Grim Tales

Author(s): Khairo
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Taverley Village
How to Start: Speak to Sylas
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Witch's House, Level 45 Farming, Level 52 Herblore, Level 58 Thieving, Level 59 Agility, Level 71 Woodcutting
Items Needed: Two vials of water, two clean tarromin, seed dibber, watering can, hatchet, leather gloves,
Recommendations: Good food, armor, prayer potions
"Once upon a time in a land far, far away..." Sylas, a collector of items both wondrous and unusual seeks out the latest additions to his trove with a somewhat unusual prize for the finder.
Terrors and towers await; fierce battles with giant beasts; striding boldly to rescue a dwarf in distress! Not a quest for the meek or faint-hearted, prepare yourself for a feast of fairytale fun with rewards aplenty! The Brothers Grimm could never have foretold a tale such as this...


To begin the quest, talk to Sylas who is located in Taverley west of the House Portal. He will talk about having magical beans. You will ask what how much he wants for them and he says that he will only accept items that are "magical" for the beans.
You will ask what items and he will say that he wants a griffin feather, but not an ordinary feather- Grimgnash the Griffin's feather! Sylas also wants a helmet from Rupert the Beard.


Go south of Taverley toward the entrance of White Wolf Mountain and take the path that is NOT covered in snow. Head north on that path until you can walk on the path that is covered in snow.
Follow that path and Grimgnash should be at the end of it. Talk to him and he will say that he is tired because of the wolves making a racket. Grimgnash will suggest a bed-time story to make him go to sleep. Pick these options:
  • "There once was a graveyard filled with undead."
  • "There lived a skeleton named Skullrot."
  • "Skullrot was insane!"
  • "Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair."
  • "Started to strangle the poor gnome."

Failure to pick the options above will result in Grimgnash attacking you for 100-200 lifepoints. You may pick any option AFTER "started to strangle the poor gnome."
After Grimgnash is asleep, take a feather from the feather pile next to him and return to Sylas.

Rupert the Beard

Rupert the Beard is located in a tower east of Goblin Village and south of the Mind Altar. Try to open the door, which is securely locked, and Princess Miazrqa will stop and tell you that you cannot enter.
Go behind and climb over the crumbling wall (59 Agility required). Talk into the drain pipe and Princess Miazrqa will hear you and Rupert talking. Talk into the drain again and suggest that you should try to climb up.
Ask if there's anything that Rupert has to help climb up. He will say that he it's just him and his beard. You will tell him to throw down his beard and he will do so. Climb up his beard (59 Agility required) and talk to Rupert.
Rupert will talk about how he has been trying to find one of his gnome friends who was talking to the Witch from Witch's House and the Witch's relative happens to be Princess Miazrqa. Climb down Rupert's beard again and talk to the princess. She will explain that she is waiting for the Witch to take Rupert away and about a "special" piano.
She will also tell you that she lost her pendant while over at the Witch's House and you'll agree to get it back in return for freeing Rupert. You may talk to her again to get a key to the Witch's House.

Witch's House Once Again

Head over to the Witch's House in Taverley right across from the House Teleport. If you did not ask Miazrqa for a key to Witch's House, you may find one by looking under the potted plant that is closest to the door.
Go down to the basement and open the gate WITH leather gloves equipped. Search the music stand to find a music sheet. Read the sheet and you will find some notes that you need to play on the piano close by.
The notes "EFEDC" are played on the right-hand side of the piano and "AEGA" is played on the left-hand side of the piano. If played correctly, the piano will open up a secret compartment. Search the piano to find a To-do-list, a shrinking recipe, and two Shrunk oogleroots. Read to recipe to learn how to make a shrinking potion.
Use Tarromin on a vial of water and then add to shrunk oogleroots to make a Shrink-me-quick potion. Make two because you will need one later on. If you lose the two Shrunk oogleroots, you may go outside of the house, open the manhole nearby, and kill Experiment No.2 (level 109) to obtain more.

Mouse Hole

Go upstairs and into the room where the mouse hole is at.
Do not drink the Shrink-me-quick potion unless you are prepared. There are level 95 mice that are aggressive while in the mouse hole. The Protect from Melee prayer or food is advised.
After drinking the potion you will enter the mouse hole. Run north toward the first set of nails that you can climb. Run south then west and climb the set of nails on the the northern wall. By turning around there should be another set of nails and climb those. Run northeast and climb down the nails.
Finally, run north and climb up the set of nails to reach the pendant and take it. Return the Miazrqa and give her the pendant. She will free Rupert and he will give you his helmet. Return the helmet (and feather if you have not returned it already) to Sylas.
He will finally give you the beans. Go to the patch beside the pet shop and plant the beans there. (seed dibber required). Water the beans with a watering can and it will immediately grow in a beanstalk.


Note: DO NOT climb up the beanstalk unless you are prepared to fight a giant that is level 138. Good armor, food, and prayer potions are recommended.
When ready, climb up the beanstalk to face a level 138 giant named Glod. Sometimes during the fight, he will force you to either run away or attack him and will drain prayer quite often.
Upon death, he will drop a Golden Goblin, uncut ruby, uncut sapphire, two big bones, and a watering can (4). Take the Goblin and return to Sylas with it. He will tell you to cut down the beanstalk. Head back to the beanstalk and use a Shrink-me-quick potion on it and then use an axe on it to chop it down. Return to Sylas and...
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 4k Farming XP, 5k Herblore XP, 5k Constitution XP, 14k Woodcutting XP, 6k Agility XP, 6k Theiving XP, Rupert's Helmet, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.