Hand in the Sand

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Yanille
How to Start: Speak with Bert
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 17 Thieving, Level 49 Crafting
Items Needed: About 100 coins, red berry, white berries, two vials, lantern lens, bucket of sand, 5 earth runes
Recommendations: None
Bert the sandman in Yanille is in a spot of bother. A mysterious severed hand has appeared in his sand box. Help find out whose hand it is and, more to the point, how it got in Bert's sand box.

A Handy Adventurer

Start by talking to Bert, who will be worried that he's going to lose his job. He will give you the hand and ask you to talk to the Guard Captain. Go across the street and into the bar. Buy a cheap bear from the Bartender.
Talk to the Captain and he will talk to you now when you give him the beer. He drunkenly tells you to talk to the Wizards and see if they know. Ring the bell outside the Wizards' Guild to the east and speak to Zavistic Rarve.
You will hand the hand over, and he will recognize it as Clarence's. He will ask you to talk to Bert about the long hours he's recently been working. He will tell you that he works for Sandy's Sand Corp in Brimhaven. Bert will give you his rota.

Hand it over Sandy

Head to Sandy's office in Brimhaven, just south of the Shrimp & Parrot.
Try talking to him, and he will try to rush you out. Search his desk to find a copy of Bert's rota. Return to Bert in Yanille. He says he doesn't remember it, and blames the Wizards. He will give you a scroll in return for his new schedule.
Return to the Guild and ring the bell to talk to Zavistic Rarve again. He will take the scroll, and say it's a mind altering scroll. He will give you a magical scrying orb, and tell you to find Betty in Port Sarim to make a truth serum.

Handful of Truth

Talk to him again and ask if he can help you a little more. In exchange for a vial, he will teleport you directly to Betty. Talk to her and she will give her the other vial. She will give you a bottled water. Use red berries on the bottle, then add in white berries to get pink dye. Use the dye on the lantern lens.
Talk to her again, and she will tell you to stand in her doorway and shine it on the vial on her desk. Open the door, and stand in the doorway (on the inside of the building) and use the lens on the potion. She will give you the truth serum.
Talk to her again to learn the final ingredient. Head back to Sandy and try to pick his pocket. It make take several attempts, but you will eventually get a little bit of sand. Return to Betty.
She will mix it in and complete the potion. Return to Sandy once more. Talk to him and tell him that the pygmy shrews have eaten all of the sand, then put the serum in his mug on the table next to him.
He will drink it. Activate the magical orb and start talking to him. Ask him each of the questions. You will learn all you need to know.

Heads up!

Return to Zavistic Rarve. He will watch the recording, then asks for 5 earth runes and a bucket of sand. He will magically fill up Bert's sand pit so he doesn't have to do anymore work.

He will ask you to check the Entrana sandpit.

At the pit, talk to Mazion. He will give you, of all things, a head! He will be glad to get rid of it. Return once more to the Wizards' Guild and talk to Zavistic again. You will hand him the head.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 9,000 Crafting XP, 1,000 Thieving XP, Bert delivers 84 buckets of sand to bank every day, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.