Glorious Memories

Author(s): TheScaped
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Rellekka's Longhall
How to Start: Speak to Manni the Reveller
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Fremennik Isles, Mountain Daughter, Royal Trouble, 41 Hunter, 43 Herblore, 50 Agility and 57 Magic
Items Needed: Clean Irit, 1 Cosmic Rune, 10 Earth Runes, Empty Vial, Pestle and Mortar, Pickaxe, Plank and a Staff or Pole
Recommendations: Armour, Dramen or Lunar Staff, Enchanted Lyre, Food, Ring of Wealth, Seal of Passage, Teleport to House (with Home in Rellekka) and a Weapon
Over the seas around Rellekka peace reigns, proud nations brought together by masterful diplomacy. People can be harder to please than nations, though, especially where sour recollections are rife. Manni the Reveller is planning a birthday feast for Chieftain Brundt, but the plan is jeopardised by an incident long past that can't be entirely forgotten.
See old friends in new ways as you delve into their past and help them settle their differences. To save the chieftain's birthday celebrations you'll have to find the secrets they don't remember and confront the monster they want to forget.

Party Planning

Talk to Manni the Reveller in the Rellekkan Longhall. He will give you a beer and says that it's Chieftain Brundt's birthday, and for his surprise birthday feast you should invite Mawnis Burowgar and King Vargas.

Travel to Neitiznot and talk to Mawnis Burowgar or Miscellania to talk to King Vargas and invite them. They will each say in their own way that they do not wish to go and that the other ruler wouldn't want to either, and then suggest you talk to Brundt to find out why.

Brundt's Tale

Go back to Rellekka and talk to Chieftain Brundt. He will tell you a story going back fifteen years, when he along with Prince Vargas, Young Mawnis, Nial Swiftling and Aslief on an adventure in search of a fifth Prophecy Tablet, of which they already had found the other four.

Somehow the adventurers end up outside the Fishing Guild, dazed and confused with Vargas suffering from a Gnoeal's Curse and Brundt wondering if someone has stolen the Prophecy Tablet. After this the cut scene will end. You'll ask the chieftain if you can help, and he says he'll be happy when he finds out who took the Tablet. He will also give you a page of incomplete Cave Directions, which when completed will lead you to the cave the adventurers went to.

You will have to talk to Vargas and Mawnis to find the other two sentences and finish the Cave Directions.

Vargas's Tale

Head over to Miscellania and talk to King Vargas. He will tell you his more fictional side of the story, where the adventurers (excluding Nial) are in an ice cave. A Gnoeal curses the courageous and heroic Prince Vargas, who kills this giant level 156 monster in no more than 2 hits which hit higher than any mortal man should.

After the cut scene, Vargas will say he doesn't remember an Asleif adventuring with them. Using the pen you made him in Throne of Miscellania, he will write down what he can remember on to the Cave Directions.

Mawnis's Tale

Travel to Neitiznot and talk to Mawnis Burowgar and he will tell you his part of the story, a more realistic version. This time all of the adventurers including Nial run into a Gnoeal which spits a green cloud (the curse) at Nial, which also splashes off onto Vargas. Nial will become a yeti and kill Gnoel, but then starts attacking Brundt. Aslief says the Nial has lost his mind, and they all flee from the cave.

Mawnis will say he and Brundt haven't really spoken since the event, and suggests that Vargas may have forgotten most of the story and changed it to suit himself (which explains his extraordinary ability with a dragon longsword in his version of the story). He will then write down the final part of the Cave Directions.

Finding Nial

Travel to the Trollweiss Hunter Area (a shortcut being the Fairy Ring Code DKS), and head to the most north-western part of the upper platform, near the Hunting Expert. Inspect the footprints you should find on the ground, and follow them eastward to an Ice Mound. Equip a pickaxe and dig up the Ice Mound to enter. The Hunting Expert will stop you and warn you that not many people make it out of the caves alive, but just ignore his warnings and enter anyway.

You should now find yourself in an ice cave filled with Gnoeals and Yetis. They will attack you and it is recommended you have Protect from Magic on as the Gnoeals tend to do more damage than the Yetis. Head directly south and you should find a tunnel leading into Nial's chamber.

Defeating Nial

Once you're inside the chamber, Yeti Nial will start attacking you with both melee and ranged which is reasonably strong, so protection prayers are recommended depending on what attack style you're going to use.

He will roar “Grrr” when he's about to push you back, but if you have good armour there's no real need to worry about it. There isn't actually much to worry about, I managed to take him down at level 90 combat with only the armour and weapons in the picture and no food. Once Nial is dead, take all the items he drops and head off to Jatizso.

Emigration Tax

Talk to Freygerd, found wandering about the western part of the city. She says she wants to go back to Neitiznot but King Gjuki has threatened her with an emigration tax she cannot pay for.

Talk to King Gjuki Sorvott and after a delightful talk with him he will agree to Freygerd returning to Neitiznot without an emigration tax. Go back to Freygerd and tell her about the tax, then you will go on the say you found Nial and killed him, and give her his throwing axe.

Freygerd will tell you to send her regards to her brother. Travel to Neitiznot via boat or walking, and talk to Mawnis Burowgar and he will finally agree to go to Brundt's birthday feast.

Healing Vargas

Go to Miscellania and once again talk to King Vargas. You will give him Asleif's Herb Pouch which you got from Nial. You say it might be useful, and say you will try to find Asleif in order to take away his curse.

Go to the Mountain Camp and to the shining pool north of it. Climb up the tree to get to the first island, then use a pole or staff on the rocks to reach the second, and use a plank on the flat rocks to cross over to the centre island. Listen to the Shining pool on the various bubbling areas until you start to talk to Asleif. She will start talking to you and she will give you instructions on how to make a potion with which to cure Vargas.

To make the potion, use an empty vial on the spring which Asleif started for you, and add to it a clean irit. Crush up the diamond root with a pestle and mortar, and enchant it with the enchant level 4 jewellery spell. Add the enchanted diamond root dust to the mixture to get a diamond dust potion (unf). Finally, add the yeti hair to it to make a yeti curse cure potion.

Return to Vargas and give him the potion, which he will drink and finally become a human again! He will take the herb pouch from you as a reminder of Asleif and agree to attend Brundt's birthday feast.

A Mysterious Woman

Return to Rellekka and talk to Brundt. You show him the unfinished astral rune, and he will remember another part of the story. You will impatiently ask him to skip what you already know and he says a Mysterious Mage joined in on their adventure, who appears to be a younger version of Baba Yaga.

Happy Birthday!

Talk to Manni the Reveller after Brundt's cut scene ends, and another cut scene will play where you, Mawnis, Brundt and Vargas celebrate their renewed friendships and Brundt's birthday with a toast.
Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 10,000 Magic XP, 5,000 Herblore XP, Tome of Glorious Deeds (3x5,000 experience in Hitpoints, Strength, Defence, Attack or Ranged - must have level 40 minimum), Unfinished astral rune, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: Take the unfinished astral rune to Baba Yaga to receive a tablet and XP lamp.