In Aid of the Myreque

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: The Myreque hideout
How to Start: Talk to Veliaf
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: In Search of the Myreque, Level 15 Mining, Level 25 Crafting, Level 7 Magic
Items Needed: Coins, Spade, Buckets, Pickaxe, Hammer, 11 Planks, 1 Swamp Paste, 10 Bronze Hatchets, 10 Raw Mackerel or 10 Raw Snails (depending on what is asked for in the quest), Silver sickle (b), 2 Steel Bars, Mithril Bar, Silver bar, Sapphire, Rope, 1 Coal, Soft Clay, 4 Tinderboxes, 1 Cosmic Rune, 1 Water Rune, Food (required for quest), Druid pouch (recommended)
Items for Ivan (Highly recommended): Steel Med Helm, Steel Chainbody, Steel Platelegs, Silver Sickle, Food (Salmon, Stew, Eels, or Snails)
Recommendations: Be able to defeat a level 60 foe who is resistant to most weapons
After the attack on the Myreque by Vanstrom Klause - and with the deaths of both Sani and Harold - Veliaf is counting on you to help. Now that the Myreque freedom fighters' base camp has been revealed, they'll need to move on and set up base somewhere else.
Veliaf has heard of a little-known village south of Mort'ton, referred to as 'Burgh de Rott'. This could be just the place to set up operations to strike back against the evil of Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan and his vampyric overlordship in Morytania. And, who knows what other secrets about Morytania and its dark past will be revealed?

A new Base

Items needed for this part: Food (required for quest), Buckets, Spade, Pickaxe, 6 Planks, Druid Pouch (recommended)
To start the quest, go to the Myreque hideout. To do this, climb down the trapdoor behind the Canifis Tavern, search the south wall, and squeeze behind the stalagmites.
Speak to Veliaf Hurtz. Ask him what he plans to do now, then tell him you would like to join the organization. He'll tell you about Ivandis, one of the seven priestly warriors that fought back the darkness into Morytania, may be barried in Morytania, rather than Paterdomus like previously believed.
He'll also ask you to help establish a base in Burgh de Rott, a ramshackle town south of Mort'ton. He not only needs a base, but the support of the locals as well.

Burgh de Rott

Exit the cave south into the Hallows. Cross the bridge, and ride the swamp boaty to Mort'ton. Head south of Mort'ton across the bridge. As you near the gate, some citizens will throw rotten tomatoes at you. If you try to enter the gate, they won't let you.

Search the nearby table and chest. Talk to one of the citizens over the fence. Talk to them and ask the different questions. Then, use some food on the open chest. They'll let you in the gate now, curious as to what you put in the chest.
Talk to one of the nearby towns people. Ask them if there are any "out of the way" places. He'll suggest the Inn, but says that the trap door was covered with rubble, and the inside probably is too.

Clearing a Base

Enter the nearby Bar, and climb over the broken down wall in the north-west corner. Use your pickaxe on the rubble covering the trap door to clear it. Click on each pile of rubble to mine it down. Then use your spade on it to put it into a bucket. Each bucket will hold 3 piles of rubble.
Depending on the number of buckets you brought, you may need to make several trips to empty the bucket(s). To empty a bucket, you have to go outside of the Tavern and use it on the rubbish pile just outside on the south side of the Tavern.
As you clear some rubble, you will find various types of nails, rocks, and broken glass. You can drop the rock and broken glass, but keep the nails. You will also find a Plaster Fragment with pictograms on it. It will describe Ivandis holding something called "Silvthril", and some sort of potion.
You will also find a letter on a Dusty scroll. After clearing away all the rubble, you will notice a plaque on the north wall.

Repairing the Town

Head out of the Tavern, and go north-east to find a general store. Go inside and talk to Aurel. Ask him what to do, and he'll tell you to fix the roof, then walls. Climb up the ladder just outside the general store. Use planks on the hole to patch it.
Climb down, and use some planks on the damaged wall nearby. He'll then ask for 3 Tinderboxes, 10 raw Mackerel or Snails, and 10 Bronze hatchets. He'll give you a crate to put everything in.
Return to Canifis bank and fill up the crate. To put items in the crate, just simply use them on it while it's in your inventory.

Items Needed for this part: 5 Planks, the remaining Nails, Filled Crate, Swamp paste, hammer

Return back to Aurel in Burgh de Rott, and he'll take the crate. He'll stock the shop, then ask you to repair the bank. The bank is south of the Tavern. On the inside, use planks on the broken bank booth.
Now go behind the bank to the west, and use planks on the hole in the wall to repair it. Talk to Cornelius inside. Ask him what you should do next, then choose "Do you fancy the job?"
He will accept. You can now use the Burgh de Rott bank!

Items needed for this part: Silver weapon (Such as Wolfbone Dagger, Silver Sickle, Silver sickle (b), Silverlight, Darklight, or Blessed hatchet), 1 Coal, 2 Steel bars, hammer

Now ask any towns person what you should do next, and they'll suggest repairing the furnace. The furnace is farther east from the bank, on the edge of town. Use a steel bar on the furnace to repair it, then use coal in it.


As you fix the furnace, a cut-scene will start, showing Vanstrom talking to a man, Gadderanks. Go to the general store and talk to Aurel. Ask him what to do now, and he will tell you to just run away. Then talk to Gadderanks, and then to Wiskit.
Gadderanks will say he's had enough of you nosing around. Attack him, then equip your silver weapon and attack one of the Juvinates. Veliaf will show up and help you kill them. They will turn into smoke and go away.
Talk to Gadderanks then. He tells you that the Vampyres fear silver dust, garlic, haralander, and red spider eggs. Gadderanks will pass away. Aurel will give you Gadderank's hammer: the Gadderhammer.
Speak with Veliaf. He will head back to the Hallows. Return there as well.


Items needed for this part: Silver weapon (Such as Wolfbone Dagger, Silver Sickle, Silver sickle (b), Silverlight, Darklight, or Blessed hatchet), Armour + Food for Ivan (option, though recommended; for the list, see the Items for Ivan section at the top of the guide), Food and weapons for yourself
Talk to Veliaf; he'll tell you to speak to Polmafi and Radigad, then talk to Ivan. Use the food (up to 15 stew, salmon, or snails), silver sickle, and steel armour with him if you are choosing to (it's highly recommended). If you brought him the items, it is recommended to return to the bank to fully stock up your own inventory.
When ready, talk to Ivan again. You can choose between two paths:
  • Route 1 - Short Path - Will be attacked by Two level 75 Juvinates
  • Route 2 - Long Path - Will be attacked by Four level 50 Juvinates

If Ivan takes too much damage, he'll go back to the base. You'll have to give him more food.
After you manage to bring Ivan safely to the Temple, speak to Drezel. He will refuse to believe that Ivandis could possibly NOT be buried at the temple. Ask him if there is someplace else where you could find some info on Ivandis.
He won't tell you, so then choose the option, "The lives of those pitiful few left in Morytania could rest on this!" He will finally give you a key, but asks that any information you find, you keep to yourself rather than tell him.
On the east wall next to him, between the shelves, there is a keyhole in the wall. Use the key Drezel gave you on it, and a secret trapdoor will open. Climb down it.
Look around on the west side of the room for two search-able bookcases. You will get three books: An Ancient Book, Battered tome, and Leather book. Read or skim through each book.

The Tomb and Rod of Ivandis

Items needed for this part: Hammer, Soft Clay, Steel bar, Mithril bar, Sapphire, Cosmic Rune, Water Rune, rope

Head down the trapdoor behind Canifis Tavern, and head through the wall. Look imediately to the east to see a boarded up cave entrance. Use your hammer on the boards to smash them, then head through the cave.
Follow the cave, and search the tomb at the end. Use your soft clay on tomb to get a mould of the rod. Go to any furnace, and use the silver bar on it. Cast Level-1 Enchant on it, then return to Paterdomus.
Use the Silvthrill rod on the well under Paterdomus. You'll tie a rope around it, and dip it into the Salve.
Return to Burgh de Rott, and enter the basement of the Tavern that you cleared out earlier. You'll see the Myreque finally set up their base there. Give him the Rod of Ivandis.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 2000 Attack, Crafting, Defence, and Strength exp, Rod of Ivandis, Gadderhammer, Ability to make and use the Guthix Balance Potion, Ability to fight and destroy vampyre juvinates and juveniles, Varrock Museum display update - talk to Historian Minas, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.