Hunt for Red Raktuber

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Where to Start: Ardougne Zoo
How to Start: Speak to Larry
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 38 Thieving, Level 45 Construction, Level 45 Hunter, Cold War, Sea Slug
Items Needed: Clockwork Suit, 8 Silk, a Needle, 4 Planks, and a Thread
Recommendations: Teleport runes for trips to Camelot (or whatever transportation you wish to take to get to Relleka), Teleport runes for 1 Watchtower Teleport
When we last left Larry, the penguins were hatching a diabolical plot to invade the mainland. Larry is certain the invasion has begun and you two must hurry to sabotage whatever the penguins are up to. This new adventure will take you back to the Iceberg where you will sing, interrogate and wear odd hats.

Get it Strait(jacketed)

Speak to Larry, who apparently saw a HUGE penguin, the same one you saw at the end of Cold War, while he was fishing off the coast of Witchaven. The zookeepers have thus deemed him crazy and have placed him in a straitjacket, typical!
Go to the shores of Witchaven and you will see a large footprint.

It seems like Larry wasn't lying after all! Inspect it and go back to Larry. The Chief Zookeeper will then confront you both. He will examine the large footprint, and Larry will take off the straitjacket.

Re-Infiltrating the Penguins

Speak to Larry, who will tell you to go back to the Iceberg with your Penguin Suit. If you don't have one he will give you a Clockwork Book and remind you of how to make it.
In case you have forgotten how to make the suit, you need a Clockwork, a Silk, and a normal Plank. You can make a Clockwork by using a Steel Bar on a Crafting Table. The Crafting Table is also what you use to make the Penguin Suit. All of this is done inside your Player Owned House.
You can get to the Iceberg by taking the boat near the Rock Crabs east of Relleka.


Investigate the avalanche northwest in order to enter the base. Go into the first room on the west side in the main hall. Speak to the interrogator. Agree to do the interrogation. You will need to do the responses below when speaking to the Captured Penguin.

  1. My captain trusted me above all other shipmates, to deliver his message...Your response should be "Your captain must trust you a great deal."
  2. My captain has found a greater leader than the Pescaling...Your responses should be "What leader could possibly be better than the Pescaling?" and then "The sea may control your Captain, but he controls your life."
  3. He will bring unity by destroying the humans...Your responses should be "Why not unite all penguins to The Sea, first?" and then "He's only demonstrating his impatience."
  4. Nothing can stop him...Your response should be "If he comes to rescue you, he'll be captured."
  5. Our sacrifice will be remembered...Your response should be "'Our Sacrifice'? Only you appear to be making the sacrifice."

Once the Captured Penguin has been broken, he will tell you that in order to get on the submarine, it must be called using the Horn of the Sea. Then you must dance the Dance of the Sea. He will instruct you of the three emotes that make up the Dance of the Sea. These vary for each player, so you should write them down.
Search the crate that has the belongings of the Captured Penguin. This will give you everything that you need later to call the submarine. You will need to wear the same thing on your head as the Captured Penguin, this also varies for each player, so write down what he was wearing as well.

The Lullaby

Speak to Ping and Pong in the closest room to the big guarded door (the big door is at the end of the main hall). They'll say that everyone was talking about the submarine, and then the KGP brought some dwarves into the compound and took them to the War Room.
Ping and Pong suggest that you go and talk to the agent at the booth guarding the big door. The two will also mention that your only choice to get through this time would be if he was asleep. The penguins will agree to help you make him fall asleep, but they'll need to know what makes him sleepy. Go and talk to the guard and you'll ask him how he gets to sleep at night. Write down what he does for his routine of getting ready to sleep. This is what you'll use for your lullaby. Also make sure to note what he dislikes as you will use this in the lullaby too.
Go back to Ping and Pong and start working on your lullaby. The finished version is different for every player so take note of the words in the gaps.

"Rockhopper penguin, on the ice crop,

When the ice breaks, your body will drop.

________ will come circling, watching you fall,

And down will come penguins, _________ and all.

Rockhopper penguin, in the _____ sea,

_______ are approaching, they want you for tea.

You can defeat these terrible foes,

With your secret weapon, a ______ on the nose.

Rockhopper penguin, king of the sea,

You are way cooler than _______ could be."

Sing this to the guard and voila, he will fall asleep! Now's your chance to sneak through those doors.

Prisoners of War

Head to the war room (eastern room past the gate), and speak to a dwarf named Medwin, who does not believe your cover story. Unfortunately, this means that you must come out from your suit. He will agree to help, but only if you can make three more suits.
Leave the war room and you'll be kicked out. Speak to Larry who tells you to give the silk, planks and thread to Medwin. Get into your suit and go back to the War Room. Give the things to Medwin and he will teach you how to crash the sub.

Disabling the Submarine

The following are the steps to disabling the sub:
  1. Inspect the engine box
  2. Open the wire box with the wrench
  3. Cut the green and red wires, and using the wire provided, re-connect the green TO the red. Don't forget to tape the ends!
  4. Pump the bellows until the gauge is in the red zone
  5. Let out air until it points directly upwards towards the green zone.
  6. Pull the lever and the sub is now disabled. Hooray!

Penguin Possible

Return to Larry, who will tell you to infiltrate even further into the KGP HQ. So, you will need to acquire another fake ID from Noodle, but you will owe a debt to the... penguin MAFIA!? Anyway, accept and he will give you the ID.
Return to the base and this time go into the eastern room with lots of cubicles. The path to take is shown in the following image. Remember to stay hidden the whole time that you're in the room.

Once into the final cubicle, obtain the telegram and retrace your steps without being seen. If you are caught you will lose the telegram and have to start all over.

The Rogue Submarine and the Real Enemy

Return to Larry and tell him what you've found out. He will tell you to meet him by the Yanillian eastern coast. Meet him there and wear the Penguin Suit. Remember the weird fish hat the captive was wearing? Put that on. Remember the three emotes he told you? Perform them in the appropriate order.

Enter the submarine and head up the ladder. Follow the corridor and speak to Captain Marlin behind a curtain. Choose either truth or lie (doesn't matter).

After some time Marlin will emerge with a huge Sea Slug on his head! He will then imprison you in the room, so you'll need to find a way out.

Re-Disabling the Dreadnaught

Remember what Medwin taught you about disabling the huge sub? (Don't worry if you've forgotten). Search the hat stand nearby for your tools. Open the door and then open engine cover. Follow these steps:
  1. Open the wire box with the crab claw.
  2. Cut the green and red wires with the shark tooth, and using the eel provided, re-connect the green to the red. Don't forget to seaweed-tape the ends!
  3. Pump the pufferfish until the gauge is in the red zone
  4. Use the octopus to let out air until it points directly upwards towards the green zone.
  5. Attach and pull the swordfish as the lever and the sub is now disabled. Hooray!

Used and Abused

You'll crash land on an uncharted island, far from Yanille. The first thing you'll notice is Larry has been captured by Pescaling Pax. He will reveal that he knew about you and Larry the whole time and that he had made you do all the work tracking the submarine down again for him. Also, Medwin, the dwarf, will reveal to you that he was a double agent and also a former member of the Red Axe dwarves.
After the penguins leave you for dead, seak out the yellow dot on your minimap. It's an "undercover" polar bear named Chuck.

Chuck will tell you that he is part of an organization called PBJ. He had been working with Larry to try and stop the penguins. They didn't want to drag you into the matter too deeply, but now that Larry is gone you'll start working with Chuck too. You will want to chase after the submarine and get Larry back before he reachers the Motherland, but Chuck will tell you that it's impossible to stop them as you are now. The battle with the penguins to rescue Larry will have to wait, for now.
Chuck will let you have a ride on his belly back to Ardougne. He will now be inside the cage inside of Ardougne Zoo.
Quest Complete!
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 3000 Construction XP, 2000 Thieving XP, 1500 Hunter XP, Penguin expansion for Hunter, Penguin Hide and Seek bonus polar bear, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: In Larry's absence from the Ardougne Zoo, Chuck, a polar bear who allows himself to be caged, will deal with all of your penguin-related needs.