Ghosts Ahoy

Author(s): Boomer-One
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Port Phasmatys - east of Canifis
How to Start: Speak to Velorina
Length: Long
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Priest In Peril, The Restless Ghost, Level 25 Agility, Level 20 Cooking
Items Needed: Amulet of Ghostspeak, Coins, 7 pots, 7 bones, 8 buckets, bucket of milk, silk, thread, needle, bowl of water, gloves, knife, logs, tinderbox, oak longbow, 3 dye (colors needed vary per person)
Recommendations: Must defeat a level 32 giant lobster
The citizens of Port Phasmatys have unwittingly consigned themselves to an immortal existence, trapped forever in this world as ghosts.
Necrovarus, lord of the Temple of Phasmatys, holds the key to the door into the next world. Can you convince him to open it and set them free?


Items Needed: Amulet of Ghostspeak, 7 Pots, 7 Bones, 8 Buckets
Before you are able to start the quest, you must be able to get into Port Phasmatys. To get into Port Phasmatys, you will need to pay the guards in ecto-tokens. To make ecto-tokens, bring pots, buckets, and any type of bones to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys, as seen on the below map.

For regular bones, there is an undead farm west of the Ectofuntus where you can kill undead chickens and cows for their bones. Once you have everything, inside on the west side of the Ectofuntus building, you will see a trapdoor. Open it and climb down. Make your way all the way down until you reach the pool of slime. Use one of your buckets on the pool to fill them all up.
After you have filled all of your buckets, head all the way back up to the ground level. On the east side of the building, you will see some stairs. Go up, and then look at the machine on the north side of the building. Click to fill the hopper, then you can choose to manually or automatically grind bones. If you choose manually, you will have to click to fill the hopper, wind the bone grinder, then empty the bin, and repeat for all of your bones.
Note: You will still have one unused bucket of slime! Don't worry, just bank this because it will be needed later in the quest!
Once you have seven pots of bonemeal, return to the ground level and worship the glowing Ectofuntus building in the center of the room seven times. Talk to a Ghost disciple to receive 35 ecto-tokens. Now that you have ecto-tokens, head south, try to pass through the gate and pay the two tokens.

Wails of Ghost's Tales

Start by talking to Velorina, and she will offer to tell you the tale of Port Phasmatys. Agree to help them. She suggests talking to Necrovarus, thinking that he will listen to a mortal soul since he won't listen to those already dead. He won't even give you the chance to speak.
Return to Velorina. She wants you to seek out an old disciple of Necrovarus that once spoke out against him, and fled before the power of the Ectofuntus took her over. Ask if she has any ideas where to find her, and she will tell you of a vision of a small wooden shack between two castles, with the sea nearby.

Old Crone

Items Needed: Bowl of water, gloves, tinderbox, logs, Amulet of Ghostspeak
Go north of Canifis, just east of Slayer Tower. There is an old shack there where you will find the Old Crone.

You will mention Necrovarus, but she won't remember. She will ask for Nettle tea to help refresh her memory. To find nettles, head just east of Machizna, marked as green on the above map. Make sure you're wearing gloves before you pick the nettles, or else you will be poisoned!
Use nettles on a bowl of water, then light a fire and use (be careful not to accidentally drink!) the nettle-water on the fire to heat it up into Nettle tea. She will then ask you to put it in her special cup. Carefully use the bowl of nettle tea on the cup (again being careful not to drink).
She will then ask you to put milk in it! This will finally be enough, and she will finally admit that she was a disciple of Necrovarus. She will tell you of a way to temporarily enchant your amulet of ghostspeak. She requires his old magical robes and a strange book he used for rituals. She also requests something to help her translate the book.
Ask if you can do anything in return for her. She asks that if you see him, to give him a toy boat.

Preparing for the Enchantment

Translation Manual

Items Needed: Oak longbow, a couple hundred coins
There is an inn just south of the quest start. Outside of the inn, to the east, is a man in red robes, Ak-Haranu. He will have a manual to help you translate, but doesn't want money for it. He asks for a signed oak bow from Robin.
Talk to Robin in the nearby inn, and ask him to sign the bow. He will decline, but asks you to play a game of Runedraw with him.
Two players take turns to draw a rune from a bag, which contains ten runes in total. Each rune has a different value: an air rune is worth one point, up to a Nature run which is worth nine points. If a player draws the Death rune, then the game is over, and they have lost.
A player can choose to hold if they wish and not draw any more runes, but this runs the risk of the other player drawing more runes until they have a greater points total and win.
Just click draw a few times, and if a few runes are left and the death rune still hasn't been pulled out, hit hold. You may lose several times, but keep playing until Robin owes you 100 coins. He will finally agree to sign the longbow for you.
Return to Ak-Haranu, and he will give you the translation manual.

Mystical Robes

Items Needed: Bucket of slime
If you still have the unused bucket of slime from earlier, get it out of your bank. If you don't, take a bucket and fill it at the pool of slime under the ectofuntus.
Talk to the Ghost innkeeper and ask if there are any jobs you can do. He'll ask you to take some clean sheets to Robin. Keep the bedsheet for yourself, and use it on your bucket of slime to make it green.
Put it on and talk to Gravingas, a ghost with a picket sign west of the inn. He will ask you to help him protest against Necrovarus. He'll ask you to get 10 signatures from the people around town. Some ghosts will ask for ectotokens, just simply try someone else if you don't want to pay. Some ghosts will also just say no.
You can ask the same two ghosts to sign, but you can't ask them twice in a row. You have to ask one, ask the other, then back to the first. Do this until you have 10 signatures, then return to Gravingas.
He'll ask you to show Necrovarus the petition. He will burn the petition, but drops a key on the floor in his rage. Pick up the bone key, and head up the stairs. There is a room on the southern part of the floor. Use the bone key on the door to unlock it.
Go in, then open and search the coffin for Necrovarus's Mystical robes.

Book of Haricanto

Items Needed: Silk, Needle, Thread, Knife Model Ship, Amulet of Ghostspeak, Ecto-tokens, 3 Dye (Colors needed vary per person)
Use your silk on the Model boat to make a flag for it. Head to the ship wreck marked on the map below. Walk into the wrecked hull, and climb up one of the nearby ladders. On the east side of the boat, there is a cabin, with ladders on either side of the door. Climb up one of the ladders.

When the wind is low, search the nearby mast. You will need to search it at least three times to find the colors of the flag. The colors vary per person. Make a note of which color goes where, then get the dyes and use them on the model boat, colouring it appropriately.
With the flag colored, return to the boat and enter the cabin to see an old man. Ask him if that is his toy boat, and he will recognize it. You will ask for the key, and he asks the nearby captain if it's alright with him...
He'll give you the key. Use it on the nearby chest to unlock it. Open it to get a piece of a map. On the main deck of the ship, look for a plank. Cross it to get onto some rocks. Jump to the end of the rocks to find another chest. Open it to get another map piece. Head back to the ship.
Climb back down the ladder, then open and search each of the chests down there. A giant lobster (level 32) will be in one of them. Kill it then search the chest again to get the final map piece.

Head into Port Phasmatys, then speak with the Ghost Captain next to the small rowboat. Travel to Dragontooth Isle, then follow the map, starting from the Statute of Saradomin. You should end up at the below spot. Dig with a spade.

With the book, robes, and the manual in tow, return to the old crone.

Set Them Free. Now.

Give her the items, then she will perform the ritual and enchant your amulet of ghostspeak. Now return to Necrovarus at the Ectofunctus. You have the power to control him to do your will. You can choose to mess with him and have him tell you a joke or act like a chicken, but tell him to let any ghost who wishes to pass on.
You can now pass through the barriers of the port without having to pay. Return to Velorina to complete the quest!
Reward Scroll
2400 Prayer XP, Ectophial, Access to Port Phasmatys without ectotokens, 2 QP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.