosion happened. Tell him that you rescued some of the miners. He will agree to let Veldaban go.
Talk to the Brown Engine director and ask what he wanted to do about the miners. Tell him it was a difficult decision, and that you understand.
Talk to Veldaban now. Ask him why he is so angry. Tell him he should try to calm down. Finally, talk to the Consortium general secretary standing next to Veldaban. Tell him you've talked to everyone you needed to. They will decide to let Veldaban go.
Just as you're about to leave with him, a member of the Black Guard will come in and interrupt, reporting a chaos dwarf army in the Barendir caverns. He will also tell you that Hreidmar, the old head of the Red Axe, is outside making a speech, starting a revolt. The Consortium will ask for your help.


Head downstairs, then down to Keldagrim East. Talk to Hreidmar just outside the palace. Veldaban will suggest finding Meike to help calm the crowd down. Talk to the Protesters to see if one of them knows where she is. They will suggest looking at the King's Axe Inn in Keldagrim West, just south of the bank.
Look for Luitger sitting in the bar. Ask about Meike. He will say that she was heading down to the protesters. Ask if he's alright, and he will explain that he's getting cold feet about the whole thing. He says someone was arrested, and Veldaban suggests going to the Black Guards HQ to find out if it was Meike.
The Black Guard HQ is just west of the bank. Go in and talk to Klaas. Veldaban will threaten Klaas, and he will tell you that Meike went to the south south of the city.
Go to the tower and climb up to the top of the tower to find Meike. She doesn't like how things are ending up either. Suggest getting into the records chamber before Hreidmar. Meike will reveal that the keys to the chamber are locked away in the Keldagrim West library, and that she might be able to get a hold of them.

Chamber of Records Past

With six pieces of soft clay and six mithril bars, meet everyone at the Library in Keldagrim West, north of the palace. Talk to Meike, and she'll ask you to have the librarian open the case with the keys.
Meike will say that she's helping you research a book about Keldagrim for the Varrock Library. The librarian will give you the key. Try to use the soft clay in the display case, but the librarian will catch you.
Instead, use the soft clay on Meike to give the six pieces to her. Then talk to the librarian to distract him while she takes the imprints. Ask him about the keys. He will tell you all about them. Talk to Meike afterwards, and she will have the key moulds.
You will need to take the moulds to a regular furnace. Keldagrim doesn't have one, so you'll have to go elsewhere to find one, such as Lumbridge, Rellekka, Falador, etc. Use the mould on the furnace and agree to make the key duplicates.
Return to Keldagrim and meet Meike and Veldaban inside the entrance in the wall just west of the Black Guard HQ. Each key is labeled 1 through 6. Follow the below picture and use the keys on the corresponding keyholes.

Try opening the door, and you will now be in the Chamber. Meike will look for the family tree, and it will prove the Hreidmar is the rightful King of Keldagrim. She will start looking for loopholes to prevent him from becoming king.
She wants you and Veldaban to leave and worry about the choas dwarf army while she works in the chamber.

The Army Approaches...

You won't be under attack most of the time in the coming fight, so it's recommended to bring your best gear that will allow you to hit as much as possible in a short amount of time. If you're wary, bring a little bit of food.
When ready, talk to Veldaban and ask him to lead you to the mines. Once there, head straight east and go through the tunnel entrance.
Talk to Colonel Grenda, and she will still believe that Veldaban is a Commander. Head to the far end of the cave and speak to Colonel Grimsson. Veldaban will provoke him, and start attacking him. You have to try to defeat Grimsson before Veldaban gets defeated. If Veldaban gets defeated, simply re-enter the cave and try again.
When he is almost dead, Grimsson will start attacking you. He and the chaos dwarves will retreat. Talk to Veldaban and say you should get some reinforcements. Suggest the trolls... and Veldaban won't like it. Tell him you're going to try to talk to them with or without him.

Trolling Along...

Previously in the cave, there was a small split with another cave entrance. Return to there and head in. Talk to Pretty Flower, one of the larger trolls with a shield and large hammer. Try to talk to him, then ask how you can prove you're worthy.
He'll tell you to beat up "Big Rock". Next to the northern door, there is a pile of rocks, with a boulder on top. Try to lift it, and he will tell you that's not right. Lift the nearby troll named Big Rock, and you will be worthy enough to talk to Pretty Flower.
Ask him to help you defend Keldagrim from the choas dwarves. Try all of the options, but none of them will work. Talk to My Arm and ask how you can get Pretty Flower to talk to you. Say that Pretty Flower was talking to you earlier, then ask him what pretty flower is he talking about.
Tell him you thought he was talking about the warlord. Ask for a pretty flower, and say that you're going to give it to Pretty Flower. Then correct yourself and say that you're going to give the plant to the warlord. He will finally give it to you...
Use the pretty flower on Pretty Flower (Use the item on the troll). Tell him it's a gift from Colonel Grimsson. He will get mad at being insulted by the dwarf, and the trolls will agree to go kill the "smelly chaos dwarves".

And the King is...

Head out of the cave, and back to Keldagrim. Go back to where the crowd of Protesters is in Keldagrim East. Veldaban and Meike will be hiding in among the crowd. The Consortium will agree to open the chamber of records to appoint a king. All hail the King!
Reward Scroll
2 QP, 45,000 Mining XP, 50,000 Smithing XP, 55,000 Strength XP, new gravestone option, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Once you have 90 Strength, you may return to the trolls and get your own big rock. The big rock give an emote that show you lifting it, which looks basically the same as it did when you lifted it during the quest.