Enlightened Journey

Author(s): Josh 302
Contributor(s): Lost Ranger0, Josh 302
Members: Yes
Where to Start: Entrana
How to Start: Speak to Auguste
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate
Requirements: Level 20 Firemaking, Level 30 Farming, Level 36 Crafting, 21 Quest Points
Items Needed: 3 papyrus, 10 pieces of silk, 1 sack of potatoes(10), 8 empty sacks, yellow dye, red dye, 12 willow branches, 10 normal logs
Recommendations: Having the willow branches in advance shortens the length of this quest significantly
On the peaceful island of Entrana, a lone monk has tired of his life of simplicity and quiet reflection. Auguste wants to boldly write his name in the history books; to craftily defeat the laws of physics; to miraculously sail through the air...preferably not to horribly explode into a ball of flaming death.
Of course, to do all this he'll need the help of a worldly adventure: are you bold enough to merrily laugh in the face of the unknown?
Note: This quest can be relatively short if you prepare the required materials in advance.

A Youthful Endeavor

Items for this section: 3 papyrus, 10 pieces of silk, 1 sack of potatoes, 8 empty sacks

Speak to Auguste, and he will ask you to become his assistant in creating an incredible new technology. Agree, and he will show you his design.

It's unexplained but Auguste tells you that he needs one sheet of papyrus, a ball of wool, and a sack of potatoes to make a test model. Use the ball of wool on the papyrus, then use the resulting item on the candle, and you will create an origami balloon. Talk to Auguste again and he will test it out.

Having proved his hypothesis correct, he decides to try another experiment, despite your worry.

For his second test, he needs two more sheets of papyrus and a full sack of potatoes. Give him these items and you will view another cutscene.

The Real Thing

Though the experiment ends badly, Auguste is ready to create the full-sized balloon. The materials he needs for the balloon are as follows:

Yellow + red dye

10 pieces of silk

A clay bowl

8 sandbags - a sandbag can be created by using an empty sack on a sand pit

12 willow branches

He gives you a willow sapling and a basket of apples to protect the tree if you need to gather the willow branches (this takes several hours and is not recommended). You can give him the materials parts at a time, but you must give him all of the material (ie you must have all ten pieces of silk). Speak with him to give him each of the materials, then use the willow branches on the balloon platform.

Yet Another Hypothesis

He will explain the controls of the balloon. It needs 10 normal logs to travel, and you cannot carry more than 40kg of weight. You will also need a tinderbox. You will be working with the interface to the left.

This is a relatively simple puzzle. To move up, you burn one log to move up one space, or release a sandbag to move up twice. To move down, either pull the rope or the emergency rope to move one or two spaces down. Click on Relax to move straight forward. If you crash into anything, you will have to meet Auguste back at Entrana with 10 more logs to try again.
To complete this puzzle, you must navigate across these three screens:

The puzzle does have a couple tricky spots. On the second screen, wait until you are at least even with the second bird before you move up, to make sure you don't run into either the bird or the palm tree.
On the final screen, position yourself like in Frame 3, then use the red emergency rope to drop two squares. By the end, line up with the target rock like in Frame 4, then relax.
When you reach your destination, speak with Auguste, who will thank you for flying with him, and the quest is complete.

Reward Scroll
1 Quest Point, 2k Crafting XP, 3k Farming XP, 1.5k Woodcutting XP, 4k Firemaking XP, Two extra spins on the Squeal of Fortune.
Notes: About Balloon travel:
You can use the balloon to travel to one of many locations: Entrana, Taverly, the Crafting Guild, Varrock, Castle Wars, and the Grand Tree. The first time you travel to each location, you must meet specific requirements (except for Taverly, which is unlocked during the quest)

Crafting Guild - Level 30 Firemaking, 10 Oak logs the first time, 1 for every trip after

Varrock - Level 40 Firemaking, 10 Willow logs the first time, 1 for every trip after

Castle Wars - Level 50 Firemaking, 10 Yew logs the first time, 1 for every trip after

The Grand Tree - Level 60 Firemaking, 3 Magic logs the first time, 1 for every trip after

For the first trip to each location, you must solve a puzzle similar to the one you solve during the quest.