Icthlarin's Little Helper

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Where to Start: South-east of the bridge over the River Elid
How to Start: Speak to the Wanderer at her camp in the southern reaches of the desert
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Gertrude's Cat, Must have a Cat
Items Needed: 230 gp to get to Pollnivneach and to buy some linen, Waterskins, Pet Cat, Tinderbox, Empty Bucket, Knife, Bag of Salt, a Willow Log
Recommendations: A high Agility level would be an advantage, Be able to defeat a level 80 boss, Being good at puzzles is a good advantage, lots of food, Antipoison Potion
In the deep south of the desert, unrest is brewing. The Menaphites have barred their city's gates from all. An unsettling desert wanderer may know of a secret entrance to Sophanem - the city of the dead.
Will you become Icthlarin's Little Helper by entering? Enter into a titanic struggle for the soul of the High Priest of Icthlarin in a land where the cat is top dog.

The Wanderer

To start the quest, you must travel to Sophanem and speak to the Wanderer outside of its walls. To do this, buy some Waterskins, Shantay Pass, and take 200 gp for Magic Carpet. You will need a spare Water Skin (4) and a Tinderbox for the Wanderer. You will want to fill a lot of your pack with food
Next, go through the pass and travel to Pollnivneach and then head south over the bridge across the river to get to the Wanderer's house which is north of Sophanem a little bit.

The Wanderer will be scared of your cat and tell you about a secret passage to get into Sophanem. You will need to bring her a full Waterskin and a Tinderbox for her to tell you how to get into it. If you forgot to bring the items with you, Home Teleport to Lumbridge and grab the items before heading back.
After the Wanderer obtains the two items from you, you will go through the secret entrance and enter Sophanem.
A ghost will want your attention now. Don't go near it or it'll hurt you.


Note: Make sure that you have a good amount of food. You may wish to bring an Antipoison Potion since Scarab Swarms can poison you. You will not use your Waterskins while you are inside the pyramid, so don't worry about them becoming empty. Also, keep in mind, while you're inside the pyramid you can be attacked by Mummies. If you die in the pyramid, you will lose your stuff, it is not a safe area.
At any time during this quest when you need food, yet you don't want to bank, you may kill the Locust in Sophanem. They drop Locust Meat that heals 30 Life Points each.
Now, touch the door that has the image of a Cat on it. You'll become hypnotised and you'll find yourself in the pyramid.

Go east from the ladder. You'll see some wall crushers. In order to go through the wall crushers, you need to walk diagonally. If you get hit by a wall crusher, you'll take a good amount of damage.
Once past the wall crushers, you will immediately be in danger by some hidden traps in the floor. You will need to follow a certain path when walking for the rest of the hallway in order to avoid recieving damage.

Get lined up with the last spot of the last wall crusher, but be against the north wall. Then, walk forward 4 spaces. Next, go diagonally forward 1 space to be against the south wall. Go forward twice, then go north diagonally 1 space to be against the north wall. Then go forward 2 spaces and go diagonal 1 space to get to the south wall. Then follow that southern wall for another two spaces and you'll be safe to walk wherever past that. Observe the image above for a visual representation of how to do this.

Note: If you lose your Canopic Jar, you can get it again by entering the Cat Door Pyramid.
Once you get past the first hallway, run through to the next wall crushers and get past them. Quickly run past, the next room will contain a Scarab Swarm, so be ready to drink your Antipoison Potion.
Continue to run until you get to the pit area. You'll need to jump the pit. It may take a few tries, but don't get discouraged. You'll need 20 energy to jump the pit.
Once you're past the pit, go to the west room and try to open the door. You'll have to solve a puzzle.
The door puzzle will only be solved once all of the panels are turned to their gold side. All of the panels will flip around the one that you click. The puzzle is pretty easy, just make sure that you don't have a gold panel that is beside the one you click (left, right, up, down, or diagonal).
Once the puzzle is finished, you'll be back to normal and outside of the Cat Door Pyramid.


Now, speak to the Sphinx. Make sure that you have your cat on you when you do so.
Let the Sphinx know that you need help. She will ask you a question.

"A husband and wife have six sons and each son has one sister. How many people are in the family?"
The answer to the question is 9.
The Sphinx will have you go and speak to the High Priest in the temple (marked on the map by the altar icon). He will tell you that you need to return the Canopic Jar to the tomb in the pyramid. He also tells you that you will need your cat's help to open the burial chamber.

To Kill a God

Note: Examine your jar and keep track of what it says. This will be important later.
Open the door to the pyramid this time instead of touching it. You will need to enter the chamber that had the puzzle for its door before (the west room). Once inside, you will need to grab the jar that you had in your backpack before. The different jars are: bug, man, crocodile, ape.
Depending on which jar you have, once you pick it up, you will fight a boss. Each boss is level 75, except the boss for the man jar, which is level 81.
  • Bug - Scarabas (Uses Melee)
  • Man - Het (Uses Melee)
  • Crocodile - Crondis (Uses Magic)
  • Ape - Apmeken (Uses Magic)

Protection Prayers work on the gods, so you shouldn't have a need for food.
Once you have killed the god, you will need to leave the room and jump over the pit.
You will be back to yourself now. Go back over the pit and to the west door. You will need to solve the puzzle again, just the same way as before. Put the jar back where you found it. In order to put the jar on the floor, you will need to drop it. Next, return to the High Priest in the temple.

Final Ceremony

You will now need to help with the final ceremony to help lift the plague. The High Priest will request that you help the Carpenter and Embalmer.
You will need to tell the Carpenter to make a new holy symbol for the ceremony. The Embalmer will also need help getting supplies into Sophanem.
First, go speak to the Embalmer. He is located in the building directly south of the temple. The Embalmer will need three items. The first item that he needs is some linen to wrap the corpse with. You can get it from the Cloth Salesman in Sophanem. The Embamler also needs some salt to preserve the body, and sap for sealing the bandages. You can get the salt from the salt lake to the north of Sophanem, and you can get the sap from a Coniferous Tree.
To start, you can get the salt two ways. You can buy a Bag of Salt from any Slayer Master, or by using an empty Bucket on the salt lake north of Sophanem. After you'd have the bucket filled from the salt lake, you need to use it on the Centre Piece in the southeast corner of Sophanem. It looks like a bird bath in front of a bunch of mirrors. The water will evaporate because of the sunlight directed from the mirrors, and you'll be left with salt in the Centre Piece. Get the Pile of Salt from the Centre Piece by Searching it.
In order to get the sap, you'll need an empty Bucket in your backpack, then use a Knife on an Evergreen Tree. There are a lot of Evergreen Trees west of Grunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village).
To get the final item for the Embalmer, you'll need to buy some linen from the salesman in the northeast at the Silk Stall; his name is Raetul. The linen will cost 30 gp.
Once you have all of the items, give them to the Embalmer.
Next, go to the Carpenter, located in the east part of Sophanem, south of the Silk Stall some. You will need to give him a Willow Log in order for him to make you the Holy Symbol. It will take him some time to make it.
Once you have everything taken care of, grab some food (perhaps Locust Meat) for the upcoming battle ahead. You won't need much since it's easy with Protection Prayers, so about two will do. Next, go back into the Cat Door Pyramid and jump over the pit again. You'll be back under your hypnosis.

The Devourer and Icthlarin

Go to the east room, the one you haven't gone to yet, and enter it. Use your Unholy Symbol on a Sarcophagus along one of the walls. After you have done this, go back to the pit and jump over it.
Now, you will be back to yourself again. Jump back over the pit and go back to the east room. A cutscene will play.

The Wanderer was really behind the plague! Also, the Wanderer is, in reality, the goddess, The Devourer (also known as Amascut) in disguise. Now that her plans are out in the open, she'll possess one of the priests in the chamber. You will have to kill the Possessed Priest now.
For the fight, use the Protection Prayer: Protect from Magic. The fight won't take you long to finish. Once you're done with the Possessed Priest, speak to the High Priest. Finally, you will see another cutscene.


You will meet the god, Icthlarin, while you are leaving the pyramid with the jar. He'll cure you of the hypnosis you were under by Amascut.
Next, head back through the pyramid to get out of it. Once you're outside, head back to the temple and speak to the High Priest to finish up the quest. You'll receive a little "trinket" as part of your reward.
Quest Complete!
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, Amulet of Catspeak, 4500 Thieving XP, 4000 Agility XP, 4000 Woodcutting XP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.