A Fairytale Part II - Cure A Queen

Author(s): Khairo
Contributor(s): None
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Draynor
How to Start: Talk to Martin the Master Gardener
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Experienced
Requirements: Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains, Level 40 Thieving, Level 49 Farming (boost-able), Level 57 Herblore (boost-able)
Items Needed: Lunar/Dramen staff, Vial of water, Pestle and mortar
Recommendations: Good food and armor
"The Fairy Queen should be awake and back in charge of the Lost City by now, but what is happening in Zanaris? Why hasn't the Fairy Godfather abdicated the throne?
What is happening to all the fairy inhabitants and where has Fairy Nuff gone? Can you rise to the challenge of using the fairy rings to search the other planes and Cure a Queen, in the second part of the Fairy Tale trilogy?"

Problem Solved?

To begin the quest, talk to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor (don't pickpocket him!). You will explain that you managed to help the Fairy Queen wake up, but before you can claim your reward, you'll have to wait until Martin's crops grows. A quick way to talk to Martin again is to log out and then log in. Martin will say that crops are still dying and accuse you of not solving the problem. Agree to investigate further and head over to Zanaris (don't forget to bring your Dramen/Lunar staff).
Once in Zanaris, head toward the area by the Bank. Head north of the Bank into Fairy Nuff's house. You will noticed that someone has ransacked the house. Take the healing certificate that is on the ground and pick the option to study it. You will find strange symbols on the back of the certificate. Head south of the bank and use the certificate on the Fairy Chef who will tell you that she seen the same symbols by the Cosmic Altar. Go there. Next to the altar is a lone tree and next to that tree is a tablet. Read it. You are now able to decode the message on the back of Fairy Nuff's certificate. (You do NOT have to decode it if you don't want to).


Talk to the Fairy Godfather who is next to Chaeldar the slayer master/directly south of the entrance of Zanaris. Pick the first option and then pick "Do you have any idea of who could have done this?" and the Fairy Godfather will give you access to fairy rings.

Agree to save the Fairy Queen and talk to the Co-ordinate who is south of the Fairy Godfather's house. She will explain the history behind fairy rings and talk about the fairy rings in Zanaris, much to her displeasure. Go to the fairy ring located in the center of Zanaris and next to the fountain. Use the code AIR to be teleported to small island and return to Zanaris and use the code DLR to be teleported to another island. Return the Zanaris and use to code DJQ to be teleported right next to the fairy ring you just used.
Finally, use the code AJS to be teleported to an unidentified arena. Head northwest of the fairy ring and talk to Fairy Nuff who will explain that the Fairy Godfather has betrayed the Fairy Queen! Fairy Very Wise will interrupt the conversation and report that he has enlisted an army of Orks! She will tell you that you need to get the Fairy Queen's secateurs back. Head back to the Fairy Godfather and try to pickpocket him. Make sure that his henchmen are not looking at you. If you fail, you will be teleported out of Zanaris and at a random location. If that happens, go back and try again. Once you get the Queen's secateurs, return the a fairy ring and use the code sequence AIR, DLR, DJQ, and then AJS to return back to the Fairy Resistance HQ.

Queen's Return?

Go to Fairy Nuff and give her the Queen's secateurs. Unfortunately, this will not make the queen wake up. You will ask if there's anything that can help her and Fairy Nuff will suggest a Magic Essence potion. The potion requires a Starflower and a ground Gorak claw. Leave the HQ. To reach the Starflower you must use the code CKP. You will be teleported to a different plane. Head south and wait for the Starflowers to grow. Pick one when it is ready to be (49 Farming required) Return to Zanaris.
Note: Bank if necessary as you will be fighting a Gorak (level 145) next. Good food and armor is advised. Protection prayer do NOT work.
Use the code DIR to be teleported to where the Goraks are at. Once you kill a Gorak, take it's claw and leave. Use a pestle and mortar on the claw to get Gorak claw powder. Add that to the potion (57 Herblore required). Once you are finished, return to Fairy Nuff. She will tell you to use the potion on the Queen. Use it on her and she will be restored to her former glory! Talk to her and she will talk about restoring power to her in Zaranis, but that will have to wait. She will hand you an XP lamp and...
Reward Scroll
2 Quest Points, 3,500 Herblore XP, 2,500 Thieving XP, Use of Fairy Rings, Skill lamp worth 2,500 XP in a chosen skill over 30, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.