Fight Arena

Author(s): Khairo
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: North of Fight Arena
How to Start: Speak to Lady Servil
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Must defeat a Level 137 monster
Items Needed: None
Recommendations: None
The prosperous Servil family have been abducted by the infamous General Khazard. He plans to have the family battle for his entertainment in the Fight Arena.
Can you rescue the Servils before the tyrant has these innocent (not to mention wealthy) civilians slain?

Fitting In

To begin the quest, talk to Lady Servil who is located northeast of the Tree Gnome Village/southwest of the monastery from Monk's Friend. Offer to help Lady Servil and she will explain that General Khazard's men ambushed her family and have taken away her husband and son because she refused to marry General Khazard. Agree to help her rescue them.

To rescue them, you need a set of Khazard Armor. Follow the map until you find the room with armor stands. Look for the armor set that looks like what the other Khazard Guards are wearing and "borrow" the armor. Equip the armor and head out to the Fight Arena Jail which is located south of the room that has the Khazard Armor.

Jail Break

Talk to the Khazard Guard in front of the door of the jail and he will be convinced that you are new recruit. Try to open the guard and it will be locked, but the guard will let you in anyway. Talk to Jeremy Servil, their son, who is in the cell right next to the cell and he will tell you that a guard hold the keys to their cells.

Head south in the jail and into the room with stairs. Inside, you will find a Lazy Khazard Guard sitting at a table. Talk to him and he will tell you how he would like some Khali Brew. Head west, leaving the jail, and into the pub nearby. Talk to Agnor, the barman, and buy a Khali Brew from him (5 gp). Return the the Lazy Khazard Guard and give him the brew. He will drink all of it and collapse on the table. Grab the keys and return the Jeremy. You will open his door and he will run out to the arena.

Fight Arena

Note: Once you are out in the arena, you may equip better armor as Khazard armor is not needed anymore.
An Ogre will be released from his cage. Kill it and then Talk to Sir Servil. General Khazard will interupt and lock you into a cell. Talk to your cellmate, Hengrad, who will tell you how he has been in the Fight Arena since he was a child.
After, a guard will appear to take back to the arena. A Khazard Scoprion will be released. Kill it and General Khazard's helldog, Bouncer, will be released. Kill Bouncer and General Khazard will fight you himself.
Note: Fighting Gen. Khazard is optional. You may leave and claim your reward for freeing the Servils.
If you choose to fight Gen. Khazard, you will fight his two forms: A level 112 form and after you kill his level 112 form, he will grow into a level 112 Mahjarrat form. Kill him and leave the Arena.

Return to Lady Servil and...
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 12,175 Attack XP, 2,175 Thieving XP, 1000 Gold coins, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.