Holy Grail

Author(s): x kevv x
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Camelot Castle
How to Start: Speak to King Arthur
Length: Long
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: 20 Attack
Items Needed: Excalibur (Obtained from Lady of the Lake after Merlin's Crystal quest.)
Recommendations: Must be able to defeat a level 40 Black knight titan
King Arthur is sending out his knights on a quest for the famous Holy Grail.
If you are a Knight of the Round Table, go to King Arthur for further orders.
  • King Arther - Ground Floor
  • Sir Lucan - Ground Floor
  • Sir Palomedes - Ground Floor
  • Sir Kay - Ground Floor
  • Sir Gawain - Ground Floor
  • Mystic Sigil - Ground Floor
  • Sir Lancelot - First Floor(2nd U.S)
  • Sir Tristram - First Floor(2nd U.S)
  • Sir Bedivere - First Floor(2nd U.S)
  • Sir Pelleas - First Floor(2nd U.S)
  • Merlin - First Floor(2nd U.S)
  • Merlin Crystal - Second Floor(3rd U.S)
  • Squire - Second Floor(3rd U.S)

The King

Start off by going to the Camelot Castle. You can get here by casting Camelot Teleport in your standard spellbook, or using the home teleport Seers' Village and then run east. Once here, run north through the gates and into the castle. Talk to King Arthur, he will tell you to talk to Merlin. To find Merlin, run up the north-west stairs. Merlin will inform you that you need to speak with the High Priest on Entrana and Sir Galahad in a house west of McGrubor's Woods. However, you must speak to the High Priest first.

A Small Errand

Before heading to Entrana, you must deposit all weapons/armour. You can get to Entrana by taking a boat located in Port Sarim. After arriving, go to the church and speak with the High Priest and Crone. The High Priest is found in the large building with an altar inside. They will tell you that you need an item from the Fisher King realm. Now head back to Seers' Village, and run west past McGrubor's Wood. Sir Galahad is in a house on the west side of McGrubor's Wood, go inside and talk to him to recieve a holy table napkin. After recieving the napkin, go to Draynor Manor and head up to the top floor to retrieve two magic whistles. Please note, you must have the napkin to see the magic whistle spawns.

The Fisher King's Realm

Grab your Excalibur and some food for the fight against a level 40 Black knight Titan. This titan isn't weak to anything, but he doesn't move so you can safe spot him with range or magic. Travel to Brimhaven and head northwest to the peninsula. You should see a tower just north of the gold mine, stand under it and blow the whistle. You will be teleported directly into the Fisher King's Realm.
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Once inside the realm you should see a bridge, but the bridge is blocked by the Black knight Titan. Kill the titan and deal a finishing blow with your Excalibur. If you don't use the Excalibur he will heal himself back to full health.

The Ringing Bell

After the fight, follow the river southeast until you find the fisherman. Ask him for directions and he will tell you to ring a bell. This bell can be found on the ground near the broken part of the southwest castle wall. Pick it up and ring it to be teleported into the castle. Once inside, head upstairs and speak to the Fisher King and agree to help him find Percival.

The Hunt

Go back to Seers' Village and speak with King Arthur about Percival. King Arthur will give you a magic gold feather. Head towards Goblin Village located north of Falador. Search a pile of sacks in the easternmost hut to find him. Speak with him and hand him one of your whistles. He will thank you and head back to the Fisher Realm.

Finishing Touches

Return to Brimhaven and enter the Fisher King's Realm again. Go back inside the castle and speak to Percival who will be upstairs where the king was. After speaking with Percival head downstairs and take the eastern staircase followed by a ladder to find the room with the Holy Grail. Take the Holy Grail and return to Camelot Castle. Hand the Holy Grail to King Arthurt to complete this quest.
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 11,000 Prayer XP, 15,300 Defence XP, 2x Spins on the Squeal of Fortune