In Search of the Myreque

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis
How to Start: Talk to a stranger in the corner of the tavern
Length: Short
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Nature Spirit, Level 25 Agility
Items Needed: Steel Dagger, 2 Steel Swords, Steel Longsword, Steel Mace, Steel Warhammer, 75 Steel Nails, 6 Planks, Hammer, Druid Pouch (with at least 6 items in it)
Recommendations: Be able to defeat a level 97 foe
A new stranger has appeared in Canifis with a job to track down some local heroes known only as "The Myreque".
The Myreque are fighting a desperate battle against the darkness of Morytania and he wishes to take them weapons to aid in the battle. Can you help him out?


Start by speaking to Vanstrom Klause, sitting in the corner of the Canifis Tavern. He will suggest bringing them six steel weapons: a longsowrd, two swords, a dagger, a mace, and a warhammer. Tell you perhaps you could help.
Head into Mort Myre swamp, bringing all the required items. Head past the Nature Grotto, and traverse the long, winding path.

The Boatman

Once in Mort'ton, head to the east side of town and look for Cyreg Paddlehorn near to a Swamp Boat on the swamp river. He won't give them the weapons, or tell you how to get to them at first. Use the following options:
  • Well I guess they'll just die without weapons.
  • Resourceful enough to get their own steel weapons?
  • If you don't tell me, their deaths are on your head!
  • What kind of a man are you to say that you don't care?

He won't take you, but he'll tell you how to get there. He won't let you go though, unless you have some defense against the ghasts, and you'll show him your druid pouch if it's full enough. Then he'll ask for three regular planks.
Ride the boat into the Hallows.

The Hallows

After taking the boat, run straight north until you see a pair of trees with a bridge going over the river. Climb up the tree, and walk on one part of the bridge. The bridge will break. Repair it by clicking on it, with 3 planks, 75 nails, and a hammer in your inventory.
Repeat for the next two bridge sections, the climb down. Look for Curpile Fyod nearby, and talk to him. Tell him you've brought weapons to help the Myreque, and he'll want to ask you some questions. He'll ask three questions; the ones he asks changes per person. Below are the possible questions and answers.
Q: What is the boatman's name?
  • A: Cyreg Paddlehorn
Q: Who is the leader of the Myreque?
  • A: Veliaf Hurtz
Q: Who is the youngest member of the Myreque?
  • A: Ivan Strom
Q: What does Myreque mean?
  • A: Hidden in Myre
Q: What family is rumoured to rule over Morytania?
  • A: Drakan
Q: Who is the only female in the Myreque?
  • A: Sani Piliu
Q: Who is the scholar of the Myreque?
  • A: Polmafi Ferdygris

Myreque Hideout

After answering all the questions correctly, he'll unlock the door for you. Head into the large door on the north side of the hill. Follow the path slightly north, and look for the first indent on the east side. You will see some stalagmites, with a cave entrance behind them.
Right-click and squeeze past the stalagmites. You'll appear in a small cave, speak to Veliaf Hurtz. He'll tell you to talk with the different members. Just talk to each member, and ask them their job. After speaking with each one, talk to Veliaf again.
He'll accept the weapons, then a vampyre will attack. He will kill two of them, and transform to look like a vampyre, complete with wings. He'll summon a Skeletal Hellhound. Kill the hellhound, then pick up the rubies and/or big bones.

Finishing Up

Talk to Veliaf. Ask him how to get out, and he'll tell you to head to the main corridor, then head north and search the wall to enter the basement of the Canifis Tavern. Climb up the ladder, and return to the stranger in the corner of the room.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 600 exp in Attack, Constitution, Crafting, Defence, and Strength, 2 Uncut Rubies, Shortcut from Canifis to Mort'ton, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.