Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Author(s): Schmidty102
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Keldagrim
How to Start: Talk to Veldaban
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Master
Requirements: Level 61 Hunter, Level 61 Firemaking, Level 69 Strength, Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, Between a Rock..., Must be able to defeat a level 100 combatant
Items Needed: Food, armor (dragonhide), weapon
Recommendations: Varrock teleport runes
Missing person reports have been flooding in from Keldagrim East, but the Black Guard seem reluctant to do anything about it. Resources are stretched thin, but Keldagrim West is undoubtedly a greater priority for the Black Guard Supreme Commander. Veldaban refuses to subscribe to this opinion, but his hands are tied; can you help him to reveal the abductors' identities?

Fighting a Chaos Dwarf

Speak to Commander Veldaban in his office which is located in West Keldagrim. He will tell you about problems in the city with citizens disappearing. One of his guards will then walk in and say that the city is under attack. Help defend the city against the Chaos Dwarf (level 100).

Once you kill the dwarf it will drop a slip. Pick it up and take it to Commander Veldaban; he will tell you it is a Grand Exchange Order Slip. He'll ask you to take the slip to the Grand Exchange.

Retrieving the Order

Take the slip to the Grand Exchange and speak to a Grand Exchange Clerk to receive a package. Return to Kaldagrim, via the trapdoor in the Grand Exchange, and speak to Commander Veldaban whom is in the pub. Tell him about your findings and then he will ask that you go with him to talk to the Supreme Commander. After a short cut-scene you will find Commander Veldaban talking in his sleep. He will talk about someone named Hilda. Talk to the lieutenant again and she will tell you that he is going to have to sleep off the alcohol, and to come back later.

Investigating on Your Own

Head back to the tower; you will find some footprints. Use the boot from the package on the footprints to reveal the trail. Follow the trail to a fire and use your bowl on the firepit. You will put out the fire. Now use the medal rod on the firepit to open a secret door in the wall to the west; enter.

You will find yourself in a rather large room. Cross the room and enter the doorway which is located on the other site. When you attempt to operate the mine cart you will discover that you need two people to operate the controls. Head back to get Commander Veldaban.

Freeing the Prisoners

Return back to the mine cart, and give Commander Veldaban the two stones. Free both hands and get in the mine cart alone. Commander Veldaban will now operate the controls to change your carts direction. Below is the order to operate the controls:

Yellow, Green, Yellow, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow.

Once you reach the end, get out of the mine cart. Operate the bridge controls and then Commander Veldaban will com across. Open the door to the prison cell, and you will set the people free. Speak to the lady standing at the doorway. She will tell you that her husband was taken further into the caves. Now head deeper into the cave with Commander Veldaban.

Through the Door

Open the door up ahead and be ready for a cutscene.

Warning: The Dwarf cannoneers will attack you after the cutscene. It is recommended that your turn on your "Protect from Range" prayer.

The cutscene will show a dwarf being converted into a Chaos Dwarf. The dwarfs will attack you. Run through the door and speak to Commander Veldaban.

Use the metal plate on the sorting machine and then use the turnscrew on it. This will remove it from the wall and give you a way to escape. Head back to the mine carts this way and use them to travel back to the bridge. Now return to Keldagrim and talk to the Consortium. You will now see the final cutscene.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points; 30,000 Hunter XP; 30,000 Firemaking XP; 30,000 Strength XP; Access to the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield and the Nirth Keldagrim mining area, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.